On the wall

I have been a little behind on playing along with memes lately, I seem to start them but then get easily distracted and the excitement wears off

Perhaps I am afraid of commitment, pressure, deadlines.
I seem to do that alot in real life aswell.

This is the wall in our family room, it’s still a work in progress.

It’s filled with all the things I love, creations by my little ones.
The first time they wrote their names, family portraits, birthday surprises and some pics of Amelie from a gorgeous mad stitches photo shoot by the awesomely magical Julieanne Perara.

What’s on your wall, go on, we’d love to see.
Pop round to the ever so cool chic and check out more wall loving.
Are you a meme follower or do you crumble at the mention of them?

Happy Wednesday all ♥


  • We too started off well and then it became piles in folders and then we found a way to give it all back. We created special boxes and stored the life of work and handed them back to each child, at age 21.

  • L O V E….as simple as that xo

  • Lea

    Gorgeous! We have a lot of the kids art around our place too. The colour really pops off the white walls and frames. Thanks for saying hi at my blog as well… and yes the rainbow cake was a success, phew!

  • Love the use of the white and black frames, the perfect gallery.

  • I do a meme, but I haven't been a part of someone else's for ages! I don't know why that is.

    Absolutely adore the embroidered drawings, Cathie. I am tempted to learn embroidery (and patience!) so I can have a go myself. x

  • gorgeous cathie! I also embroider a lot of my littlies' first drawings etc. it's such a beautiful way to make a keepsake even more special. I have given quite a few to family as gifts, they just adore them. I love the family portrait in the middle x

  • Oh I love your wall. What a great way to display those first drawings and written words.

  • Adore your children's art. We have some of the kids paintings framed on our walls too. So precious.

  • Adorable art work. Nothings beats childrens work ;-)) dee x

  • Pam

    Love your wall too Cathie! Filled with so much love and feeling. Walls like that are definitely to be treasured.
    Your embroideries are so lovely. 🙂

    btw, I made up your orange cake and it was sooo very tasty! Very easy, Very tasty. Great comination! 🙂 x

  • oh this wall is just delightful!!! how lovely that you framed all their special artistic moments and turned some into real keepsakes!!!

    such inspiration xx

  • stunning wall art – i love them all!

  • I have been meaning to do one of your embroider over the kids artwork things for ages- ever since I saw yours . so pretty.

  • I really love the children's artwork. It's so personal and warm.

  • Cathie these are just beautiful and so precious to have, those moments are priceless. xx

  • lovely ! wonderful artist !

  • I think your wall is lovely and there are no more precious artworks than those made with love by your own children… I hope to build a wall just like it….. when I can trust my son with a crayon!!! xx

  • wow! such a wonderful art wall. an inspiration for me to get some of my kids best works framed 🙂

  • I love your happy wall. We have a wall, here in our home, where we've framed art work from all our nieces and nephews. It makes me happy every time I walk by it….even if I'm having a crud day. Hope all is well Cathie!

  • What a great wall. I wish I was more organised. You may just have motivated me to get moving.

  • HI Cathie, I just tried to subscribe to your RSS feed, but I got a page of HTML script.

  • What a great idea. The wall in your family room looks beautiful – so many precious memories.

  • Adorable…I soooo love these. Hugs to you

  • Your wall tells bright, beautiful tales of (your gorgeous) family, Cathy. We have a b&w photo wall in our back room. I love it but I'd like to add some kids artwork and mix it up a bit xo

    p.s I really dig the bus.

  • Sooo much love there, altogether in one place. Beautiful! x

  • Love your wall. It’s so bright and beautiful and I can imagine that a gaze over those works of art would cheer up many a dull grey day.
    I have an empty shell of a house at the moment!! Barely have windows in! But once the builders have finished and we can at last move back home {to a slightly bigger house…yay!!} then I’m totally making a wall like yours, for sure! x

  • love the wall…. it is beautiful. need to get into something like this, although, I am not allowed to put any pictures on the wall in my new home, so I might have to wait until the next move. Hope you are well lovely xx

  • Your walls are full of so much loveliness. Thanks for sharing. xx