Rose Cupcakes

As I promised here are the rose cupcakes which I made for my chef boys’ birthday. 
My family love the addition of rosewater, gives vanilla cupcakes a different flavour sensation and makes them a little special.


I normally decorate them with dried roses but seeing we have a birthday we had to go some celebration bunting (you know I love bunting)!


Rose Cupcakes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12-15
  • 115g butter, room temperature
  • 225g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 150g self-raising flour, sifted
  • 125 plain flour, sifted
  • 125ml milk, room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon rosewater*
  1. preheat oven to 180 C/160 C fan, line cupcake trays with papers
  2. beat butter and sugar until mixture is pale and fluffy, add eggs one at a time, mixing well after each addition
  3. sift flours together in a separate bowl, add rosewater to milk
  4. add flour to butter mixture in 3 batches alternating with the milk and ending with flour until all added and mixed well
  5. spoon into cupcake papers
  6. bake for 20-25 minutes or until lightly golden
  7. test with a skewer, it should come out clean
  8. remove from oven and allow to stand for 10 minutes before transferring to a wire rack


125g butter, room temperature
60ml milk, room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon rosewater
500g icing sugar


beat butter for about a minute, add vanilla, rosewater, milk and a cup of icing sugar and continue beating for a few minutes until smooth
add remainder of icing sugar and continue for another few minutes until light and fluffy

*rosewater can be found at middle eastern shops


  • Those look and sound delicious! Huge fan of rose-flavoured foods and drinks; my dad used to add rose petals to apple jelly/jam. Tasted amazing on croissants!

  • Vic

    Oh hon they look amazing – THE BUNTING! WOW! Happy birthday to your chef boy – but seriously, who wouldn't be happy with those….?!

  • Cathie, these look delightful. I love rose water and i adore the little bunting added to the icing as a cute topper. I will have to give these ago very soon.

  • Wow – the bunting is so effective, expecially in those colours – beautiful!
    I've never used rose water in baking before, it sounds like it would be a very delicate taste.x

  • Oh how cool is that. My Mr has been pointing to the bottle of rose water (that I bought a while ago because the label was pretty and matched our kitchen) and asking when I am going to use it and what for. Now I can give him an answer that makes him happy (and not question my sanity) Loving the bunting decoration too!

  • I love rose water and have also been known to use orange blossom water in cooking. I love bunting too!

  • The bunting is the perfect addition. Happy Birthday to the Mister!

  • I think I need cupcake baking lessons from you before Nate's 2nd birthday!!! These look great!

  • LOVE the bunting cupcakes.
    Hope he has the best day.
    Hope you did too. X

  • must. try. this. i love floral food. my all time favourite ingredient is violets. mmmmm. xx

  • Love those buntings!

  • These look so so festive and friendly, Cathie. You're a true cupcake artist! Enjoy these first weeks of Spring with or without rain 😉
    Kinder holiday, that sounds great. Time to be spend together is always great! Huge hugs for today, enjoy your morning tea sweet friend. Hmm, perhaps you're not in dreamland yet… If so: Sweet s*w*e*e*t dreams, Cathie xxooxxoo

  • It was really only a matter of time before the bunting and the cupcake were married as one. Not for the first time, I wish I lived at your house. YUM!

  • I'm imagining the smell of these cupcakes. Heavenly!

  • Adorable, what else can i say, simply delightful & happy birthday. Love Posie

  • love, love, love them! They looks so pretty!

  • Your photos great! Cupcakes looks so pretty…
    I think we put at the center candied rose petal 🙂 yumm 🙂

  • These look so good and – so professional! You're up for a baking award 😉

  • Oh my these look soooo good. I am crossing my fingers that the store here has rose water..Love the bunting 🙂

  • Oh sweet! They look to lovely to eat.
    I'm sure that if I were anywhere near them I could twist my arm to do so though,lol:) x

  • Can I have one now please? Pretty please?? No? Oh well, I guess I will just have to make my own… 🙂

  • thanks cathie, they look gorgeous! I'm off to give them a whirl…

  • Adorable and oh so yummy….I love the bunting on them…so magical.

    Hugs for a great new week….

  • Thanks for the recipe and I love buntings too 🙂

  • Most delicious looking bunting. You always come up with such clever ideas – it looks unreal!

  • those bunting cupcakes are so cute! i love them and your amazing photography… off to discover more of your gorgeous blog.

  • Pam

    Ooh yumm. These sound great Cathie. Thanks again. Too cute bunting as well. I've never had bunting before, so I thought I might make some from sheet music. Not to fit on cupcakes though!! :o)))))))))) To hang in my studio! Enjoy your week. x

  • I'll have to try that rosewater recipe…. it sounds delicious!

  • Wow — they look and sound delicious, I wish my computer screen was a scratch n' sniff!

  • These sound delicious and look 'oh so perfect'. I love the bunting…..who doesn't love a pretty string of bunting. Have a lovely week.

  • They are super cute Cathie what a great idea to make bunting!Belated happy birthday to you Monsieur Chef!

  • adore the bunting, oh and I bet they taste as delectable as they look!

  • Thank you for the recipe! The bunting is perfect. Hope he had a wonderful day!

  • Hi Cathie, thanks for the cupcake recipe. I have never used rosewater before so will give it a try next time. They look delicious!