Phewww…Hottie Challenge done

Are you one of those people that leave everything until the very last minute then get that adrenalin rush of having to finish it off before heading off to school for pick up.


Luckily I am not one of those people, all my projects are thought  out weeks and weeks before they are due


unfortunately though getting them from inside my head to the actual production stage is a totally different matter…
Hottie Challenge all done and personally delivered to the loveliest hottie of them all.

Some amazing creations round here, more hottie goodness over here, super hottie always round here

Really wonky sewing by me, artwork by Miss Amelie (5)

  • I love your take on a hottie cover and how fun to see more of your girl's artwork in the mix.

    I was going through some of my children's art the other day and have picked out a few that I want to embrodier…thanks for the inspiration.


  • I love it! So beautiful the way you've translated her artwork into one of your own creations 🙂 xx

  • gorgeous! love that the art work is your little girl's too 🙂

  • Oh cathie I absolutely ADORE it!! It's wonderful beyond words.
    love this little collaboration you've got going on with your little ones xo

  • It's fantastic! Truly a one of a kind work of art!

  • Love it! And making the top bit straight – if I'd thought of that, I would have used bias binding there. Ah! So many ideas! I too left it to the last minute. You're a lucky duck to deliver it personally! (Am thinking I should have just done an exclamation mark cover!)

  • It's so lovely Cathie, well done & on time too. I'm much better now than last minute pressure, maybe it's age, definitely now all the children are in school. I can multitask with only myself to blame, tee hee. Such a great cause, i posted my hot water bottle on my blog today too, love Posie

  • Brilliant work Miss Amelie and Miss Cathie!!
    Love the colour against the denim – so effective!XXJ

  • Too cute, I think my favourite bit are the clouds floating across the back!

  • Gorgeous Cathie, love the clouds too!!

  • A very happy hottie! looks great.

  • I really love how you incorporate your daughter's drawing! love love love it!!

    I need to give this a go!

  • I so love seeing these. This is very sweet. It looks great against the blue denim fabric too. I have to do this 🙂

  • I love it!

    And I also love the adrenalin rush of a last minute craft job, some people mistake my tardiness for laziness but they couldn't be more wrong.

  • Its just BEAUTIFUL!!

  • It's so beautiful! And now it's all packed up and ready to go and live in an exciting new home. Thankyou so much for joining in when you had a million other things to organise!

  • Some things are really worth waiting for…it's really gorgeous 🙂

  • That is fantastic and I love that it was a joint effort.

  • Very cute! Well done for finishing on time – you've had a lot on your plate lately 🙂

  • I am one of those people who leave things to the last minute and I was mortified to realise I had missed the deadline for the afternoon tea. I am so sorry Cathie. I had such great intentions too.
    I adore your collaboration with Amelie on the hottie, its gorgeous. x

  • This is a gorgeous cover. I love Amelie's picture too!

  • Beautiful mother-daughter effort. I love the simplicity. I cant believe it was even more last minute than mine.

  • This is so cute … I so wish it was coming to my house!!

  • Ahhh, Cathie you made me giggle a little there. I did exactly what you just described, to a tee, today. I had ten minutes before leaving to take photos… so naughty! Your hottie is gorgeous. I love your embroidered drawings.

  • Deb

    Looks great. Love seeing kids drawings stitched like that.

  • I've seen quite a few hotties around the traps, but that one is the cutest yet! So sweet Cathie. Well done on completing your challenge :o) xo

  • That is so sweet! I love that it came to be via "team" work. I wish I was more like you, Cathie…I always leave things to the last possible moment. Yeesh!

  • This is adorable my friend. Would love to snuggle up with one just like that! Hugs.

  • oh Cathie your Hottie is soooo gorgeously cute what a fab idea!!! I am EXACTLY the same with EVERY project I do, I often get an idea almost straight away of what I want to do but then it's almost like I need to torture myself in some weird way because I just can't get myself to actually START it until I absolutely HAVE to, then it's a mad rush, My Hottie and Isobel's well I had to Express Post them this week to get it to Cam JUST on time

  • this is the best hottie cover i've ever seen. superbly done…and now i wish i had one to take to bed with me! x

  • Brilliant design 🙂 That looks fantastic.

  • It's lovely Cathy! I try not to leave things to the last minute, but somehow I always do xo

  • im a last minute wonder too : )
    your hottie cover colab is adorable!