Seven things

Sometimes I get an award here or there and even though I am more than grateful to be considered for one, I find them a little awkward to accept and post about because even though this blog is about me, well I find it a little hard to talk about me or post about awards.
I liked this award from the lovely, lovely Alicia over at The Red Deer, not because I am stylish but because I wanted to share a few things about myself with you :
Seven things
1. In real life, I seem quite confident but I am quite self-conscious and secretly a little shy too
2. I only speak English with my family but I can speak greek as well
3. Most of you might already know this from my about me page, but I don’t eat any of my baked goods as I am an oddly fussy vegetarian
4. I LOVE op shops and do not like buying things for my family brand new unless I have too (I must edit to add, handmade creations are definitely acceptable)
5. I have a slight obsession with collecting pretty tea cups and saucers but I love drinking my tea out of huge mugs
6. We moved to Cyprus with my parents when I finished high school and lived there for 5 years, I worked at a travel agency whilst there
7. Even though I love having a garden I am not really into gardening


Phew, that’s a few little bits about me, I hope that you can share a few things about you because everyone deserves an award.
If you do post seven things about you please pop back and let me know so I can get to know you a bit better too.

Thanks Alicia for the award, you definitely are pretty stylish in the kitchen

  • Number 5 and 7 could be right off my list, dearest Cathie! Enjoy a sweet evening, while I'm enjoying my morning cup. Lots of love xxxx

  • Good on you for posting this!! So awesome knowing you can speak Greek!!! xoxo

  • Lovely to get to know you just a little bit better. xo

  • I loved hearing seven new things about you.
    I totally love #5, and I'm a bit the same! xo

  • Thanks so much for sharing cathie. I love your pretty tea cup collection & like you, I love a garden but do not much care for gardening, ha!

  • I like reading these lists as I feel I get a deeper insight into the blogger writing. You had me at teacups xx

  • Ah, Cathie, you crack me up! I would never have thought of you as *shy*. I am intrigued about #4. And #5 reminds me I need to collect my set of antique cups, saucers and plates from my parents' house – somehow they didn't move with me all those years ago! J x

  • So lovely post, dear Cathie! We have some points in common! Much love to you, sweet! Bela

  • so lovely to read these things about you Cathie I too collect cups and saucers the prettier the better but there is NO WAY they are big enough for my amounts of tea!!

  • Perfect! and speaking greek too…wow! x

  • Oh Cathie i love learning more about some of my fav bloggers out there! It must have been amazing living in Greece and I wish that I could resist the urge to eat what I bake -to prevent becoming as big as a house, I drop samples of baked goodies in friends' letterbox's! As always, your photos are a delight and I look forward to being tempted by your array of scrumptious recipes xx

  • Oh i went to Greece last year, amazing, hard way to spend a week cruising the Greek Isles. I was reading thinking, hmmm, nothing about hearts yet, then a rock heart, ahhhh, love Posie

  • Loooove the cups! I will also post mine one day

  • awwww thanks for sharing Cathie, i know just how you feel. Lovely award. Have a lovely day, dee x

  • I love it, how wonderful it is to have lived in another country when you were growing up! I'll totally need to jump back onto my blog and write up a seven things too(give me a day or two hehe!

    P.S. sending u some love xo

  • Nice to hear some more about you.

  • Love learning about you, give us another 7! We have tea cups in common, but I wish had #3 in common too! Enjoy your day. Styl xoxoxoxoxo

  • I wish I didn't eat my baked goods too. 🙂 xxx

  • Cat

    I LOVE hearing more about you Cathie. Thanks for being so sweet at my place earlier today. I also read your comment at Maxabella's and think that your photos do speak of you very much. I love your place and it's reflection of this small piece of you. xxx

  • i loved that and learning more about the lovely cathie! x

    i am a vegie too (altho i do eat seafood) x

  • Awww thanks Cathie 🙂 – it was great to learn a bit more about you. It sounds like we have quite a bit in common, if I'm ever in Melbourne maybe we should meet!

  • 8. Mocha's (I miss drinking them with u)

  • I really enjoyed reading a little more about you Cathie.Thanks for sharing.
    I find a little hard talking about myself but it is funny how often people have quite a lot in common in that lovely blog world 🙂
    Happy Friday Lovely Lady XX

  • We have some things in common and others opposite!
    The teacups for sure, although I actually only have 1 because I'm waiting for "one day" when I have somewhere to display a collection.
    Self conscious and a bit shy – me also.
    Lovely to read about you 🙂

  • You cannot be serious, you fussy vegetarian! You don't eat the art that comes out of that magical kitchen of yours? I'm flabbergasted. Next thing you know, you'll be telling me you don't look at your photos, either! 😛

  • 🙂 congratulations on your award! It was lovely to find out all those things about you! happy weekend! x

  • I love learning more about you! I was looking at your post when Pony Girl came in and saw the top photo, she has just gone to find TP rolls for her own collection of people! So, you have just inspired my 5 year old and she is very excited!

  • I keep trying to collect teacups because I love them but I never see any that cost less than $30, even at salvo's and vinnie's. Your collection looks lovely though, I'm a bit jealous. x

  • I am a new reader of your blog and now that I have read these 7 things I feel like we are long lost friends. I look forward to reading more of your post, and now must go back and read all that I have missed.

  • Hi! Just found your pretty blog -love your 'cute dolls'!! Have a great day/Eva

  • Well this is a H*A*P*P*Y lot!
    How cute is your little gang…Wonderful to get to know you even better…Wishing you a joyfilled week my dear…hugs and more hugs… Rosie

  • I think you have far more self-confidence than you actually think you do Cathie. The way you take your yummy creations out into the wilds of Melbourne for others to enjoy takes chutzpah girl!
    Millie x