R U OK today?

It may seem obvious, but have you asked someone around you today if they are OK
Have you actually listened to their response?
We are surrounded by so many social networks nowadays that sometimes we forget to reach out to our workmates, friends, school parents or even our families and make sure that they are OK and let them know that we are there if they need to talk.



As someone who goes through periods of sad, I know how it feels to be down and the only thing that can get you out is a good old cry and maybe even a smile from a friend to let me know they care.

For others, it’s more than that.


So please, ask someone around you to go for a coffee and a chat, it may make the world of difference to them and maybe even to you.

So are you OK?, I am, hope you can join me for a cuppa

  • actually its strange you posted this post. I asked the lady at the check out of the supermarket if she'd like to catch up for coffee. She's a single mum and a plus sized gal but seems nice if a bit lonely. I've been lonely too so we're actually catcihng up tomorrow morning for a chat and coffee which will be awesome.

  • gorgeous miss special one.
    And thankyou, i needed that!! xo

  • Sent someone a note yesterday asking just that. Heard back from her saying that it meant the world to her.

    A neighbor came to the door today with flowers from her garden, just wanted to say hello and ask how we were. Meant the world to me.

    What a timely post!

    I am not exactly great, but getting better I think. Thank you for asking.

  • No, but I will be 🙂
    I did receive a lovely hug from a(n almost) stranger today, so I'm a little better than I might have been, already.
    Thanks Cathie, for a lovely post, and for being a wonderful person just as you are.

  • thankyou for asking,
    thankyou for being there last night,
    thankyou for your beautiful posts
    and thank goodness for Hugh Jackman !

  • I haven't been up until about a month ago, now all is good. It does come in waves for me – now I am wondering if it has reasons other than what I perhaps thought.

    Thank you for posting on it xx Think of you often and hope u r ok not just today, but many a day.

    Love Rach xx

  • Kat

    What a lovely post! I got a message from Corey when I woke up this morning asking if I was okay. I wasn't. I just feel a little icky and sick so it was nice to know he was thinking of me. Now, are you okay?

  • Cathie, this is so timely…just the other day I ran into an elderly neighbour who I hadn't seen in quite a while. I asked her how she was. Turns out her daughter (37) is facing a serious breast cancer battle and prognosis not great. She told me her best friend had just buried her own daughter the week before – cancer again. We talked and hugged and I said I was there if she needed a cuppa. Which didn't seem enough. I held it together OK until she patted my pregnant belly and the emotion just ripped right through me. Mum to mum. I love visiting your blog Cathie – you're an inspirational writer and a quality person with a caring heart. Good day to you xx

  • Been hearing all about Are You Okay Day today. Its such a great cause- so very important. What are great champion you are!

    xo em

  • this is so true. especially in australia, where i find people are very not into asking this question. i am basically a housebound person now, but when i do go out i rarely if ever get asked if i am ok. people usually find it easier to poke a joke, etc. a lovely reminder, my neighbor has been sick all week and i asked her this morning was she ok – otherwise i would not have known. have a good one c,

  • You're a sweetheart Cathie. Thank you for reaching out and spreading the word, I always feel welcome at your space, it's a nice place to visit. Hope you are doing ok today also :o) xo

  • Oh you are too sweet, and this is so timely 🙂
    I will be OK, when I stop feeling sorry for myself and get out there in this new country and make some friends. Or just sew more. That works for me. And chocolate.
    I hope you are OK too sweets. Love from Cat xox

  • And how are YOU? Are you okay? Been thinking of you in August and hoping that Spring has been a much more rosier time. But if you're up for a chat, you can email me anytime.

    Thanks for the reminder. This is a great cause!


  • I've been thinking of you today, Sweetheart. I intend to do a similar post once the pixies are in bed – it's such a brilliant topic. Thanks for highlighting this issue. J x

  • Cathie, you are just lovely.
    Hoping that you are ok too x

  • I had a mini meltdown the other day when a friend popped in…it's been a tough few months and I just needed someone to really take the time to ask me how I was doing. It worked wonders and taught me too that I need to stop saying everything is A-okay when really it isn't 🙂
    Thanks for this post Cathie 🙂

  • It has been an overcast/rainy day here today. I always struggle on such days. I'm a sunshine kinda girl… often wondered if I am in fact some kind of solar-powered robot?!?! Anyway: three offspring with colds – snot factory + not a lot of sleeping = mid-morning minor meltdown. Feeling better now but had my moments today!
    Thanks for asking.

  • I think if the gorgeous Hugh could just come around and ask everyone that question, we all would be. Isn't he wonderful!??!

  • So sweet. Thanks for the reminder to reach out. xx

  • Love this post Cathie. I had a friend pop around yesterday and I really needed her company. Perfect timing on her part. An important message, thanks x

  • yes…lovely post Cathie xx

  • i've been thinking about this cathie- i've read it on a few of my fave blogs this week…

    i did have a coffee with my british besite this morning…not that she needed it…but i still asked her the *other* ok questions re kids…family…time out…work etc…

    such an amazing cause and yes Hugh J is heaven!!

    Melissa- Miss Sew & So

  • What a great post. I saw a story about the creator of this day on "Australian Story" on Monday night. If you can see it yourselves it's amazingly touching and very sad. I work in a school office and one of the families baked us a cake. There are so many lovely people out there. Pruxxx

  • Hi Cathie! What a sweet post and so apropos as I begin a new school year!
    It's a common question for teachers to ask of middle school children ~ Thank you for bringing it to light and reminding me to ask more frequently ~
    Speaking of Hugh Jackman, I think I'll pop in "Kate & Leopold" one of my all time Friday night faves!
    *Happy weekend, Cathie!

  • Simply beautifully captured shots…lovely mood and the composition!

  • I'm ok now.. I know you are my friend, so here I am having a cuppa with you and if you could see my arms you would see they are outstretched with a hug for you too. Sending love your way today!

    Always Wendy

  • What a lovely and truly beautiful post. Thank you. And I hope you are OK today and everyday.

  • Awesome cause – so important too.

    I've been doing pretty good lately – amazing what a bit of sun can do to your mood

    Hope everything is wonderful with you xo

  • I did! And most were really good. But one was not and I was very glad that I asked. x

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  • Hello,
    I visited your blog today – I saw you on Chittychatcat. Your photos are so lovely, colorful, and full of life!! Me and my daughters also love photography. While I was scrolling down, I noticed the chocolate cake. My favorite dessert is chocolate cake and cupcakes. I really liked the post that you did today. It was a nice gesture to always reach out to people and show them you care. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. I would enjoy coming back to visit with you and seeing all your wonderful photos! Hope to hear from you, and have a lovely evening.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  • wow this is an amazing post full of authenticity and love and caring …. you sound like a wonderful soul ….
    I have always done charity work all of my adult life and found it so rewarding … a wonderful thing to give back ….
    your blog is just what I needed today as I did not have a great report from my eye specialist yesterday and am feeling a little low today … I am a believer in acupuncture so I have made an appointment for monday ….
    thanks for having such a delightful blog … mwah and hugz xoxoxo

  • Such a great cause and so sad that the creator is fighting such a huge battle for his own life.

  • I'm doing well, thanks! I have a bit of a spidey sense when it comes to people's feelings. It's so important to have heaps of face time with people, to be a a good listener. Lovely post Cathie, and sweet images to go with it.
    Take care.

  • You know….I haven't asked anyone that lately…& I know quite a few friends that could use that! Thanks Cathie…Good reminder! VERY important!

    Your pictures are GORGEOUS! That last one just makes me stare & smile!

  • What a great idea ~ there is nothing like actually talking to someone. It's one of the things I miss the most while living in a country where I don't speak the language well ~ chat, casual conversation. It is one of the best cures for sadness too. Thanks for such a lovely post. Nic x

  • you are just pure joy! thank you for asking… yes i am, and it just got better by reading your post. How are YOU?

  • Thinking of you my friend just wanted to pop over and say I'm sending you sweet thoughts everyday.

    Always Wendy x

  • RUOK Cathie? It's not like you to be so long between posts… x

  • Hi Cathie,
    First of all thank ou for the birthday wishes for my son!
    Secondly what a great pictures specially the first one. I just love it.
    And third what a sweet post. You are so right we do attend to forget to ask the people around us how they are!
    I'm fine had a great day at the beach. How are you?

  • Hello sweet lady:) I've been thinking about you and wondering if you are ok. I hope things are going well and that life is keeping you busy but you are happy. Have a wonderful week lovely. Talk soon. xo

  • Hello sweet lady. I've been thinking about you lately and wondering if you are ok. I hope that you are well and that life is just keeping you busy but you're happy. Have a wonderful week lovely. Talk soon. xo

  • I adore this wonderful, thoughtful, loving post. Too often we get rushed and harried and forget to listen, really listen. I love this!

  • Just a note to say hi & how you goin'? Just thinking of you..x

  • Hope you absense in bloggy world is that you are just too busy doing fun stuff???!