I feel a bit like this lately, i haven’t been around much, google reader says I’m on 1.9 posts a week. 
I’m feeling a bit flat, a bit emotional, things get a little difficult to cope with.  Tantrums and squabbles are just too difficult.
The camera is not my best friend at the moment, the images just don’t seem to work like I want them to.
I get like this every so often, I deal with it and keep going.  
The fuzziness is slowly creeping back.
What is happening around the globe is upsetting. My heart goes out to them.


I have been “sad”* before and I just deal with it on my own. 
Do you ever get like this, for no reason, just because? 
What do you say to a 5yr old that asks why you were crying?
Hugs to you and sending hugs to a gorgeous girl who is on the road to dealing with her struggles.

* varying degrees of depression 

  • thinking of you and your little black doggie, hoping you feel more on top of things soon and you have good help to get there xx

  • i don't have any words Cathie, just a {hug}K

  • Sweet I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so sad at the moment. Please take care of yourself, talk to someone always, I know this can be hard. You are not alone, I understand. I hope that soon the sun shines and you feel happy soon. Hugs to you. xo

  • so sorry to hear you are feeling sad Cathie 🙁 Thanks for your honesty. Your beautiful pictures, although they haven't been working for you lately, always make me smile. I had many days, particular in the last 12 months when there were tears for no reason but sheer exhaustion, and when the kids saw me I got waaaaaay more cuddles. Easier to just hug than explain sometimes I think. Hope your days brighten soon.

  • Hugs. I hope that you can fund your way out of the fuzziness again soon. Take your time. We are here for you and will be here when you come out the other end. Hug the ones around you and cherish the ones you cannot

  • Dear Cathie – Sometimes all our emotions get cramped together in one big mess. I'm so sorry that you are in a dark corner. I can only say that it happens – and you are one of the reasons I started Blogging. You are inspiring, creative and great to follow. And it's OK to cry – we all do it and after the storm the sun comes.

    All the best


    margit at creativetail

  • Cathie

    Hope you are okay. Yes, I know the feeling oh so very well. I had a time about 5 years ago that I had too many days of tears, more days in tears than not crying. I tried to do it by myself, but couldn't. Now I take 'happy pills' as I call them. That monkey chatter has stopped, and I don't have those blue days nearly as much.

    Love to you xo It's normal for us mum's to have those times. Just hoping they don't last long for you. I'm here if you need to chat. xo

  • I have only the very kindest thoughts and best wishes for you xxx

  • oh love i feel just the same. its sad to hear you are down, but comforting to me that im not alone in this world. sometimes children can make it worse and better all in one moment. x

  • TK

    Oh Cathie your post has touched rather a raw nerve…..just take a gander at my post last week on 'Sunshine for my soul'….these past 3 1/2 years has been a struggle with many black spots, you try to get through however you can and I know my family have had to pick up the pieces oh so many times. Special love & prayers of tenderness for you just now…TK xx

  • Hi Cathie,
    Please believe me when I say that I recognise your state. I honestly urge you to seek help. It took me a while to realise I really needed it. It took my then 4 year old to ask me one day if my heart was broken. I am now beyond those dark days and I wish this for you too. Start with your GP. You do NOT need to deal with this on your own. I try not to think of those desperate times, but when I do also remember that it was up to me to take the step in making me right. My child deserved a happier me and so did I and so do you. I wish you only the best and send you a hug. You can always email me at

  • Tas

    I know what you are feeling. And, as much as you know that it will pass, that doesn't help when you can't feel anything but sad and down. I hope that you get through it soon.

  • Sometimes it's hard to accept that you are feeling sad, especially if you have been feeling 'up' recently. The important thing to remember is that it is a phase and it will pass, you have proved that to yourself before.

    You might find this post I did recently helpful?

    Wishing you every comfort on your journey back to the happy place 🙂

  • I'm sorry your world feels heavy.

  • Anonymous

    I feel it sometimes but I know now that for me it is tied to stress and means I am trying to think about too many things at once, so I have to let some of them go, even if they are not the ones I want to let go…

    There was a terrible week last year when I just felt sad and hopeless, no matter how many lists I made in my head of how lucky I was. One day it just went away, I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't. I hope you can talk to someone about it, all the best

  • Im sorry to hear that you are feeling blue. Well done for sharing, too many people hide away their true feelings. Sometimes its nice to know that you are not alone in your feelings. We all have days and sometimes weeks like this. Even though there is beauty everywhere, the gloom just seems to dominate Love and best wishes

  • hey cathie,
    yes i do too. lately especially because of japan. i think i am very sensitive to what goes on around the world let alone in my own world right where i live. i can usually pinpoint why i've got the blues. the way i'm dealing with the events in japan right now is by NOT watching the news, i do not read any articles and i'm trying to open the computer less so i don't inadvertently see pictures. the images overwhelm me. i think because we have children especially we have to protect ourselves and stay level headed. but, i also think it's normal to cry sometimes and you can tell your girl the truth about the tsunami. i think. i certainly haven't told ezra but he's only 4. is 5 that much older? maybe not…
    i'm going on too long here i think, but if i get the blues for other reasons i usually look to my sleep and diet first. i am always at my best with 10 hours a night's rest, no alcohol or refined sugars. it always helps to watch a comedy too! xox anushka

  • Oh, Cathie, sending big hugs.

  • we all do, its human, its natural and i think it helps us in a weird way. i am feeling the same every few months…but like u i somehow pick up and get going again…doesnt make it any easier when it creeps up on us tho…hang in there…

  • huge love to you Cathie!
    sometime its all just too hard. xxxxxx

  • Bec

    I know exactly what you mean, I am trying very hard at positive self talk the last month, it does help, slowly. 'Fake it 'till you make it' is something I think of in the moment, if I tell myslef Im fine and happy and healthy than eventually I start feeling a bit better. Its awful feeling sad and really not understanding why, especially when you feel so grateful for everything you have! Stop watching the news lol I havent watched it all week, it really does sadden me too much, I know whats happening, I dont need to watch it over and over again, I cant do anything to change it.

  • Oh sweet Cathie!
    Hang in there gorgeous! Have a cry when you need…that's ok! We all go through slumps, even the most positive & 'balanced' of people! Take the time to re-energize 🙂
    I haven't blogged much lately too [compared to normal] due to life being busy & stressful, but I know things will turn around soon. SMILE LOVELY!

  • Oh darling… it's really hard sometimes. Hold on. Take time to find your balance again and feel free to reach out whenever you need help. We're here for you.
    You'll get there.

  • It gets that way sometimes – I know the feeling! Hugs to you x

  • Wow Cathie. Reading all these posts here (and I can ditto a lot of them myself) just shows that you really don't have to deal with this alone. Do go and get help hon. Don't feel that you should just deal with it yourself and get on with it. You don't have to and trust me your family will thank you for getting help. All you have to do is go and see your GP. You won't have to explain to them why you feel sad or try and understand or justify it they will just give you help to feel better again. xxx

  • I can relate. Sometimes a new day can make it all seem a bit better. Hoping this is the case for you today. x

  • I am sure it is tough to that the weather is getting colder for you. Sending Love!!! Hope you find some sunshine moments in each day!!!

  • Aww, your gonna make me cry Cathie! Yes i feel like that at times and try to deal with it on my own but i dont think thats the best answer. I think you should go and talk to someone. Sending you a big hug, xxx

  • Thinking of you Cathie. I think it is so important to be in touch with our feelings, good or bad. Life can be so tiring, stressful and draining with children and just in general. You are in not alone in feeling this way. Take care of yourself xx

  • Dear Cathie, I am so sorry to hear you are sad again. I understand all too well, as I feel so down and flat at the moment too. Zoe's health nurse is suggesting maybe I am depressed (again) but I don't want it to be this……
    I am thinking of you, and send you a big hug (or cuggle, as Zoe calls them)
    Love from Cat xox

  • Biggest love and hugs to you my special friend.
    and yes, quite often

  • So many comments filled with love and great advices.Take care sending you big hug!
    Sandrine xx

  • Oh…bugger! I hate the black. I go and see a professional. It works a treat! I use a Thought Field Therapist, if you get a good one they are brilliant! xx

  • I'm sorry that you are feeling sad lately – I have been in a bad way lately too. But the light is starting to shine again for me – and hopefully it will for you soon too.

  • I've been there too, and really, if you haven't already, talk to a dr. I tried EVERYTHING before medication, but honestly, it was only that that brought me back from the brink. There is so much to try though. Pick up the phone, make an appt. Go. You won't regret it, and there are wonderful people who can help. And letting them help will help your kids too. Hugs.

  • Oh Cathie I'm on the way to pick you up & bring you back to The Hedge for a couple of days. MOTH & the boys are 'bonding' again this weekend in a last ditch attempt to fix our busted downpipe. They have found it necessary to dig up 2/3rd's of my garden to do this. I'm almost catatonic at the sight. Watching the 3 of them do their Three Stooges Plumbing 'routine' in the Ag drain trench this w/end will make you laugh 'til you cry – I promise. Oh, & throw in one crazy manic Border Collie running around in circles, who'll eventually jump in on top of the lot of them sending them sprawling, just 'cos she needs to be with her boys. We can set up the deck chairs, mix the Margharitas, watch the ensuing chaos & all will be right with your world sweet girl.
    Millie x

  • so sorry to hear this, I feel you lady!
    There are seasons…
    a time to laugh & a time to cry!
    Hope you'll find the joy & inspirations back in your life!

    much love!

  • Hi Cathie,
    It's ok to feel sad, I do hope you will find the strenght to smile again. Know that we all feel like this some times. Sending you my virtual hugs and kisses! (look out the window for them).
    And take your time, blogland will wait honey,
    Maureen x

  • Ah, Cathie, I *get this* and hear you. I'm in the same boat. Like Bec, I've had to tune out from the news this week, just dipping in and out occasionally. It's all too much to absorb, let alone comprehend, especially with the 3 pixies. They struggled enough with the concept of the Brisbane floods. I feel the need to protect them from all this horribleness. Email me anytime, Lovely Girl – I'm always here for you. J x

  • Coffee … next week ( I will be back to norm)
    we must make a time ♥ thank you gorgeous gal for the *way to many props* xx

  • Jen

    Your photos are still beautiful, and your words are too. You will smile again soon. Until then, sending you warm hugs. Jenxx

  • My mum has lived with that black dog all her life and a few of my bestfriends to. I get very low days in the winter months were i can cry and i just want to shut myself away from the world but i can't explain it. Maybe its just a womens thing ;-)) Big hugs to you sweet lady, dee xxx

  • Cathie I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling great 🙁 I've dealt with varying depression myself, for me trying to take time for myself, doing things I enjoy, and TALKING to people I trust has helped. But sometimes you just need you time to be sad… fully feel it, and then move on. (easier said then done sometimes) as for the kid part… without any I don't even know how to start thinking of answering. Good luck, lots of love with you.

  • HI Cathie, hard to know what to say. I get it. You know, one day I was feeling very sad and my housemate (it was a long time ago) came into my room and held my hand. I said 'I can't speak' (too sad), she simply said 'you don't have too'. It was beautiful and liberating. You don't have to speak either, now, you don't have to apologise for not being around, you don't have to DO anything, you may just BE, and we can BE with you. It's hard to BE when you are feeling sad but hopefully slightly easier with words of love and comfort. Take care, dear Cathie, with love xx

  • I think most of us go through fases like this Cathie. Life is not alwasy easy or better sad life is not easy at all.
    Just take your time and you will see soon you feel good again!

  • With the love and support of all around you I hope your 'sadness & fuzziness' fades soon. Your pictures may not be working for you at this moment but as always they are beautiful and hopefully when you are feeling a little better you will see this too ~ the biggest hugs to you xx

  • Take a walk with your lot and look, really look, at what's around you and find reasons to smile and smile. Smile broadly until it feels natural and then smile because you're smiling and then smile because people are looking at you funny and then laugh. OK. Feeling better? You're OK kid. You're OK.

  • Oh Cathie – i missed this post, because well, it's been a tough few days here too and I wasn't in the mood for blogging or commenting but now I've come to visit one of my favourite places and it saddens me that you are sad and fuzzy and all of that. A virtual hug for you – you are such a spirited person, amazing mother, and inspiring blogger that no wonder that takes it's toll and becomes all consuming. Take slow steps, mend, accept those feelings, acknowledge them, let them go. Talk, walk, rest, sleep. Nurture your body and trust in your instinct.
    hugs and thoughts your way

  • Jen

    do you think maybe it could be depression? I try to figure out what is UNDER the sadness or anger, what is making me feel like that REALLY. I was depressed for a LONG time, too long. just starting to come out. Taking photographs helps, cooking helps. You are not alone 🙂

  • Lots of love & happy blessings heading your way from me. Thank you for sharing how you feel. I still love your photos & hope to see lots more soon. XO

  • Vic

    Oh honey, I missed this & I don't know how! You are awesome, okay? Everything is going to work out, okay? You have a gorgeous family & peeps who adore you, okay?

    Even if you don't feel okay, know it all to be true. I wish we could have a chai together & chat it out.


  • Is it possible to be happy and content all the time? Surely not. It is ok to be sad. Here for you, dear Cathie. x

  • Cathie, this post really spoke to me today – some sort of coincidence that it a little bit how I was feeling too. PS My digital camera battery just flaked it, fortunately after WW photo taking!

  • Cathie, dear lady. I think there's a link between being reflective, thoughtful and creative (like yourself and all the lovely bloggers here) and depression. Perhaps it's like a balance, where there is brilliant light there must be some shadow. I've not been blogging much lately either – I've put it down to the adjustment we're all making with my girl starting kinder and how most mornings she really doesn't want to go. It''s taking the wind out of my sails, the guilt, the helplessness I feel about it because I just want her to be happy. And then Japan. I actually can't get my head around it. Too, too devastating.

    When I'm feeling off kilter, excercise is my way back to balance. Wishing you a restful weekend and sending you love xx

  • oh beautiful lady…. I feel your sadness. It is not a nice place to be, and to not know why always seems to hurt me more. I am not too sure if it is when we bury it all and not deal with things as they come. I just wrote a blog post last night to publish at a later date about how I have now started to process things in my life. I was one to bury things, and have these moments of sadness for no reason. Now I am hoping to not have them. Hope. That is all we can have sometimes. And to be kind to ourselves. I am not too sure if this processing will help me, but I am going to try. It is also about processing the good things too. I have received a lot of good, and to take that in and to work out what that means to me is a lovely thing to do.

    Life is a process. I guess we all just need to learn what our process is.

    love to you cathie, and keep being you…. You rocks. Beautiful. x

  • you know i did read ALL that post, except the bit about the girl on the road to dealing with her struggle! you are sweet, generous and such a caring person. Thank You! You deserve every happiness right now. Sometimes it is good to cry and sometimes it is good for the kids to see that adults can cry and be sad too. That sadness is part of life. But, that being said. It is very hard to do and talk about with the kids, especially if it is part of an illness that you can not explain!

    big hugs! when everything has settled, let's catch up with each other and whatever kids aren't at kinder or school for a chai!


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