Not just another day

heart made from my old maternity jeans and beautiful button from Sarah, lovely inspiration from Mel

It  was busy, it was emotional, it was exciting, it was teary but what it wasn’t was an ordinary kind of day.

There was a lot to prepare


new things to wear

gifts and sweet notes



morning photos

walking through the park

so many new faces


and making sure she knew that I loved her 


The first day of school was met with a few screams and a few tears (no, not from me) but in the end, it was all forgotten.

How did you go, how did your little person go?

Has your week been a happy one so far?

Hugs ♥

p.s Thanks Tanya for the sweet message yesterday

  • Awwww beautiful photos. I wish I had your skill with the camera. We've had a few tears here too but settling in slowly. Them and me. Mr Small is still home with me three days a week which helps a great deal. And of course there are the 4 foster kitties too so it's not too lonely 😉

  • A very big day for you all! Such gorgeous pictures & I do love Mel's heart idea. I hope it was a great day & that she has a whole lot of fun at little guy started kinder yesterday, goodness time goes too quick… xx

  • Sorry about that – my keyboard is playing up.

    Glad to hear that all went well. Grat photos and what a lovely memory you created for her. She looks so grown up in her uniform.

    Love the note – I have been popping one in Amelia's lunch box:)

  • She looks so grown up in her uniform!
    How beautiful.

    We had a great first day, for both of them.
    Quite a shock seeing Greta in a uniform tho!
    Much love to you,XXJ

  • Oh my goodness, how super cute she looks in that school uniform. All of a sudden, she's all grown up!

  • Mel

    Oh bless her cotton socks! I called Sienna over to see Amelie's heart and she was most impressed! I think she wants a button on hers now 😉 She was also pretty impressed with Amelie's drink bottle.

    It's funny you know, I felt certain Sienna, being a tough cookie, would ditch the heart after one day. But no, she still carries it a week on (looking slightly more frayed and flat) and today loaned it to a friend who was sad and, "…didn't have a heart". My actual heart grew when she said that!

    Hope Amelie continues to love school!

  • She looks so beautiful! The photo in the classroom made me teary. She will have such adventures. And what a special Mumma to make such a gorgeous momento for her. Such a bittersweet time for you I'm sure. Hope all is lovely 🙂 x x

  • Oh GREAT photos Cathie !
    What a big day for you all, I love the photo of brother and sis holding hands as they walked to school.
    Enjoy the rest of your week lovely lady, Dee x

  • What beautiful photos! And she looks so cute in her uniform!

  • awwww i had a huge lump in my throat reading your post, your little girl looked so grown up and happy i have to say. I am glad it went well for you all. What a great red hat to 😉 dee x

  • so lovely – hope Amelie has a lovely start to school life (I'm sure that heart will help a lot!) xxx

  • Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them with us. My boy is 3 days into his first year at school and it's been mostly great. A few tears at moments – he tells me 'mummy i thought of you and cried because i missed you.' That nearly killed me. This morning was hard because the crying started straight away. I've been assured that he's doing fine and that he's already made new friends. I think I'll be holding my breath for a little while – I'm thinking for the next 13 years!!!

  • i have tears streaming down my face.

    amelie is so beautiful. you are too. what a special mummy.

    i also bought that drink bottle. for myself. i like to add a bit of femininity into my life, when i am surrounded by testosterone!

    i hope the gorgeous girl loves prep! That is the year I use to teach. I miss my babies!


  • Oh gorgeous, she looks so right for school. Fabulous week, my big girl started high school, it's beautiful, lovely girls, wonderful feel to her school, very happy with everything. My 3 primary schoolers very happy to be with friends again, better yet, such a small school with only one year 4 class this year so my twins are together, they didn't realise until their names were called out, they let out a big "yes" then hugged each other, it was beautiful. All the parents giggled as the year 4 girls are very close, it will be a gorgeous year!! Love Posie

  • Our kids grow up so fast don't they Cathie! One minute they are starting school and in a blink of an eye they are graduating. Hang on tight! 🙂
    xo Catherine

  • Such a big day – and you are such a good mummy! I hope the tears and screams are all over now.

  • Little girls are getting big! She looks adorable in her school outfit! Happy to hear it all went well.
    Have a great week too!

  • Hello Cathie

    Such beautiful memories in these pictures and words. Such a special day.You inspire me to be creative, once I get a bit more sleep. My little one is a few years off his first day and am cherishing every moment. Very much remember my first day as well.

    I really really enjoy visiting thank you
    xx Jill

  • The little heart is a great idea! So precious! She looks so adorable.

    My week is going great so far! Thanks. Hope you're having a good day!

  • Aw, a lifelong of learning just stepped up a notch! Lovely pics!

  • Lots of love and thought gone into that first day. Well done to both of you.

  • Love how you are there to capture these fond memories!
    PS: The heart made out of your maternity jeans is the sweetest thing ever!

  • Oh what a sweet sweet post! I know it's so hard on everyone sending them off to school! my baby started this year as well and i still can't believe it! you made their day soooooo special!!!

  • Goodness those pics are priceless. They are the ultimate in First Day of School. I can't help but think we Mums could do with a kid-made heart to get us through our own day…

  • Lovely pictures. Such a big first week…for us too!

  • Now I am a little teary eyed….your images are amazing…what a huge milestone. xoxoxoxo

  • You managed to capture the moment beautifully Cathie. Glad you all seemed to have a great start to such a big, shiny, new adventure! Congratulations to you (I was a bit teary on occasion for Gabe's firsts at school) and Amelie. Also an awesome re-use of your maternity jeans!

  • Such a great idea to give her your heart to keep and hold. I hope it is all better now see tie.Such a big change xx

  • Bec

    I really really love the heart idea, sweetest thing ever!

  • I'm sorry I missed this Cathie! How did YOU go? I love the heart – so lovely (and from your maternity jeans – that's a bit gorgeous!). I hope Amelie has settled in to her new 'big school kid' status. What a precious photo of her sitting down, and looking over her shoulder – you've captured the first day nerves/anticipation perfectly 🙂