Photo tip – Composition

When you photograph something do you ever think about composition, or do you try and include alot of things in the frame to get your message across?

In order to communicate something to your viewer you need to ensure that your subject matter is dominant and that your composition complements what you are trying to communicate.

You need to allow your viewer to explore your image without complicating the overall point you are trying to communicate and decreasing the importance of your subject.

Next time you photograph something stop and look at the overall composition, avoid placing the main subject in the centre of the image and try and use the whole frame in your composition.

  • Great tip – I'll have to remember this next time I'm clicking away!

  • Vic

    *sits up straighter in chair*

    "Yes Miss Cathie!"


  • Vic

    PS, I LOVED that your verification word was 'morain' classic!

    I've enjoyed today's weather immensly, so much nicer tha HOT, HOT, HOT!

  • Wonderful tip! Thanks Cathie. Your little man looks like he is getting taller and skinnier. XX

  • Such a great photo to illustrate your point- just beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog- I am feeling like such an unproductive baker after looking through your beautiful images! Yum!

  • Thank you so much! My goal is to try to take better photos; I will keep your tip in mind.

  • I've given up taking the photos in our family and leave it to the "expert" now!

  • Brilliantly put! Gorgeous photo makes a lovely change from my wintery view!

  • Would you believe I am actually a trained photog, qualifications and everything? (In a former life) Hehe, probably not from some of the snaps I put up. Your's are always so lovely.

  • this image is beautiful. thanks for sharing.

  • Am so happy to have discovered your blog! It's gorgeous!

  • Thanks Cathie,
    I love your photo tip posts. Playing with composition is my favorite part of photography. I am just starting to branch out and focus on tools beyond composition, which is satisfying too (I have always felt guilty about not making the most of my beloved camera, but I am starting to remedy that).
    Which reminds me I should get off the computer and get out and take a few shots in this early morning light! I have some challenging paintings to reshoot for my soon to be Etsy shop, dark backgrounds and shiny surfaces ARGHHHH.
    I am looking forward to your next tip.

  • Pam

    Thanks for the great tips and advice Cathie.
    The pic looks great too!

  • Oh….I am notorious for putting my focus point in the centre of my shot!!! Hey…I haven't told you….I booked in for a photography course this year, it starts in april…I cannot WAIT!!

  • Good advice Cathie! Great photo too, as always.
    I am hoping to do photography course soon?
    My biggest problem is not understanding the settings on my camera…Der!
    Michele x

  • Great tip ! I need all the tips I can get .

  • thanks, cathie, good advice indeed. and thanks for stopping by my blog, i'll keep this tip in mind!

  • Cathie darling as always you have posted simple yet an informative post. Thanks darling, you truly are a good friend. I will remember this next time I am about to click.

    Love & Hugs

  • What a beautiful photo, Cathie. I am a novice photographer so its lovely to learn tips like this. (I have just worked out that my little point-and-click camera has guides on it, so I can learn to avoid sticking the subject smack bang in the middle of a photo. I need all the help I can get!)

    Liesl x

  • Lovely tips & as always, your photography is beautiful!! I like backgrounds & usually take one close up & one long shot of each child, then groups, for posterity. I think it's important to shoot twins seperately too!! Love Posie

  • I love all your photo tips – thank you Cathie!!

  • Anonymous

    Really appriciate the brilliant advice Cathie. In fact…i do what you first mentioned…where i try to squeeze in too much info…but what you say makes total sense i will take your words into consideration here on…

    PS : I am not blogging anymore ( just not enough time in the day at the moment)…but i am still following a couple of my favorite blogs…so you will see me around for sure…so sorry for my pro-longed absence).

    Hugs, Natalie N.(from nyc)

  • Cat

    I love your photo tips too, thanks! Do you have any tips on the camera itself Cathie? I have a cute little digital number which is very outdated so am looking to buy a new one soon. xo