• Love the colour.

  • happy bright colours

  • Yep! That belt is just as cute as I expected it to be 🙂

  • That is GORGEOUS!

  • Cute belt – love the little fishies!

  • hmmmm whats the ooops for? was it meant for someone else and hijacked by your son?? Well, it's adorable so no wonder!! xx

  • the oops being I was supposed to photograph the belt for Cam…2 weeks ago..

  • A rockin' belt 🙂

  • I love love this happy belt! Both sides are fun.
    I hope your midweek was filled with lots of fun and happiness too, just like this gorgeous belt :o)

    My facebook account, I believe it's just Saskia Kok. I did click the button to follow you through network blogs, perhaps you can get to me via this way? Do tell me your fb link, I will search for YOU.

    Much love always, dearest sweet Cathie xxxxx

  • What a super cool belt!

  • Awww well it's still super cute!!! She did a great job…Great shots

  • Hee hee you cracked me up!

  • PS – stalk the postie tomorrow!

  • A belt to fit any mood! 🙂 Cute!
    xo Catherine

  • I reconise that belt from Curlypops ;-)) so sweet, enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  • Very sweet images my friend…. now that is one amazing belt. xoxo

  • That is one really cool belt here!Clever Cam:)

  • Hi Cathie!
    What a fun belt! And where do pirates spend their time? On the Ocean!
    Perfect belt fabric!


  • Now that is one cool belt! We are always looking for fun ones to keep Annie's uniform pants up 🙂

    Thanks Cathie for your sweet words about Roo too!!! It has been quite a week!

  • Cute belt!! bet it gets lots of wear & happy comments 🙂 XO