My Creative Space…some more kids drawing embroidery

After seeing Amelie’s library bag there was a “why you not make me one?” request from Aidan, so I have started on his work of art and promised him it will be done next week as the next couple of days will be a bit chaotic around here.
There will be some serious baking going on for my favourite market on this Saturday.  
If you are in the area it is a great little market to visit.



Happy creating wherever you may be and for some serious creativity pop over here
Enjoy the sunshine my friends ♥ 

  • Gorgeousness, Cathie. Love that library bag so much!


  • So so cute – I really must make one of these for my kid – mind you her drawings are a bit out there – could be a bit bizarre looking

  • Well done Master A on a gorgeous design!

    Hope the market goes well this weekend Cathie!
    (you always have such beautiful green grass in your garden!)XX

  • Baking, sewing, kids = sounds like fun! Have a great market weekend!

  • fair enough question from young Aidan, I reckon! They are gorgeous. Happy baking and marketing on the weekend

  • Those library bags are just gorgeous & I love the little designers work too, perfect!

  • They are great ! I love Aidans drawing. Have a great weekend!


  • I love the collaboration of these with your children…their art really is priceless 🙂

  • Bless him i am not surprised he wants one to 😉 Its lovely. Enjoy the next few days, dee x

  • I've been meaning to do this for the longest time, I bought myself an embroidery hoop and everything! Thanks for the inspirational nudge!

    We have been enjoying the sunshine today, crunching autumn leaves and frolicking with little friends. I'm sure it's just as glorious in Melbourne.

    Have a great market Cathie!

  • Nice! I love this way of using kids-art, reminds me of someone i've featured in my magazine – Lizette Greco – do you know her work? Happy thursday!

  • Great, the embroidery colours on the blue!

  • oh yes, i think i will be joining Karen and copying you and making some for my kids!!! love that aiden almost matching his smiling drawing!!! so cute xx

  • Love that the boy wants some homemade crafty goodness too! And baking sounds fun – I have heard about that market but have never quite go there yet!

  • Love the "why you not make me one". How sweet are our little ones? Are you embroidering on denim? It looks great. A nice contrast to the bright colours and sweet drawing…