My Place and Yours…..Through the front door

When I opened the front door this morning I was greeted by our three girls who wait for us at the door every morning.
Just inside the front door, you’ll always find my bag waiting for me.
And then you walk into the heart of our home, where our food prep and baking happen, our kitchen bench, which is also our family table.

Shelley from Femme de Montmartre wanted a peek through our front door this week.

Thanks for visiting, why don’t you stay for a cup of tea and some cake.
If you want to go through some more front doors, stop by Pip’s for some directions.

  • That chook photo is brilliant. i love the idea of pet chookens that wait for you at the door. I'd love to pop in for a cuppa. XX

  • Yep, I am on my way! Gawd that cake looks mighty fine!

  • Oh I love your girls, I have three girls like that at home too. And the picture of your two little ones eating breakfast is very sweet. Thanks for showing us through your front door, I'll see you soon.;)

  • Put that cup-pa on Mrs, I'm-a-coming!!! Oh…it is so good to see that bag getting used…thank you, you have made my day!!

  • Oooh I love your three girls, what a lovely morning welcome.
    Mmmm… that piece of cake wouldn't have been around long enough to be photographed in our house…!

  • It looks like bliss, what with the chooks and all, and seeing that your bag doesn't get used for football practice up and down the hall. Nice!!

  • I would love a cackle of ladies camped out my front door! You have finally clinched the hen decision! Well, sort of. I'll call it a NY resolution. And I'd love a cuppa, if you're making…

  • I think everyone will be calling round for some of THAT cake. Looks delicious! Always so interesting to see bits of other people's homes too – it's like snooping through net curtains x

  • What a fabulous photo… thanks for sharing – oh and white with 2 sugars please… see you soon.


  • Your three girls like our new three girls! Although ours aren't allowed near the door, they often run up to the fence when we pull into the car.

  • look at that wonderful bed hair!

    lovely blog.

  • Love that photo of your three girls, and I would certainly love a cup of tea and a slice of that gorgeous cake! Have a lovely day! xo

  • what a lovely home! I wish I could come pop in for some tea 🙂

  • What lovely sneak peek into your home:)Your three ladies are funny waiting at the front door:)xx

  • Hi ! what a peacefull and lovely home you have ! i love the 3 chicks, soo great ! i guess you eat amazing eggs !
    your cake looks so good, i have the feeling i almost tasted it ! thanks !

  • The kids look so sweet…waiting patiently.

  • Such a lovely little peek! Thanks.

  • I would love to stay for some cake and tea 🙂

  • Knock knock…. 🙂

  • Oh, you know, I just don't mind if I do. I did do my pilates this morning after all. Wonderful photos but especially your three girls, don't they look etheral, like a choir of angel chickens 🙂

  • It all looks lovely! My girls are often at my back door of a morning but the mess!!! Ah well they pay well in eggs.

  • lovely blog, and lovely photos as well, i'll have a cup of tea with my cake please, cheers from london

  • I want lovely little chooks waiting for me at my front door!

  • tam

    What a lovely home and that cake looks extremely delicious!

    Thanks for stopping by x x

  • Nat

    Your blog is my daily dose of elegance Cathie…I love your kitchen family table…a bit similar to ours…! and the most happening place to me : )… and you have your own chickens ???? uggh…ME JEALOUS : ) … and like you…my bag is always thrown on the floor at the entrance ; ) …

  • Pam

    I would love some of that cake with tea Cathie. It looks scrumptious!
    So loving the view through your front door, from both angles, especially the one of the chookies. 🙂 Used to have my own, and would love some more one day………..
    Your pics are fantastic. You obviously know what you're doing and how to get the best from them. Well done!

  • How beautiful!! gorgeous photo's gorgeous!! Pop the kettle on I am on my way!! 😉