Party snippets

birthday cake decorated with a few fun things that Aidan likes
party favour cookies

marble cake pops


chocolate cake with blueberry swiss meringue butter cream
lolly free party bags*


 gingerbread cake toppers covered in fondant

Thank you all for your sweet, sweet birthday wishes for the little guy, sorry I haven’t replied back to you personally, he and I send you big squishy hugs and a big piece of cake…mwaaaaaaah, you girls are awesome ♥


What are your Sunday snippets? 

*edited to add suggestions for lolly free bags, normally I add things like textas, if you have a label maker make a name label for each child and stick it on a grey led pencil, stickers, exercise book, little baked gingerbread freckle cookies in a bag, cookie on a stick, magnets, little pegs, in summer normally juice in a box (that’s a treat for my kids) anything really apart from lollies. 
I prefer a creative bag with baked cookies as opposed to a sugar high bag that will drive the parents nuts.

p.s for those who have let me know about the commenting issues, thank you! 

I have changed to commenting box so could you please try again and let me know….♥

  • WOW!! Everything is so gorgeous, looks like it was a fun day! I hope you have some quiet recovery time today..xx

  • looks like we were doing similar things! i like the alternate lolly bag. Do you have a link to those delicious looking cake pops?

  • TK

    what sweet pics…..and what a sweet celebration….I love that you do lolly free party favour bags – I have always aimed to do a toy or hemed trinket in lieu of lolly bags for M's parties as well he just isn't that into lollies & well kids eat enough sweet stuff at parties to last them a month!!! I especially noted your artistic work with the edible pens!! TK xx

  • Cathie, may I ask what you put in your lolly-free lolly bags? I DETEST it when my kids come home from a party with a bag full of extra junk to munch through. I've made bags with different things in them but am always after inspiration!

  • love the lolly free bag idea.

  • Great photos Cathie…also testing the comments box! Looks ok so far 🙂

  • this is so lovely! happy birthday, to your sweet boy!

  • AMAZING!! Love the cake and all the extras. Fabulous!!

  • that cake looks absolutely gorgeous, and you know i can't go past 'cake on a stick'.

    happy birthday to the little fella of the house.

  • Awsome awsomness in those pictures!!!

  • ADORABLE…you amaze me my sweet talent friend…you have the most inspiring ideas ever! HUGS…have a wonderful week. xoxox

  • What an amazing party!! Love the photo of Aidan looking down on his cake..he is one spunky boy 🙂


  • Cat

    As always, gorgeous photos Cathie! I am a fan of the lolly free party bags too! My Mr wants to make the Bebito's cake this year and was keen to do some gingerbread (Bebito's fave) so I'll have to show him your post. 🙂

  • I love the way you decorated the cake. I am curious about what is in those party bags. How do you make those cake pops? Everything looks fantastic! What a wonderful celebration 🙂

  • Gorgeous Cathie – it all looks perfect. I especially love your personalised biscuits – how special!

  • I'm dying for the next birthday party now. Thinking I'll do the same for my own birthday even!! You really are the best mum in the world Cathie 🙂

  • I seriously may need to stop visiting until the worst of my sugar cravings are gone. I just need to go and breathe into a paper bag for a minute.

  • Wow! An unforgettable birthday, I'm sure! Happy Birthday Aidan!

  • omg- your little one is the cutest thing ever!!

    looove the no-lolly sweet bags!!

    melissa- miss sew & so

  • what an awesome cake! You are the most beautiful and creative mum. Can I hire you for my birthday party cakes? And I must say love lolly free party bags. x

  • Looks like Aiden had a wonderful birthday, I love his cake – that rainbow is just gorgeous. Wow, your baby is four!! How did that happen? Take care beautiful x

  • So glad Aiden had a lovely birthday! Mmmmmm cake pops – lucky kid!

  • Kat

    That cake looks delicious! I have been wanting to try making swiss meringue buttercream for ages. Is it hard? Do you have a recipe you would recommend? I am kind of scared of making it. Do I need a thermometer because all the things I read say you have to get it at the exact right temperature for it to work. Is that true?

  • Absolutely beautiful! You are so so clever Cathie. Every little piece looks like so much thought and effort has gone in… and that cake looks mouth watering. The blueberry and chocolate is just YUM!
    What a great idea with the party bags. I am guilty as charged for always filling the party bags with sweet treats… little favours too… but too many sweets :o/ I'm going to change that from now on! xo

  • Sam

    What a lovely birthday you created for your son, you are one busy lady…my son's birthday is this week and I am literally in the middle of doing up party bags & all the the gingerbread idea, and the cake looks gorgeous, bet it was delicious xSam

  • Hey there Cathie!

    What a fun cake! Love the kid always have the magic touch…& Blueberry Swiss frosting…YUM!!!

    Aid is just the cutest little guy ever!!! I love how special you made his big day! 4 is pretty miagical 🙂

  • i love the details! you are amazing.

  • Oh Happy happy birthday big guy! 🙂
    Love love love those party favour cookies. How completely gorgeous! Do you use a special edible paint on the fondant?
    x Alisa

  • Such wonderful photos – Happy birthday to your little guy!

  • An absolute triumph!

    I don't have a problem with lollies at parties. It's the only time my fellas get any, so they can go for it as far as I'm concerned. The very definition of 'sometimes' food.

    LOVE your cake pops. OMG, you are the Cakepop Queen!! x

  • I love your cake! It's perfect. Love the loot bags too.

  • wow what an mazing party… i love that the kids had such a big role in the decorating etc. Sweet and darling!
    xo Malia

  • Such a fun cake Cathie! And fun photos. I love the edible ink thing that u have going on at the moment. So adorable. Looks like a wonderful day. I love the lolly free take home bags. I try and follow that, but I usually have one or two sweet things but everything else of the non edible variety. For our 'rocket' themed party this weekend, I couldn't resist sneaking in a mini milky way and a mars bar… I did counteract that with a 'rocket cheese stick' from ALDI, though to be honest, that's probably just as bad!

  • No one does a party like you Cathie, that cake is divine, so perfectly suited to a 4 year old artist!! With all the deliciousness, kind of think lolly bags should be for the parents after a party at your place with your cooking, with a giant gingerbread cookie for the mums & dads. My children aren't allowed lolly bags, by which i mean, my husband gets them first & takes all the treats he likes & sorry, but we toss the junk (you know, horrible inedible plasticy foods). Love Posie

  • Hi I came from Rosie Patchwork blog, and absolutely love your Birthday party ideas and the oh-so- yummy looking blue cake. I don’t think there are enough blue cakes out there. My girl will be 4 in January and will have to do something similar. Oh, and what a lovely little boy you have!

  • That has to be the cutest birthday cake I've ever seen! Happy Birthday to your little guy – my daughter turned four last week 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  • Cathie I had my first cake pop the other day and it was amazing. This party looks like it would have been thoroughly enjoyed by all. You are such a beautiful, creative mama x

  • WOW!! Happy birthday to Aiden. Everything is so divine, looks like it was a fun day and very yummy !

  • Your bags look too pretty to open! You always have the greatest ideas and creations Cathie. Glad to be back and follow you along on your day to day journey. Lots of love xxooxx

  • what a lucky little boy he is, having such a creative, dedicated and loving mumma!

    Happy 4th Birthday Aiden!!


  • Happy birthday Aiden. Hope you had s great day. The cake looked great Cathie and love the lolly free bag (I am a fan if them too)

  • Beautiful Cathie, just beautiful! xx

  • Such an awesome party, cake, biscuits everything!!Your family is so fortunate to have a mummy so clever! xx