• Mmmm now thats another thing that I love to eat! Must buy one next Saturday.

  • oh delicious Cathie. You lucky thing.

    I just finished freckling the chocolate biscuits with Ivy. Thanks for posting that recipe. It's dead easy with lots of fun tasks for little ones to help with. We had a great time making them

  • there is not a better smell. So comforting.

  • I wish your blog was scratch and sniff sometimes.

  • Super yummy….hey I see M* is having some fun in their house to!!!!

  • Hmmm these looks so perfect!I must admit being very fussy with my bread…but these have the perfect look to me!I wish I had the smell and the taste with it;)Hope the day was great!

  • Oh Yum fresh baked home made bread! does it get any better?!

  • Gorgeous blog Cathie, you are amazingly talented! I'll have to come and sample your wares!

  • Anonymous

    Cathie it was so lovely seeing you again and the bread FABULOUS, the gingerbreads went in a moment of yums and ohhhhs! Your beautiful poem touched my heart deeply. Thank you.

  • mmmm – fresh bread sounds great!

  • What a great way to start a busy day for you. I hope you deliberately leave a loaf at home, waiting for you.