My Place and Yours…..My secret weapon

“something that you know you can go to in a pinch and it will never let you down”

hmmmm, this really made me think, was it my family, my kids, baking, my very much needed cup of tea.

of course those and a few more things are some of my secret and not so secret weapons but I guess my weapon of choice would definitely be my camera.

it’s always there, I try not to leave the house without it, and when I do…it really does feel like something is missing.
So, to be unbelievably cliche…this is definitely my weapon, but I guess it’s not really a secret.

..but these two weapons do give the best hugs 🙂
My Bricole wanted a peek at our secret weapon, so let’s go see some other secret weapons over at Pip’s.

enjoy your Sunday lovely friends ♥