Share some love everyday ♥

It’s been a little hectic here and there is so much I need to blog about so I’ll be back later.
Thank you for all your sweet words, sorry if I didn’t get back to you personally, all your stories and advice was really appreciated and some of your words even made me a bit teary…thank you
Hugs to you for now and share some love because you know we all deserve a bit of loving every single day ♥

  • Happy Valentine's Day Cathie!
    Big hug!
    xo Catherine

  • Been a bit out of the loop Cathie so I missed your previous post. But boy do I understand, I found it really difficult last week settling Rosie at school. She is ok but has struggled a bit in the school yard and I have struggled at home without her. I know that it will get better for both of us, hope this week is a calmer & happier one xo

  • Hugs straight back at you!!! x

  • Happy V Day Cathie!
    Enjoy a day of LURVE 🙂

  • Happy Valentine's day Cathie – hope you and your family are all well 🙂

  • Happy aint Valentines Day. Hope that you and yours are having a great day.

  • Oh, I just read your last post! That must have been a tough day. Hoping it keeps getting easier. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Cathie! xo Gigi

  • Cathie, your teapot cake is amazing, I absolutely think it rocks.
    Hope today went better at school xx

  • Oh, Sweetie. I have Master Joshua (5) starting Prep on Wednesday so I *get* where you're at. Sending you a Hobart hug J x

  • the pic is just gorgeous. happy valentine's day.

  • Happy Valentine´s day sweet Cathie!!!
    Much love to you!!
    Kissesssss!!! Bela

  • Happy Valentine's Day sweet lady. I hope your day was as special as you.xo

  • Have a sweet Valentine's Day Cathie!

  • I hope you have had a wonderful Valentine's day, dearest sweet Cathie!
    Lots of love and hugs always xoxoxoxoxoxo
    How are your sweet peas doing at school? And how are you handling it? Thinking of you xxxxx

  • That is the most amazing cupcake I have ever seen & in those little hands!!! So sweet! Making me hungry…but very sweet 🙂 better go have something healthy for breakfast before our unhealthy dinner 🙂

  • Lovely picture i could eat that right now 😉 Hugs to you dee x

  • Happy Valentin's Day!
    Your cupcake looks DELICIOUS!

  • Sending you oodles of love today my friend…may your Valentine's be filled with JOY! xoxoxo

  • CCH

    it all looks so amazing! happy valentines day girly!

  • Bec

    I hope its getting easier Cathie xoxo I hope the tears begin to ease soon. Sending lots of strength and love your way xoxo

  • Isn't it so important to share some love every day not just on Valentine's.
    All the best,

  • This looks delicious and lovely Cathie!
    Love, Maaike

  • Oh sweetie I hope that everyone is settling in with school and kinder, I feel for you it can be a difficult step for everyone, it does get better:) Take care sweet lady, I'm thinking of you. xo

  • CCH

    im still drooling, looks so good!

  • Look delicious!! 😀