My Place and Yours…..What I’m Reading

Now, I haven’t been big on reading anything seriously of late besides the odd Donna Hay, Gourmet Traveller or Mixtapezine so I didn’t think that would classify as reading material to some. But as My Place and yours has a new home, I definitely HAD to have something to read.
Luckily for me I popped round to Anthea’s and entered a giveaway of Matt Preston’s Cravat-A-licious and I won!! yay.
So here* is what I am starting to read thanks to Anthea.

Hey, why don’t you pop round to Vic’s aswell for a cuppa and a book, she’s really nice 🙂

*yes, I do realise that it is still food related reading 🙂

  • Pam

    It may be still food related Cathie, but it's still reading matter, yes? and aren't some of those food related books just brilliant to read? I have a bit of a thing about those ones about cooking people that move or travel to Tuscany or Provence and write about it all with recipes, stories about the people and history, etc added in. eg. Francis Mayes and Gail & Simon Donovan. Now that's reading. 🙂

  • just drop by your blog, its great . happy blogging

  • Vic

    Ahahaha… cravat-a-licious?!!! Me thinks he didn't come up with that title. 😉

    Thank you for playing Cathie – really really, it made me smile to see your little linky there this morning!

    (PS, Stop telling people I'm nice!) :p


  • Glad Mr Preston turned up in your letterbox a-ok! It's a great book to drop in and out of, so I hope you enjoy it when you have a minute to yourself for a cuppa.

    Thanks for playing! x

  • Great to see your joining in. Congrats on the prize. Maybe you could do a book review. 😉

  • Another beautiful photo and an interesting looking book, though I haven't read it myself yet. I too find most things I read are in some way food, or health….meaning nutrition….related. It's a great passion to have!

  • You're just reading your passion, congratulations on the prize, couldn't have gone to a lovelier person. Do you have to wear a cravat while you cook?? Happy baking, how about some lamingtons today?? Love Posie

  • Love your image…so sweet!Let me know how the new book reads..sounds fun. Oh and I adore Donna Hay! xoxoo Off to check out some of your wonderful links!

  • I adore food-related reading. Much of the pleasure, none of the calories of eating!

    Can I just tell you, too, that that little cupcake in your photo made my mouth water instantly. You have magical powers. xo

  • Hmmm, I popped by and 'I am glad I did… Sweet photographs! Enjoy your book.

    Have a happy tuesday,


  • Hi Cathie, thanks for stopping by. I have replied to your message left which you may find funny.

    I visited your blog earlier this evening but was frightened off by your chai cupcakes – hehehe! But I will pass the recipe onto my chai loving parents 🙂

  • Must let me know how it goes because I've been eyeing this book off for a little while now.

  • Food related reading is one of the best readings , but that is of course, my stomach talking.

  • hi sweetie. donna hay is my favorite. i can barely find her on the shelves here though… but when i do, she comes home with me. ; ) oh it's beautiful over here, as always.

  • Oh I love Matt Preston I miss his spots in the age. Lucky girl you are, but I think it is so perfect that you won it!