Photo tip

I get asked about photographic tips as well as baking tips, so I will do my best to add some tips at least once a week to answer any questions.

Feel free to ask for anything specific and I will add it to my weekly tips or will get back to you as soon as I can.

I have a few tips to share with you today:

  • I shoot in the mornings if possible in natural light, near a window where there isn’t a strong light coming through which will cause unnecessary shadows
  • I don’t use a flash
  • I use a reflector, which simply reflects light towards the object. It can be as simple as a sheet of white paper..or in my case a baking tin. Move the paper around until you can see the dark spot on the object become illuminated

Please let me know if this has been even slightly helpful.

  • Now that's a great tip. I actually tried a white sheet of paper thisafternoon to take photos as the light wasn't very good, and it really did improve things.
    I need lots of improvement so any quick and easy tips would be fabulous.

  • That was extremely helpful. Thanks Cathie.

  • Thank you Cathie; apprecate the tips; you forgot to mention talent; your pictures are all Picture Perfect!

  • Ahhhh a reflector – thanks for the tip!

  • Your photos always look so good. I find that when I upload my photos onto blog or etsy that they lose a bit of colour. Not sure if it is to do with the picture size or what . I envy those people that have awesome photos. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  • Pam

    Yep the tip about reflecting was quite helpful, and I do already use the first two tips. Thanks so much Cathie.

  • I have never used a reflector, I am definitely going to try it!!! Thanks for the tip!

  • Yes Cathie ! Absolutely useful this was ! Thank you so much, i will definitely take these tips into account next time….in all honesty…I have been working on my picture skills a LOT more than i used to ever since i found your place…Cathie… you set the bar really really high as you are an extremely talented lady…so i have an extremely long way to go, but you have given me insight on the many facets of even the simplest prop, and how with the right application of technique, it can become a thing of beauty….( heck…even this pic of a simple cup of sugar is gorgeous : ) .. Thanks again Cathie…so much !

  • Wonderful idea! I am just a horrid picture taker — for posting, anyway. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the great tip!

  • You are good !

  • Thanks for the tips.
    I like them cause they are easy to understand and use.

  • Great tips. I've used a reflector a couple of times in the past but had forgotten all about how good it can be so thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately, photographing in the morning doesn't quite have the same effect in Blighty as it does in Aus! Especially in the dark and gloom of winter! He he…!!

  • Thanks Cathie, will try on my next piccies…xx

  • Very helpful Cathie…as always x

  • Yeah…totally…I have never used a reflector…ooo best try one though.

  • Great tips Cathie! We had a photographer snapping away here recently and I was watching his use of a reflector thinking about how I could get myself one. Never did it occur to me I already had one in the kitchen stuff cupboard. Thanks. XX

  • A baking tin! You're a lateral thinking legend!

  • That's totally helpful! Thanks. I love taking food pictures.

  • Really useful tips Cathie – I will definitely remember them in future. Chele xx
    P.S. I did get my perfect foodie job and as a way of getting to know the products quick I thought I would photograph them and then I can research on the internet! These tips should help a lot, and are perfectly timed…thank you for sharing!

  • Very helpful! I struggle with my photos…as the light in my tiny nyc apt is awful. I will try the white sheet of paper tip. Thanks and happy holidays! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Love your blogspot Cathie. Keep up the great work. pictures and most of all your yummy recipes. Hope to see you all soon Jen x

  • Anonymous

    love your photos – its inspire me to buy a bigger camera and now i need lessons – how do you achieve the no background effect like with your photo for Lebkuchen


  • Hi Stella, I like to shoot with a wide aperture to get the depth of field and the blurry background.

    feel free to email me with any other questions ♥