My Place and Yours…..My secret weapon

“something that you know you can go to in a pinch and it will never let you down”

hmmmm, this really made me think, was it my family, my kids, baking, my very much needed cup of tea.

of course those and a few more things are some of my secret and not so secret weapons but I guess my weapon of choice would definitely be my camera.

it’s always there, I try not to leave the house without it, and when I do…it really does feel like something is missing.
So, to be unbelievably cliche…this is definitely my weapon, but I guess it’s not really a secret.

..but these two weapons do give the best hugs 🙂
My Bricole wanted a peek at our secret weapon, so let’s go see some other secret weapons over at Pip’s.

enjoy your Sunday lovely friends ♥

  • I would definitely say that my camera is also my secret weapon 🙂

  • good weapon!! I always take the camera with me too.

  • Snapping faster then a speeding bullet, a very handy secret weapon indeed.

  • You do great things with your weapon. You capture beautiful moments and make some of us dribble on our keyboards with delightful images of your yummy creations xo

  • I can absolutely see why this is your secret weapon! You are super talented.

  • Love those socks 😛

    And yes I too have a Canon secret weapon and it is awesome 🙂

  • Great shot … I love the depth of field you've used, but what lens are you using? I can't tell.

  • Cute socks!

    My secret weapon is chocolate. Really. Whenever I get into any problem, I either eat it while trying to figure out how to resolve my issue, or I share it to distract the person causing my distress and hightail it outta there. It never lets me down 🙂

  • great minds think alike! I too posted my camera as my secret weapon. your 'other' secret weapons look totally adorable too!
    thanks for sharing x sara

  • Two gorgeous photos. A few camera questions for you lovely lady; do you take more photos since having a blog? and do you print them out or leave them on your computer? I hope you have the best week. XX

  • GREAT weapon..i take mine with me wherever i go, you just never know!

  • You're right… it was never a secret with all the amazing photos you take Cathie. And how gorgeous is that photo of you with the camera.

  • Nat

    Hi Cathie, They say you can identify someone who is 'passionate' with one glance at their work. You are just so talented at this, & your work is just impeccable ( I know you don't need me to say this as its all quite evident). But also, your shots are so unique. You have a way of capturing the most unthought of angles and have the ability yo inspire the most amazing picture, which is always so elegant, precious and provoking of the sweetest thoughts.

  • Great weapon choice! I used to feel silly bringing my camera everywhere, but I'm over that now! Thanks for sharing!

  • A great secret weapon!! and a great shot of the little ones x

  • Hi Cathie,

    I have found a blog that I want to share with you, I think you may like it.

    p.s I LUV your secret weapon 🙂

  • Love the photo of your children, so cute. I'm glad it's your secret weapon as I love looking at your photos.

  • Aw. Those socks are super adorable charlie&lolaness! Cute! The Canon seems to be a popular weapon of choice – and your photos are lovely! Thanks for playing! x

  • Meg

    Hi C,

    I have just received my camera back from the repair centre, so I definitely hear you with the camera. I missed it so much.

    In other news, do you have a recipe for easy to make shortbread? I'd quite like to learn how to make some biscuits.



  • Pam

    I can relate to your secret weapon Cathie. It comes in a very close second to mine. Along with the pooter of course. How could one possibly participate in fun, wonderful happenings such as Your Place and Mine, without any of them! 🙂