Saturday is nearly over and it has been a quiet day, well, apart from the re-stumping, jam making and semifreddo making, we have been sipping on ice-tea and enjoying the warm weather.

(both jugs are fabulous thrift store finds, I am a day early)

If you pop by tomorrow I will share with you the blackberry semifreddo recipe that I made, it’s deliciously simple to make.

Hugs to you

  • Lovely photos and sounds like you're having a nice day. It's all been about catching up over here. I'm taking it easy. It was a big week and the same again next week.

  • What lovely photos, so summery and delicious. Hope the rest of your weekend is fun & relaxing xo

  • y u m !

  • Now Cathie, I am sure its not simple to make. I am quite sure I would not be able to make it, however, Chef has gone away again and you know what happened last time he went away ( think: banana muffins) ………………..

  • That iced tea looks deliciously refreshing and I can't wait to see your semifreddo recipe, I've been wanting to make semifredo for awhile but just haven't got around to…yet.

  • Lovely! Jam making is a lovely way to spend your Saturday I say! xx

  • Blackberries galore here at the moment so I will ost definitely be popping in again tomorrow. Gorgeous pics. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. X

  • Simple to make – but that's like me telling people can't sew it's easy to make a patchwork quilt in a day. We don't believe each other. Guess what, husband home, husband with cooking abilities so he can give it a whirl. Love Posie

  • So, so pretty, bet it tasted fab to boot! Y to the UM!

  • Morning! Saturday just beginning for me (well kind of..!) and there is frost on the ground so couldn't be more different to you!! I made semifreddo once (rosewater, honey and pistachio) I was really surprised how yummy it turned out! Looking forward to your recipe. x

  • Vic

    Mmmmm… that looks so cool & inviting… and it's still SO HOT here… ugh.

    I do believe I've told you, over & over & over again, that you are an evil temptress….?!

    I mean, you do know that, don't you..?!

  • A glass of ice tea would be lovely right about now, especially out of those gorgeous pitchers! Adelaide is so hot, I am dreaming of winter already!

  • Saturday is just beginning for me.These photos are scrumptious looking.The iced tea makes me long for spring time.

  • Lovely pictures! Anxious for our weather to be hot and I will make ice tea, now I am drinking HOT tea.

  • I popped over from Sophie's blog and my jaw nearly hit the table when I saw the apple jug. Mum had a jug exactly like that when I was little. How amazing to see one like it after so many years.

  • wonderful pictures and finds … the jug is wonderful and I love your little glasses.

  • Your photos are so gorgeous! I love those small morrocan-style glasses – my sister has something similar. I love drinking out of them – they just make you smile!

  • Gorgeous photos and those jugs are just so lovely! Fabulous finds indeed. Thanks so much for playing.
    Sophie x

  • Beautiful post with beautiful, tranquil images. Mmmm delicious 😉