My Place and Yours…..My Collection

Don’t you just love it when someone wants to see your collection of special treasures, things that you have accumulated over time, things that you love to look at, to hold, to use, to love, to admire, to be inspired by and of course things that make you smile.

The wonderful theme queen this week Kate wanted a peek at our collections and as Kate mentioned, it’s hard to just pick one, so I picked four of my favourite collections for you to have a peek at.
Hope you enjoyed my special treasures, pop by the ever so lovely Pip’s for more collections.
Thank you Kate for wanting a peek at my special collection..s!

Have a fabulous Sunday and if you are in Melbourne…a very wet one indeed.

  • Pam

    Love all the beautiful things in your collections Cathie. So pretty all of them. It's not until you see other people's collections and you think to yourself: Oh yes! I've got some of those too!! and then realise how many collections you really have yourself! lol.

  • Vic

    What a delicious looking lot of prettyness you have there…!!

    I'm not even sure what I love the most – the cake stands are WICKED, but the cups & saucers… and those shiny wee cookie cutters….?!


  • Love your collections especially the cups and saucers. Very pretty.

  • Oh look at those gorgeous coppery cookie cutters! Aren't they ace?! I think all your collections are really great and I like it that they are things you can actually use – not just dust occasionally! x

  • There is a similar collection of cookbooks in a house I know too…

  • Nat

    The Tea Cups & Saucers are BEAUTIES Cathie…but then again…you already know that ; ) !

  • Your tea cups are just gorgeous! Oh, yes what a wet day we have down here – perfect for visiting beautiful collections…and thankyou for visiting my blog. Your fairy dust is delightful, following me around your page…

  • Those teacups are absolutely lovelY! x

  • I bet afternoon tea is an amazing experience at your place…those cups…my idea of heaven

  • Cathie thank you for sharing your beautiful collections, I love them all.:)

  • Ohhh your collections are divine and so is your blog, your ideas and I imagine you are tooo ;).xo

  • you and I share the shame love for the collection of teacups , cake stands and cookbooks!!! I'm also just starting collecting cake pans and cookie cutters!! Love all of yours ! wish you lived nearby so we could trade 🙂

  • A collection of cook books, lovely. I didn't think I had any collections and you've just made me realise I have a collection of ABC Delicious magazines, silly me.

  • Great collections, amazing pics… The tea cups and saucers are just beautiful…..Oohh I love cook books too…

  • That tea set is just absolutely beautiful….

  • Just busy picking myself up from the floor over your tea cups…

  • OMG! i love your cake platters cookie cutters and cookbooks! your cake platters soo sweet! 🙂

  • You are so my kind of gal, Cathie! I love your treasures, and you and I collect all the same sorts of good stuff. I feel like I can never have enough teacups and saucers or cookbooks or ironstone creamers or wooden bowls or . . .

    . . . maybe I have a wee addiction to pretty things!

    xoxo Gigi

  • Ash

    I love your collections!! Especially the cake stands and I must say I think we have the same collection in cook books!! haha

  • Well it is certainly no surprise that your collections all revolve around the kitchen. It is certainly the place to be in your house.

  • I collect cookie cutters and cook books too 🙂

    Can you believe that I don't have a single cake platter? I think I need one!

  • wow those tea cups and saucers are so pretty.Infact all your collections are a treat to look at!

  • Such a pleasure to look at – your photos are wonderful . Oh and when you move the curser little fairy dust sprinkles around…that is so do you do that???

  • I am dreaming of afternoon tea – your gorgeous cake stands laden with beautiful shaped biscuits, drinking tea from exquisite china…bliss

  • beautiful, beautiful pics of your lovely stuff! Those shiny cookie cutters look majical!

  • oh dear – I did mean magical! not majical which I imagine has the same effect but doesn't look quite right does it?

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