So many things…

I  don’t know how the new year snuck up so quickly, it seems very weird to be writing 2011 on things.
It’s been a while since I have been online, it’s been a while since I baked, it’s been a while since I took a photo and it’s definitely been a while since I spoke to you.
I had soo many things planned in my head, so many recipes to share, so many photos to take and then my camera went back for repairs,  I think she had a hard year and then I needed to go in for repairs.
I got sick, I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t stand up without feeling faint, all my energy was lost, all the colour was gone, maybe I had a hard year as well.
We had another birthday pass and a few less tears.
I promised you some cupcake papers so I let choose a number so Sarah, please send me an email with your details and I’ll post them off to you.
Thank you all sooo much for taking the time to leave me your wishes for the new year, I wish them for all of you.


As for me, I will enjoy some tea parties and let the kids bake their own cupcakes for a while and hope that I get my camera back pretty soon or just spoil myself and buy another one because really, I am totally lost without it and every time she gets do I…hmmmm.
Thank you to those sweet friends who sent me lovely Christmas surprises and made me smile…you are awesome ♥
Much love, health and happiness to you sweet friends for a wonderful 2011 and I promise to be back with some more recipes and pics soon

  • Welcome to 2011 – looking forward to sharing some sweet moments with you x

  • Happy new year. Give yourself a break, sounds like you need one 🙂

  • Glad to hear that you are on the mend – funny how things that we don't imagine will take more of a toll on our bodies than we realise. I am glad that your dad's birthday was a little easier on you too. I hope your 2011 is full of everything you love and the newness of adventures yet to come.

  • It's lovely to have you back. At your own pace and fitting in with your family. I'm finding it's the only way… best wishes to you and your lovely family for the new year.

  • Nice to see you back. Take your time, we'll always be around to check in. Happy 2011.

  • My dear, take all the time you need. I'm still trying to make sense of the new year already being here. I am so sorry you were ill, get plenty of rest and move gently through your days for a bit.
    We will all be here when you come back.

    As for the last photo, what stunning girls, how beautiful you both are!

    Much love to you in the new year!

  • happy new year cathie. sorry to hear that you have been sick. i hope that 2011 is a much gentler year for you, full of healing energy.

  • gorgeous post! gorgeous photos too!!

    Where did you send your camera? Mine is so in need of a trip to hospital!

    I am sorry that you have been so ill and sorry that another birthday had to go by, I hope many beautiful memories were remembered on that day, as always!

    Have a fantastic new year Cathie and maybe I will get to see you again sometime this year?? That would be lovely!

  • Hi Cathie, I've missed your posts so I'm happy to see your gorgeous photo's again, and read your words. Sorry you have been sick, I hope your energy levels return asap. Enjoy the holidays, hope they are full of fun & love xo

  • The New Year has a habit of sneaking up on us. Sorry to hear that you have not been well. I hope you are feeling better and you're camera sorts herself out soon as well (the psychic connection is a bit mysterious!!!). Happy New Year.xx

  • I would feel sad if something happen to my camera. Its so nice to have you back, I have missed your posts ♥

  • Happy New Year Cathie!
    I hope you are feeling a little better, and that your camera is well very soon. So good to visit here as always, with lots of love,

  • Hi Cathie, I've missed seeing you too, and I really hope you start to feel better again soon xx
    PS: I think a new camera is entirely justified, if you have to wait much longer!

  • So glad to hear you are feeling better….missed you a lot!

    I also missed those amazing cupcake holders…those are adorable!

    Sending you oodles of creative energy my sweet friend .xoxoxxo

  • Happy new year, Cathie! It's so great to see you lovely self. I am also drawn to that drool-worthy cupcake. It just has so much delicious looking icing on it… but, no, put your longing away, Maxabella. You are getting healthy, remember!?!?!?! x

  • take it easy lovely 🙂 Nothing is more important than your health. I feel your (camera) pain….mine is lost but a brand spanking new one is on it's way and will hopefully help shift my blogging block 😉 Happy New Year xxx

  • awww Cathie, so sorry to hear you have been unwell, be kind and gentle on yourself. And goodness yes if you can afford it go and buy another camera its part of you and your creative side. That cakes looks yummy at the top, and i adore the photo of you and your lovely daughter so cute. Happy new year to you, and i hope its a fresh one filled with magic and kindness. Dee x

  • Welcome back! I hope your camera makes a full recovery soon. Lovely pic of you x

  • So sorry to hear you were so sick Cathie! Hope all is well now. Thank you so so much for the gorgeous gingerbread biscuit decorations – they were of course absolutely delicious and it felt a little sacrilegious to eat them, they looked so perfect!
    I seem to have used the word 'so' quite a bit…
    Enjoy the kidmade teaparties and cupcakes!

  • Happy New Year Cathie 🙂 Get well soon and looking forward to your posts this year.

  • happy new year lovely! You should come here and cook in my kitchen. I need cupcakes for Keely's party next weekend! How awesome would that be!


  • I like everything !

  • Happy new year – hope you feel better soon!!

  • Welcome back babe, check you out with that gorgeous girl of yours!! Oh, primary school here she comes!! Happy new year to your fabulous family, love Posie

  • Happy 2011 special one. I'm so upset to learn you've been sick-although I was beginning to worry. It's lovely to "hear" from you again.
    Hope you are on the mend now..
    big love and can't wait to see you

  • Cool! Fab to have you back on board, Cathie. Sorry to hear you've been poorly. A rotten time of the year for it, too. Sometimes our bodies just say 'Enough!', don't they? So delightful to see you both – good for you for making sure you're in a photo! Something I need to do more…J x

  • happy new year!
    i do hope you're feeling more yourself now and for the rest of the year 😀

  • Happy New Year! So sorry to hear you're sick. I sure hope that your health returns (especially for all that cooking in 2011)! Oh, and may your camera get better soon too 🙂 xx

  • Wishing you a life-rich & beautiful 2011…. full of smiles, hugs, cupcakes, photos, friends, adventures, fun & love! I can't wait to ride the 'blogging' journey with you Cathie! xo

  • Happy New Year sweet lady. I hope that you are feeling much better now. Enjoy the rest of your holidays with your little ones with lots of cake, tea and rest. xo

  • Hello lovely. Hope the rest of 2011 brings you health and happiness! xo

  • Dear Cathie,
    I wish you and your family all the best for 2011! Take care, Maureen x

  • Get lots of rest, lovely lady. SO sorry to hear you've not been well.

    I hope that 2011 is a good 'un for you (and your camera). xxn

  • Sometimes life gets so busy ~ especially over the holiday season.

    Happy New Year Cathie! I wish for you health and happiness!
    xo Catherine

  • Happy New Year Cathie, I hope you will soon be feeling completely better and your camera as well.

    I wish a year ahead filled with many sweet, sweet days, delicious delights and many, many enchanting moments. Enjoy your tea parties and your precious little ones. xxx

  • WOW!!! Two pretty pretty ladies!!!! You two look adorable!!! May your new year be the best, dear friend!!! Love!! Bela

  • I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start, sweet Cathie. Your pictures are gorgeous as always. Your sweet pea looks like you!
    Have a fun Friday. xxxx

  • Dear Cathy, get well soon – but take your time, you and your kamera need some rest 😉 I do too – my lil holiday was over too quickly and i'm not ready for everyday yet. Your cupcake here looks so soothing 😉

  • Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope you get your camera back soon!

  • Happy New Year Cathie. Hope that you are felling better soon. May 2011 be filled with many happy times for you as a family. We were thrown into the new year with a drive under the stars and gave started a new blog.

  • Hello Cathie,
    I am sad to read that your silence was associated with being unwell…May 2011 be filled with health, happiness and a new beautiful camera!!:) Much love to you and yours x

  • Glad you are feelling better! I think the tea party & cupcakes sounds just perfect! Hope you are getting lots of time to enjoy those little ones!!!

  • I must admit I have 2 cameras, and my hubby, well lets just say he has a few more than that 🙂
    Hope your 2011 starts to pick up soon

  • Oooooo Cathie, gorgeous Cathie, c'mon, throw that 2010 out the door and start off new!
    Haaaa listen to me will you? She who's had her head under the doona over the past days trying to fathom the fact that there's more than luscious gluten free treats on my plate this year 😉
    You can do it Sweetness, you know you can, it's whats best for you and those who love you and are loved by you! Take it easy, take it slowly, most of all be kind to yourself, you're the most imprtant person you know♥
    Sending ♥YOU♥ Huge HUgs {{{{{{{{♥}}}}}}}

  • Cathie, I too would love love love a new camera! Your blog is lovely – hope this year is full of wellness for you! xo

  • Lovely to see you back Cathie – your blog is one of my absolute faves – so full of life and love and beauty (and honesty). I hope you're able to have a restful and restorative January. Wishing you energy in abundance (and a working camera). x Sarah

  • I hope this is a wonderful year for you and your family Cathie – I look forward to sharing it you with in blogland 🙂

  • Just sent Mr. Sandman over for the sweetest dreams, dearest Cathie.
    Wishing you a sweet Sunday ahead! xxxxx

  • I think it's cool that you will be sharing recipes! Looking forward to reading them!

  • much love & may the new year ahead bring refreshment & happy days XO

  • all the best for a happy and healthy year!

  • Much love to you and your family for the new year! Hope it's filled with health and happiness for you all. Hope you get your camera back soon. Mine needs a tune-up soon but I just can't bear to part with her. xxx

  • Happy 2011 Cathie – hope that all the "running repairs" bring you back your equilibrium one way or another 🙂
    wishing your family health, happiness and joy for the year to come (well any year really).
    And wow – to fill all those cupcake wrappers – busy !

  • Love your spotty tea set! Take care of you( and your camera)

  • I'm an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia – I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  • Sorry you haven't been well Cathie. I truly wish you a Fabulous New Year filled with good health, love and prosperity for you all. xx

  • happy new year Cathie hoping you can nuture yourself xx

  • Bec

    Ha Cathie I had been promising my boy that we would bake cookies too, for a week he has been walking around with the recipe book open to that picture. Yes, 'quiet' probably is'nt the best way to describe our days either lol Love to you, how lovely it would be for our boys to meet, i can just picture it, noise and cookies everywhere x

  • Wishing you renewed health and wonderful days ahead ~
    Your cupcake photo is so pretty as are the holders and the sweet photo of you and your daughter~ lovely!