• Cute ring 🙂 Nice to have a break from work. Today is metal jewellery making day. Went to see the Ron Mueck exhibition yesterday and it was amazing check out my pics … http://redlotusjewellery.blogspot.com Have a great weekend Cathie!

  • Oh that ring is adorable.cathie Im not sure you got my little message on yesterdays blog.I did get your things it was worth the wait very sweet, no pun intended,lol.Thanks again!

  • what a pretty ring!

  • Lovely ring!! I thought of you today i just whipped up cupcakes for a slumber party at my house for my kiddos!!!

  • Today I need to run errands, then sew some pressies, then head to my brothers 30th birthday BBQ. I could do with an energy giving cupcake right about now!

  • …. I could always do with a cupcake…. one day cathie one day…

  • Pam

    I'm about find out about the cupcakes Cathie. 🙂 But first wanted to ask……did you defrost the raspberries before adding to mix, or throw them in frozen??

    Hope you have a fun day too! x

  • your little cupcake is delightful…oh …the cupcake "she's" holding is cute too…happy saturday …smile on rosie…

  • Hugs my friend. xox

  • What a gorgeous ring!
    I've been at Crafternoon Tea craft market all day! Just sat down to check in on everyone!x

  • Gorgeous ring and yummy cakes..eating one as I speak! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  • Yumm I want one so bad! Might have to just break this "healthy eating" thing and chow down….

  • That ring is so pretty!

    Ah, today has been filled with swimming lessons, errands and housework. Tomorrow is earmarked as the "happy day" – baking and sewing!

  • What a lovely and inspiring blog you've got! I'll be back for sure, added you to my reading list just now. Have a beautiful weekend!

  • That ring is just darling! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • gosh you have a thing at making something look so special!! 🙂

    I just came here to tell you that i did a post just now, dedicated to you, to find that you had posted about me! YAY! My heart is now smiling! 😉

    All is revealed…

  • cute photos… yesterday i attended the opening of a new cupcake store in town… can't wait to interview the owner! have a nice sunday!