Simple things

Thank you for your sweet messages in my previous post regarding lists & things to do, but I can assure you that I do sit down to enjoy my tea and don’t worry too much.
I know that if I don’t enjoy the simple things in life then what can I truly enjoy.
So today we enjoyed the simple things and hope that you have to.

I’d love to hear some of your simple things, the ones that make you smile.
simple things are the best

  • oh to do lists. they are merely suggestions, aren't they?

  • The simple things I have enjoyed today..a cuppa with a friend and a good chat!

  • Today I sat on the back step and ate my lumch. The warmth of the sun was just beautiful.

  • Simple thing for today – sausages in bread for dinner, cooked on the bbq at the park, then birthday cake for my nephew.

  • Cathie, lovely post, lovely photos. Nice xx

  • I love simple now; should have known that 40 years ago! love you pictures; great blog!

  • An ice-cream together after school pick-up and watching The Amazing Race (taped) together later. Fun! Looks like you had a lovely day too.

  • Having friends over for dinner – and laughing about my disastrous dessert 😛

  • So Sweet Cathie…you are as always !…you can turn even simple things into beautiful things of epic proportions !….Well, my simple thing would have to be blowing soap bubbles for my little girls ….! : ) …
    PS : its me, aka Nat…!

  • simply not worrying !

  • I love to watch the Christmas specials with my children while having a "candy cane contest": Whomever can makes their candy cane last the longest and have the pointiest tip wins!

    I really try to capture the kids' spirit when I need a reminder of the simple things. I idea of a candy cane and a Charlie Brown cartoon brings them such excitement . . . I try to let myself get caught up in that, too.

  • Oh, blocks and paper chains sound just perfect to me! Tomorrow we'll be cleaning house and hanging white lights around the cottage. I'm looking forward to it and to maybe some hot chocolate with a dash of cayenne. Yum. xoxo