Robots, games and cake

Thank you all for the extra sweet birthday wishes for the little guy.

I wanted to share a few pics (ok…maybe more than a few) of his day which was spent at Bundoora Park with his lovely friends and cousins.
If you are in Melbourne, Cooper’s Settlement* is perfect for little people parties.

Robot cake designed by Aidan and painted on by me
Rainbow cake painted on by the birthday boy


lovely robot bunting from here

 robot stencilled bags filled with caramel popcorn


  chocolate covered bread sticks
 build a marshmallow robot activity


 craft table activities, colouring in and


  build a robot
robot tin bowling


home made robot pinata
robot photo prop


 fresh coffee and tea for the big kids
 pic by Miss Holly
take home bags


a few of the goodies in the take home bags
stickers, nuts & bolts mix, fabric brooch, magnets & hair ties


 personalised robot gingerbread for each little guest


 gorgeous ric rac disco bot for the birthday boy made by the ever so sweet Mistea


 robot drawing by Aidan embroidered by me
So this is what has been on my mind for the last month or so, creating a special creative and fun filled day for a little boy who is just growing up way too fast for my liking.


What about you, do you have a five year old going to school in the new school year?


How are you coping emotionally? Are you feeling a little lost?
Or is it just me?

*Emma has pics of another party at Cooper’s Settlement


  • Beautiful as usual Cathie…this looks truly amazing!

  • awesomely awesome Party!
    I love the 'build a robot' so cute!

  • Looks like a great party 🙂

  • Gorgeous party Cathie, I loved all your robot-themed touches. And the 5D at work?!

  • Oh my goodness Cathie. I am in love with every single detail of this party. you clever Mumma! What a truly wonderful day for Aidan – one he'll cherish forever.
    And yes…I'm an emotional mess with the fact that my 'baby girl' is off to prep next year :((( We were 'hanging' out together yesterday, and I said to her how much I was going to miss our weekdays together. I don't think she knows just HOW MUCH I will miss it though! So much it hurts! Crazy I know!!!
    We'll be emotional wrecks together next January, ok Cathie? 🙂

  • THAT looks like one fabulous party!!!!
    I bet A had the bestest of times.
    I love the shot of you taking some photos!XX

  • Gorgeous party! I love how you embroidered his robot drawing, such a brilliant idea. Emma

  • This party is outstanding, oh boy! As for coming to terms with the baby heading off to school, HUGE! This was an incredibly emotional time, the year leading up to it and the months after he'd started, I still tear up when I watch him march off with his enormous bag, so proud to be a school boy..xx

  • Oh WOW! You are a party whizz Cathy! And your beautiful boy looks the picture of happiness – how gorgeous. Happy Birthday! xx Alisa

  • Oh Cathie, what a fantastic looking party! The attention to detail and all of those special touches are just beautiful. You're an amazing Mama to create such a memorable birthday for your gorgeous boy.
    I loved browsing through those precious snaps xo

  • what an amazing party you put together! he is such a sweet handsome and lucky little boy. i love all the details you put into this planning.
    you know i have a five year old too, but i'm dealing with different emotions about starting homeschooling – worried, excited, nervous, relieved, empowered, tied down – a whole slew of contradictions… craziness. i hope your boy gets off to a great start. i'm sure it's gotta be a bit easier the second time around!

  • What an amazing party!!! I love all your details…they are all so personal! You can tell the party was a hit but I have to say Imy fave part was your robot embroidery! How special to capture that forever! Thanks for letting us have a peek! I had so much fun even!!!

  • cathie – i am absolutely in love with every single aspect of that party!!!!!!!! Every single bit. So very cool – just like your little (now big) boy! I am with you with not coping sending them off to school next year. I am not ready to let my little boy go yet – but we do still have another 5 months to enjoy!!

    p.s. where do you get the single coloured sprinkles for the grissini wands?

  • P.S. thanks for the shout out! awesome location – the barn is a very cool setting for a party!

  • I am so impressed by everything!! The cakes are fabulous & I love the robot activities! And of course, I always adore your photography! What an awesome day for your little guy! x

  • Oh Cathie
    I adored the cakes on IG (how did you paint them?!) but the whole thing is completely fabulous!!
    Love, love the DIY marshmallow robots, the bread sticks look fab and the party bags are awesome
    Great job!!!

  • what a great party, happy birthday to you gorgeous boy!

  • Don't worry sweetie, I had a 30-something son give me a huge unsolicited cuddle & big kiss the other night. Some things will never change, promise. A truly memorable day for your precious boy.
    Millie xx

  • Wow, everything is so beautiful and amazing!!! I can't believe you did so much, congratulations 🙂

    My daughter turned 5 in February (in NZ kids start school on their birthday) and I was most worried about missing her and then her just being tired after school… but it has been great, she loves it and after school is really fun. Now I see the 'big' kids at school and freak out!

  • oh my goodness cathie! I love everything about this, you have just thought of absolutely everything! beautifully personalised and so so fun. I am beginning to sort out my daughter's 5th birthday for next month and was considering cooper's settlement – did you use the village stables or party barn? I would be grateful if you could let me know.
    happy birthday aidan! cathie, you know the girls are going to be lining up in a few years?! x

  • What a lucky little guy – a party filled with so much thought and love. Yes, they grow way too quickly *sigh

  • What a lucky little guy – a party filled with so much thought and love. Yes, they grow way too quickly *sigh

  • Oh my goodness what a fun party!!!!!

  • amazing party! you've given me some great inspiration! thanks for stopping by my blog! xo

  • Cathie, this is GORGEOUSLY gorgeous. Your attention to detail and cleverness is just so delightful. What a special party you have made for Aidan. Lucky fella.

    Oh and snap! I've got the Badoo's princess party on my blog today.


  • Oh Cathie, you gorgeous mama. Such an incredible party for your little man. You are such an inspiration. I loved every tiny detail. J x

  • Hi Cathie!
    What a fantastic party you planned!
    I'm sure he must feel like a very special young man!
    They grow up so fast… {now that I'm looking back :o)
    Enjoy all these beautiful moments!

  • Cathie you've done a magical job with Aidan's birthday party, all of the little details you've done looks like it made for a very special day, and a very happy birthday boy. Happy belated birthday to your big 5 year old boy. It's so good to see you back here again sweet lady I've missed you here in this space. xx

  • I think you are truly awesome! beautiful images, and a perfect birthday…. xx

  • That is, bar none, the cutest birthday party I've seen. I'd love a robot party myself! It looks like he had a fantastic day. Love all your pics.

  • Hi Cathie,

    Thanks for stpping by my blog! WOW what agorgeous party! I have an almost 5 year old daughter – 51 days to go 🙁

    I am excited to throw her an aweosme birthday celebration but the emotions are very mixed on my little girl growing up and heading off to school soon!

  • Cathie this looks SO amazing. I don't generally 'do' birthday parties. . . but this could convert me for sure!

    rachel xo

  • awesome 🙂
    lovely blog.
    Following your blog. follower#738

    hope you will visit & follow my blog.

  • What a gorgeous birthday – I adore the cakes. They are so gorgeous. I have embroidered some of my boys pictures too. Fab birthday

  • Goodness i adore everything about this, the venue, your amazing cakes & totally knowing what your children want for their party happiness. Glorious work Cathie, love Posie

  • Cathie I'd seen a few of the pics on IG but looking here… oh my golly goodness!!!! How awesome was his party! I love every tiny bit, and that tea coffee suitcase- woop woop 🙂 Love it.

  • Cathie I'd seen a few of the pics on IG but looking here… oh my golly goodness!!!! How awesome was his party! I love every tiny bit, and that tea coffee suitcase- woop woop 🙂 Love it.

  • Looks like a wonderful birthday party, although my eye was taken by the wooden banana cases, just like the ones my dad use to make and we would pack, one banana at a time…..

    Our little Miss E will be 5 early next year, thankful for the opportunity to homeschool.

  • WOAH!! You are AMAZING Cathie! looks like the most wonderful birthday party ever xx

  • Wonderful birthday party. You did an amazing job..My little boy, Clancy goes to school next year.
    p.s love your blog..

  • What a beautiful party! I also have an about-to-be five year old boy who is having a robot party. I stumbled upon this whilst doing my research in planning. Oh, yes…it's going way to fast. Just signed him up for Kindergarten this morning. My sweet boy is getting too big. Thanks for sharing. You're inspiring me.