My other baby.. ♥

…well, not really, but at least it makes yummy delights not just make a mess!
It doesn’t give nice cuddles or sloppy kisses so I guess that’s its down side.
As part of Blog This, this weeks challenge is Shopaholic, something fabulous bought, something coveted for a while…YES, YES, YES!!!!! of course!
I longingly dreamt about owning this little baby for a while, I dreamt about how fluffy those egg whites would be, how creamy a butter cream icing could get, how velvety a meringue could be…ohhh ♥
So yes, it’s extravagant and yes it’s a bit on the high end of the price scale but it does look lovely in it’s designated corner and it does do a marvelous job a minimum of three times a week, so why would I complain!
So thank you Blog This for giving me the chance to talk about my “other baby” without fear 🙂

  • Nice!! One day I too dream of having something to cream butter & whip egg whites 🙂 all at the touch of a button!

  • Wow Cathie! I'm incredibly envious! I have a dodgy, little hand held thing which your 'baby' truly puts to shame… I'll have to put one on my birthday wishlist for next year… mmmm… 😉

  • Maybe my Empire Red baby and your brushed silver baby can grow up together and make…um Pink babies?!

    I too love my Kitchen Aid… way too much!

  • yes! it's a terrible injustice that not everyone shares our love for kitchen applicances! a beautiful blog! wish i could taste those meringues!

  • I am sooooo jealous! If only I had the bench space (and the cash!)

  • We LOVE our Empire Red KA. We got it as a wedding prezzie 10 years ago and I still sigh every time I take it out to use it. It just makes my kitchen look so much more beautiful, let alone the great job it does on stiffening those egg whites.

  • I don't care how much your baby cost, fluffy egg whites AND a kitchen appliance that actually looks good out on display, can only be a win win, I say!

  • awwwwww I love my kitchen aid, only an artisan but you deserve heavy duty! love the colour of yours as it goes with your kitchen perfectly! I have a cream one picked by my hubby when I gave birth to the twins, what a great reward!

    for me the best feature is being able to walk back to the fridge or pantry and she keeps working for me!!!


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