So many things…

I  don’t know how the new year snuck up so quickly, it seems very weird to be writing 2011 on things.
It’s been a while since I have been online, it’s been a while since I baked, it’s been a while since I took a photo and it’s definitely been a while since I spoke to you.
I had soo many things planned in my head, so many recipes to share, so many photos to take and then my camera went back for repairs,  I think she had a hard year and then I needed to go in for repairs.
I got sick, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t stand up without feeling faint, all my energy was lost, all the colour was gone, maybe I had a hard year as well.
We had another birthday pass and a few less tears.
I promised you some cupcake papers so I let choose a number so Sarah, please send me an email with your details and I’ll post them off to you.
Thank you all sooo much for taking the time to leave me your wishes for the new year, I wish them for all of you.


As for me, I will enjoy some tea parties and let the kids bake their own cupcakes for a while and hope that I get my camera back pretty soon or just spoil myself and buy another one because really, I am totally lost without it and every time she gets do I…hmmmm.
Thank you to those sweet friends who sent me lovely Christmas surprises and made me smile…you are awesome ♥
Much love, health and happiness to you sweet friends for a wonderful 2011 and I promise to be back with some more recipes and pics soon