Roadworks yet again

Are my children sabotaging the road outside of our driveway??!!
Yesterday I mentioned that they were finishing off the roadworks, yet last night the road start leaking water again so the roadworks are back for another day.

Now…are my children behind this? Well, since they are 3 and nearly 2…..I kind of doubt it, but this indeed is like a dream come true for them.

Amelie wasn’t very impressed yesterday but today seems more excited about it.
Aidan wanted to put his earmuffs on as it was very noisy.
Good boy, need to protect your little ears 🙂
The nice construction guys even asked if they wanted a photo inside the digger but they were a little shy & scared so declined the kind offer.

Ok, I promise no more roadworks stories…I hope 🙂
I think a recipe is called for! Anyone have any cravings they would like me to post a recipe for?

  • ooh post any recipe 🙂 i trawled today and found some beauties!

  • I adore those ear muffs!! Well…since you offered! I am off to a crafting group on Sunday and need to take a plate of something…have you got any good savoury muffin receipes…think easy and quick!! Thanks!!

  • Wow- have I told you that your photos are spectacular? I don't know what it is- the depth of field, the way the colours pop out, or the lighting, perhaps- but they all look as though they're professionally taken. Your kids are going to have some wonderful memories because of them!

    And a recipe?? Yep, I'm with One Flew Over. I'm going to Nikki's bloggy party on Friday and for the first time ever, am out of ideas! I'd love something quick and easy that's either vegan or can be veganised by me (ie. I can replace milk, butter, eggs, etc). I'm not a huge fan of muffins generally, but I think that's coz I'm a savoury girl… but anyway, it's your blog, and you make such delicious things, so I'm sure whatever you post will be dee-licious!


  • They're such cute photos – love the ear muffs!
    I would love a new recipe for golden syrup dumplings. Its one of my all time favourites. A recipe for chocolate self saucing pudding would also be fab.

  • The photos are hilarious !!;)You must have had fun taking them;))Hope your road gets quiet soon…Recipe….I have a STRONG craving for "Chocolat" at the moment;))))Must be hormonal;))

  • Cathie the ear muffs are tooo cute! Surely you can't be too sad about the noise and trucks in your street when you get to see your kids looking so adorable!

    Recipes…. did someone say lemon tart.!!??!!??

  • I need to bake a cake for daycare lunches? Something kids will eat but not too unhealthy. 🙂