My Place and Yours…..Kitchen love

Rumour has it that there is some kitchen love going around and how could I possibly not invite you round for a peek and some lovin.

Kitchen love to me are the things in my kitchen that make creating such a pleasure.
I can’t love one thing more than the other because they all go hand in hand to make my job so much easier and that’s why it was built the way it is.
It has a commercial kitchen feel but unfortunately not the size.

From the amazing oven to the spatulas to the ever so functional tap and laundry sized sinks which I spend so much time with.

I don’t even need to mention my baby…do I.

So thanks for visiting and getting a glimpse at my kitchen loves, why don’t you have a sticky beek at some other kitchen loving here.

  • lurve your utensil rack! mine are all jammed up in a draw or in the dish rack. kitchen envy x

  • Oh my, I think you have my stove…

  • I was sooooo hoping you'd share your kitchen too – it's nice to see where your magic happens. Nic

  • ooohhhh, such a niiiiiiicccce kitchen…. sooooo green right now. My kitchen was put in about 8 years ago, completely on the cheap by my brother in law who thought only renters would live here… we really regret his decision! HATE the stove 🙁

  • Such a stylish kitchen! Have a happy monday Cathie!

  • Cathie your kitchen is stunning. I love the black mosaic tiles with the bright red utensils hanging up against them. And your baby is just beautiful, I'd love one of those in my kitchen too. Thank you for sharing your kitchen love with us Cathie.xo

  • That has to be my first love in my house; my Kitchen. Your utensil rack is perfect; looking for ideas to make my kithen easier to manage.It's in the plans for April.

  • Yippee for KitchenAid, their appliances rock!! I like industrial, masculine kitchens, my husband looks so good in there cooking us dinner. Me, uncluttered as i'm the cleaner!! Great kitchen you have there Cathie, lucky girl. Love Posie

  • Your kitchen is amazing! I have the same KitchenAid mixer! I love the black tile, too!

  • Oh my ~ what a truly beautiful kitchen. And I love that you can be at your sink and can look outside ~ love it. No wonder your food creations always look like they are made with love ~ you are enjoying what you are doing as you create in your wonderful kitchen!

    Thank you for letting us peek into your home!

  • OMG 🙂 beatiful kitchen and very clean + big :)) your sprinkles and M&M's didn't escape my eyes :))))
    my god ps: i want to kitchen aid mixer pls:))))

  • cathie… that is what i call a kitchen!!! Awesome choice of colors in there and as for that faucet! WOW!


  • Love the mosaic splashback and all the red utensils! Great inspiration for my new kitchen… can't wait! =)

  • A very beautiful kitchen… and a totally awesome tap!!! I've spent enough time in my life as a dish pig to know that that tap rocks!!!

  • OMG…no jam on YOUR ROOF!!!! How magic and clean it is!!!! and as for your "other baby"…green I am… with envy…so green I could blend in to the trees!!! xx

  • Oh those pics of your kitchen are really great!!!!Me too I am very green but some people might think it is just normal for a little "frog":)hehe!One day I dream I will have a baby like yours…maybe I should make more cakes and then write it in big letters on the wall…someone might notice?non?Thanls for sharing your lovely kitchen Cathie, I might join in?Bisou 🙂

  • I love your kitchen! I am extremely jealous 😛

  • Cat

    I was so hoping you'd post on this one as I was keen to drool over your kitchen….and of course, I am! I love it. I love the black tiles especially – ours just show up every possible mark and it annoys me no end. Might sound silly but I can feel the love in the room just by looking at your (beautiful) pics. Thank you for sharing. xo

  • Beautiful kitchen! Mine works well, but is pretty functional looking. I love your oven!

  • Ooh, that's a nice kitchen! I'm loving the big jar of smarties 😀

  • Love your kitchen! but how on earth do you keep Smarties in a Jar?? I Have to hide them here!!

  • Love love this look…your kitchen is amazing. xoxoxo

  • Love your Kitchenaid mixer–I've had a picture of their empire red one on my bulletin board for the last year.

  • Ohhhh you have given me some ideas for our new to be kitchen… That is one awsome tap!

  • Oh wow is that your kitchen! I'm drooling…

  • Wow what a great kitchen. So that is where you make your divine food. Your tomato and feta tart at the market was glorious. The best I've ever had. So delicious.
    Was wondering if you know where I could buy some little red love hearts to top some cupcakes for a friends engagement? My supermarket has stopped stocking them. Cheers

  • Hiya Cathie, gorgeous kitchen, here I am drooling AGAIN! … And there isn't a yum cupcake in sight. Mmmm KitchenAid <3 <3

  • be right over 😉

    we can put that kitchenaid mixer to some good use together.

    one love.

  • What a beautiful kitchen! I love the tiles – just gorgeous!

  • Pam

    Now that's definitely some serious kitchen luuv going on there Cathie! Also some serious just kitchen! Such a lucky one are you! 🙂

  • this is a great post. i am tempted to do a kitchen post now…thanks for the inspiration.

  • Kat

    wow! I have kitchen envy. Love the utensil rack. I really want one of those. Oh for the day when I own my own house.

  • What's not to love about your perfect kitchen? How divine. How lucky you are! I'd love a kitchen like that.

  • I can't pick a fave part either… the {sexy} KitchenAid, the great tap or the utensil rack.

    Love it!

  • Ash

    I just love your kitchen!!! Your oven is quite nice too and the little tiles!!

  • Love the industrial laundry sinks. I wish I had two sometimes.

  • Your kitchen is so the kind of kitchen I've been dreaming of since I was a child. I love the red whisk, spatula and tongs…that little burst of color is just enough to really add some cheeriness to the kitchen!

    ps: thank you for your kind words on my blog. My hubby is recovering nicely and has made a commitment to quit smoking for good!

  • oh, this is sheer love, my friend.