On the first day of Christmas

Happy December to you all, the countdown has officially started and our advent calendar is up.

The kids both loved decorating each box but they don’t know what’s inside yet, first noodle box will be revealed after school.


I love getting the kids involved in things and because this is really all for them, I thought it would be the perfect way to countdown to Christmas.

Pegs decorated with washi tape and hung on twine.


There are craft treats or sweet treats in every box and to avoid disappointment, there are two treats in every box.
They both agreed that they will take it in turns each day to open a box and they get to choose which treat in the box is theirs.
I even included some special notes as I know Amelie is loving her new reading skills.


So what are you up to for the first day of Christmas?

Do you have an advent calendar? 
I’d love to see it if you have posted it.

Happy creating to you ♥

  • That is so sweet. We haven't had an advent calendar yet, as the ones you buy all just have chocolate in them and I just can't see my boys stopping at just one. I would have to lock the advent calendar in the pantry, and that is no fun at all, is it? I can almost visualise your version working for us…

  • Cute! I loved opening the advent calendar with my siblings when I was younger…

    Cooked my first batch of shortbread today…

  • Such a gorgeous idea – they are going to look forward to every day till Christmas now!

    I posted a photo on The Twit last night of our little train that has drawers for every day. The girls will open a drawer each when they get home today!XXX

  • Yes! We to have a child made advent which I love…it only came about through me taking so long to get cracking but you know I much prefer it to anything I could have made 🙂


  • Lou

    Looks like lots of fun. We have an advent calendar that I used when I was little. A bit like lots of little matchboxes. The boys opened the first one today – a note to say there was a present under the Christmas tree (put up yesterday) – christmas baubles to add to the tree. They are SO excited by Christmas this year!

  • Oh that is beautiful. We don't have a crafty advent calendar – just a Hello Kitty one filled with chocolate. But it made my gal smile this morning when she realised she could open it. Hope you're enjoying the festive season xx

  • Too cool…love it 🙂

  • Oh how I love this idea for an advent calendar – very clever.

    The 1st of December is very special in our family as it's my beautiful Mother's birthday and tonight we have the end of year school concert – so busy times all round.

    Happy days to you Lovely,


  • What a beautiful advent calendar Cathie! I love the kids being involved of as many aspects of the Christmas build-up as possible. It helps build the excitement I think. We have little origami cups made by Goose a few years ago. Will open the first one tonight. I used to be a lot more creative with what went in it, but this year, like last year, it'll just be a choccy or a sticker and a small piece of the nativity story each day.
    So lovely to bump into you yesterday!

  • Cathie this is gorgeous! What a fun way to make a calendar, and I love the drawings on each box..x

  • Vic

    So very clever & perfect for you as it's food-based (ish!).

    Handmade is so the way to go with Advent Calendars, especially if you've more than one child – that requires customization!

  • aahhh Cathie what a gorgeous idea they will love it 😉 You always put so much thought into things. My boys have a chocolate one each, but on Monday i bought a handmade quilted xmas tree one with cats on that was made by a lady at the school i work in, its beautiful and its something i can bring out every year. I will post on this fri's post. Enjoy the rest of your weekk, dee x

  • Wonderful idea Cathie love the kids involvement as you said it is all about them!Mine would just be on a daily dispute having to take turn at choosing thought!:)xx

  • You are so very clever. I love that idea it is so special. What a lovely blog you have here I have enjoyed myself looking around and will follow on my way out to ensure I return. I hope you can find the time to visit my place and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  • Happy festive season! I'm usually a bit of a Bah-Humbug about this time of year (commercialism, yada yada), but this will be my first Christmas with our little boy and i'm totally excited! The decorations have been up for a week already!
    Loving your advent idea – definitely will keep this in my inspiration folder for when he's a little older!

  • That is SO COOL!! I think I will have to do this as a different one for my to be 3.5 year old. The then will be 13 and 14 year olds will get something different…

  • Everybody is getting stoked about daily x'mas countdown. Lovely idea there, I could use some of those boxes as pretty ornament for daily somethings. 😀

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  • Beyond words gorgeous and special Miss Cathie.
    You're such a wonderful mum and soo clever too.
    and how excited are they gong to be every day! xo

  • I know I have said it before but you are one clever mumma!
    I love your advent calendar – very envious indeed!!

  • Brilliant idea! So clever!

  • This is lovely Cathie. I love how your two sweet little ones help to create the calendar. It sounds like this afternoon would have been a very exciting time in your house today:) I haven't hung our advent calendar up yet but it is the same as last year. In each envelope is a lolly and an activity to do. I better get making a few more envelopes tonight I'm missing three. Enjoy your Christmas preparations. xo

  • such a sweet idea cathie!

  • Noodle boxes! What a fabulous idea. I did make one, using paper bags. You can see it on my blog today!

  • Oh I just LOVE this idea Cathie. In fact, this one is my favourite of all the advent calendar varieties floating around at the moment. I love the children's involvement too, makes it so much more exciting for them to see what surprises are hiding in their special boxes. Great plan to take turns choosing each day also.
    Lovely post as always Cathie xo

  • Lovely idea indeed ….we have stuck with our traditional one again this year…time has gotten away with me for anything else.x

  • Fabulous idea! Just wonderful 🙂

  • amy

    What a great idea–so much room inside those boxes! We do have a calendar, I haven't posted it hanging for the season, although I posted a how-to over the summer since this year I finally sewed up a permanent one from felt. It just has room for cards with activities and maybe a thin piece of chocolate every now and then, but I like planning out little surprise activities and the kids love it too. (And we also have a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar because it's really fun!!)

  • Kat

    What a cute idea! I can't wait to have kids. I think Christmas will be so much more fun and magical once we have kids. Last night we put up our tree, baked Christmas cookies and watched The Grinch.

  • Noodle boxes – excellent idea – my matchboxes are too small for the treats!!
    I love it

  • i looove this! i did paper bags last year but may have to do noodle boxes sometime! (not this year – way too much in the transition of moving, um in two days…) but, that you had the kids help in the decorating was great too. cute surprises and you're such a good mum to include those little notes for your blossoming reader. xo

  • Love visiting you dear friend now thats a precious advent calendar haven't done mine yet (hence the mess I'm in) but will be doing my 12 days of Christmas soon. Have a lovely weekend xo

    Always Wendy

  • What a gorgeous advent calendar Cathie – I can only imagine how much your gorgeous little people are imagining what is inside all those little boxes. I'd be shaking them! Our calendar is made from kid art too… I used their watercolour paintings to make paper angels. Have a lovely week x Sarah

  • aw super super cute!!! def loving this idea


  • I love the way you have included your children in the making of your calendar. It looks super cute and I bet they'll LOVE opening each box. your notes are a lovely addition too. Sadly, I haven't had enough time to make an Advent calendar for Grace this year as I'd hoped so it's a boring old chocolate one for her 🙁 hopefully next year I can make one as great as yours xx

  • What a terrific advent calendar. I do love children's drawings.

  • Oh I love that advent calendar idea! We don't have one up this year, but will next year when I think the little one is old enough to get it. Hmm…. I might be poaching this idea too 🙂

  • OMG…you clever little chicky…I love love love this idea…and may be 'stealing' it next year :)))) xx

  • Gorgeous idea Cathie, love the decorating on the boxes. I've finally got mine up! have linked to yours as well, hope that's OK.

  • Just love you & your family to bits, love Posie

  • I love this idea. gorgeous!

    i had intended to sew up a groovy little number with cute pockets, inspired by a picture i saw in inside out last year. it's all cut out and pinned. . . and tucked in the corner of my sewing cupboard. maybe next year?!

    rachel xo

  • I love doing this…my children all have advent socks we hang…it is so much fun filling them every day. xoxoxo Hugs to you my sweet friend…thank you once again for everything. xoxoxoxox

  • Happy December to you :)….This is adorable. Wish I had the time this year to make one but that wasn't happening…Maybe next year…

  • so original. so very sweet.

    sending warm holiday greetings your way. one love.

  • wishing you and your beautiful family a special christmas…. thinking of you lovely lady!

  • Hope you had a lovely lovely few days cathie. xx

  • Fantastic idea Cathie!! Might have to try this next year.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas. xx

  • I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my place and your special comments. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo