Retro cool

Isn’t it funny that old suitcases have become SO cool now days that even op-shops have realised it and are charging ridiculous amounts for them, let alone somewhere like Camberwell Market which last time I checked had a small 30cm old suitcase for about $25.

We happened to be discussing this at the market last week and lucky me look what I spotted at our local op-shop, hidden behind the counter. The old lady asked..”Which one love, that old make-up case?” ummmmm “YES”, “Two dollars love”. “I’ll take it thanks” (yeepeeee)
and to make our day a little bit more exciting, a genuine cabbage patch doll for an incredible $3,
and a couple of goodies for a lovely lady, which I will hopefully see next Saturday.
So all in all a good oppie experience.

  • Cathie, I am so glad happy things have brightened your day! I am a bit jealous about that Cabbage Patch Doll. And I agree with you about the overpriced suitcases. Lisa.

  • Ooooh, I'm so jealous. Love it when you get the nannas. (: excellent finds

  • Op Shop Gold!
    The stiching, the closure, and even the lining look like they're in fabulous condition, and how cute is that Cabbage Patch doll.

  • That makeup case is a seriously good find and that cabbage patch looks so much like the one I had!

  • Lyn

    The case is such a find! I've been looking around for something like that too – and you're right – they always cost so much.

    Loving the cabbage patch doll too :). My sisters and I each have one, and as children, we loved them to bits.

  • What great finds Cathie. And how can you not smile at those dimples!

  • beautiful little suitcase, yes you are right hard to find at reasonnable price!Bravo;)

  • wicked exciting! I have an old suitcase that was my Nana's and she kept this amazingly cool bathing suit in it LOL. It was her beach bag towel, suit, hat, all ready to go! I love it 🙂

  • Pat

    very fun. very pretty blog. and you really did score some bargains. from one thrifter to another, congratulations!