Northside Makers Market tomorrow

If you are in Melbourne and want some handmade stuffs and of course yummy cupcakes, pop on by and visit.

Don’t worry about the rain, it’ll go away and come again another day!

Have a fabulous Friday friends

(I think my wonderful cousin and aunt need to come and say hello :))

  • Wishing you a fab day.

  • Have a great day! Wish I could just fly down for the weekend and pop by.

  • I'm with you in my thoughts and sweet tooth!!
    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  • Oh what an awful pity I'm not.. But I would dearly love to drop by for one of your cupcakes and a little valentine's day heart…

  • Will try pop down, will you have any vegan goodies?

  • I would love to come by..if only I could. Have fun. xoxo

  • Cat

    Wish I lived about oh, 800km closer! 🙂 Enjoy your day. xo

  • Mmmm, good idea. Shame about the travelling time from NZ 😉

  • Hope it is a lovely rain free day and you have lots of lovely chatty customers : o )

  • SOOOO oping to make it tomorrow, depending on the sick child that sounds like she has been smoking since birth. If you see a girl coughing like a pro that will be us

  • This photo is just Gorgeous.I wish you a fab day Cathie!xx

  • It's a bit TOO far away I'm afraid!!!! Have a great market though. x

  • Cathie, thanks for the lovely cheesecake! Was delicious… the difference between your loveliness and mine was that mine wasn't cooked as much, was sweeter, had less biscuit base and was cracked up! now at least I know what to do different next time! Thanks for the great recipe, and yummy cheesecake 🙂

  • Mrs. I really, really, really am going to surprise you at a market one day. Have been hankering for your lemon tart for nearly a year!

  • Wish I was there; just love going to a market!

  • i wish i were closer. oh, i really wish that. : )