Rainy Mother’s Day Market

Well another season is over for
The Gardens Market and it ended with some drizzle, cold weather but an overall great day.
It’s amazing how the weather doesn’t deter families from going out for the day.
I guess being in such lovely surroundings people seem to overlook the miserable weather and make the most of their day with their families and loved ones.
Our kids didn’t mind at all as the rain was just something else that was fun to play with.
I definitely had fun baking some yummy mother’s day treats but I am definitely looking forward to a little break before the next market in June.

  • What lovely heart cookies!

  • Glad it was a great day even though it rained! Those cupcakes look deee-licious. Yum, yum, yum!

  • Oh my those heart biscuits look great. What a shame it rained but like you said people will always come out to a great market.

  • Looks like lots of yummy stuff there…mmm. If you waited for perfect weather all the time you would never do anything! Glad you had a good day. Enjoy the break now.