I feel a bit like this lately, i haven’t been around much, google reader says I’m on 1.9 posts a week. 
I’m feeling a bit flat, a bit emotional, things get a little difficult to cope with.  Tantrums and squabbles are just too difficult.
The camera is not my best friend at the moment, the images just don’t seem to work like I want them to.
I get like this every so often, I deal with it and keep going.  
The fuzziness is slowly creeping back.
What is happening around the globe is upsetting. My heart goes out to them.


I have been “sad”* before and I just deal with it on my own. 
Do you ever get like this, for no reason, just because? 
What do you say to a 5yr old that asks why you were crying?
Hugs to you and sending hugs to a gorgeous girl who is on the road to dealing with her struggles.

* varying degrees of depression