my kinder day

Today we had a fabulous baking experience at Amelie’s kinder where the kids helped bake vanilla cupcakes (can’t go wrong) and decorated them all by themselves.



Amelie wrote her name by herself for the first time on a painting she did which was a wonderful thing to witness.


Spending the day at kinder I have a new appreciation for kinder teachers because they really are fabulous and I love that my little girl is in such a wonderful environment before she begins her long school life.

Hope you are having a great week so far, my head is still a little fuzzy but I am guessing it’s this sudden burst of heat we have had the last few days.
Ahhhh, Melbourne weather, it really does give us a variety.

  • Sweet Cathie, lovely post and sweet words. Teachers do a GREAT job indeed. I'm so happy for you, reading that you're little sweetie is in a wonderful environment! Have a marvelous week! oxox

  • What a perfect day with your girl. You are both so lucky.

    That's one of the reasons I love teaching… you see those special moments everyday. It's like magic!

  • What a lovely thing to do, to be able to join in at kinder and watch your sweet girl in action. The cupcakes look delicious as always.

  • Oh Cathie those moments are to treasure! Sounds like a brilliant day in a gorgeous environment.

    I love my little chicken's Kindy too, and am so grateful that i found such a good one. The part they play is so valuable, it can never be underestimated. My eldest started school this year and when we went to pick up her little sis what a gorgeous warm reception she got. She got and gave so many huge bear hugs… it's so comforting to know that when they aren't with you, they're in good hands. : )

  • Oh you are such a good Mummy X. I was a kinder teacher before my babies were born & it's days like that when they can participate in the joys of baking that make the program so much richer, especially when a Mummy helps & shares her talents. I adore children's handwriting – too gorgeous!! Sarah XO

  • I have a kinder day coming up next week. At one stage we talked about making anzac biscuits with the kids, I need to follow that up. Our kinder is a wonderful place with fabulous teachers too, I love it that my nearly 5 year old loves it there!

  • Cat

    What wonderful, beautiful memories you're all creating along with those cupcakes. I love it, truly!

    Have a gorgeous week lovely lady and I hope your fuzziness disappears soon.


  • What a big milestone and how special that you were there to witness it. I am not wishing away a second of Little Guys toddlerhood, but at the same time stories like that make me think “imagine when he can do that”.

  • Such beautiful photos as always! Busy has just started drawing faces on her pictures and its so exciting- to see Amelie write her name for the first time like that- that is just so great.

  • Looks like a special day, I just love the kinder year. It's a time full of magic and adventure. Love the look of those cupcakes…mmmmmm xo

  • What a fantastic day! I am glad you enjoyed time with your daughter!

  • Oh I bet the kids had fun decorating their cupcakes! I always liked when I got to go to my son's playschool class and help out. It sure makes you appreciate just a little bit how hard teachers work! 🙂

  • OK, I'm fessing up here. I always used to get secretly SOOKY when I was on kinder duty – all those kids being nurtured to grown up school age!

  • Simply wonderful…I love baking with sweet little ones. Your darling is so adorable. Have a wonderful rest of your week…I guess your Fall has arrived even if you still have the heat! xoxo

  • Beautiful post and great looking cupcakes.

  • Glad that you hd a great day enjoing tiewithyour little Miss – I a going next term. Looking forward to it (but have to wait until Mum and Dad are visiting so I can go as they dont like the younge sibling there – like to make it special for the kinder child, which I understand)

    Sounds like you all had fun.

  • For my last 3 children who did 4 year old preschool at Military bases (no uniform required, marching or weapons drills) we had to volunteer one day each term as part of our $200 per year fees – which was 12 hours of top quality preschool per week, 40 weeks a year. Sadly only 50% of families would pay this tiny fee, amazing i know, clearly did not know what private preschool fees are like!! Before you get excited, it's only in the NT & ACT, thus my eldest missing out as we were in NSW & 4y.o. preschool cost the price of a car!!
    Anyway, it's so much fun, loved it, i taught the children to make sushi one term (one boy only wanted wasabi in his, ok??) & it's fascinating to see what fussy children are like as my 4 eat anything & don't get a choice!!
    Lovely images, Amelie is just adorable. Love Posie

  • How sweet! Sounds like a wonderful experience. Hope the kiddies were good for you.

  • What a lovely time at kinder- those look divine! Yay happiness for Amelie writing her name for the first time by herself- very exciting for both of you! I've also been getting daily headaches and the fuzzies and I definitely blame the weather. Anything over 26 and by noon I have an achey head. Can't wait for the cool weather to settle down on us. xo m.

  • I teach my son's kinder English class every wednesday morning (15mts per group) …started with Azzy, then Lili, now Terris… 5 years of volunteer singing English songs with French kids and still, all this time later, I have an absolute blast. Between cooking, art and music – children can learn so much and not realise they're learning. If only they kept up those methods all the way through – there might be a few more happy adults. BISOUS xxx 😉

  • how cute they are and what a nice things to do with kids!
    Good job Amelie! and…I adore Cupcakes and those look yummy!

  • Thanks for sharing the kinder love! Sometimes it feels like such a thankless task (being a kinder teacher), but mostly it is such an amazing job. I love that you have been involved in Amelie's experience in such a positive way.