Some flowers for you

You know every so often it gets a bit messy around here.
I always try to keep it pretty for you, I don’t want you to come over and feel down.
I want you to enjoy your visit and leave smiling, leave hungry, or even leave inspired.

I want you to have that virtual cup of tea with me and we’ll pretend that we are sitting around sipping tea and giggling over something or talking about our kids, our men, our veggie gardens, our pets, how to crochet, whether I bake every day or if I have baking disasters


But recently I felt like it wasn’t a fun place to visit around here, there wasn’t any cake to offer you and that the tea was probably getting a little cold



and you know what, you didn’t care, you still came round and you still made me smile and you let me cry and you listened, you just listened 
and you know that the sadness does come and go and will most likely be around again soon



I love that you did that and I love that you know how to relate to my pain, my grief, my sad patches
you are pretty awesome and that is why non-bloggers do not get it, they do not get what we get
I don’t need to tell you, you just know




So from my heart to yours…thank you, I really do thank you.  
I so wish I could bake you some cookies…

BIG hugs ♥ 

thank you, Lou, for the wonderful, wonderful flowers

  • I hope today has been brighter Honey, I was thinking of you as I was popping my babes to bed. I am so glad you write about it, so eloquently – I feel those things, but don't quite know how to write it as you do. Thanks for the word, the honesty. It truly blesses me. Sending you lots of Love xxxx Rach

  • Those flowers are beautiful. As are your heartfelt words.

    May there be a little bit more sunshine now that it's September.

    Hugs. xx

  • Warmest of hugs to you dear lady.
    It seems many of us experience similar times.
    You truly are special. I admire your strength & your beautiful way with words. Thank you for showing us a little part of you.
    I hope your weekend is filled with sunshine & cupcakes.

  • It's always lovely at your 'place' dear Cathie.
    August is done and September and spring is upon us. Hope the sunshine brings some much needed smiles to yours.
    Fathers Day is a messy one at ours, as I'm sure it is at yours….but just know the love doesn't go away……..

  • Oh what beautiful flowers Cathie… and a beautiful little lady enjoying them! :o)
    This is a lovely post and of course we all still want to visit your gorgeous space here. I can relate to the lows too hun… in fact most of us readers can… never be afraid to be what you feel, you deserve to have that freedom :o) xo

  • if all days were the same, it would get boring, wouldnt it? so unfortunately the bad comes in with the good sometimes. sending you hugs

  • Lovely flowers,so cheery.Happy September to you Cathie.I know your going into spring so thinks will be a bit brighter im sure.

  • things that was.

  • Vic

    Oui! Non-bloggers DO NOT get it! (Mind you, hardly anyone "gets" me anyway…)

    Love that you know we're here for your sweet self… AND I had to pop over to say your RSS reader comment made me laugh…! xx

  • It goes both ways Cathie, so thank you!!

  • Kat

    What a sweet post. We know that if the situation was reversed you would be there for us too. It's just what we bloggers do!

  • Even when your life is not sunshiney, your lovely personality shines through in every post.

    Hugs to you!

  • This is written so beautifully Cathie…hoping that your days to come are filled with love and happiness 🙂

  • Gorgeous flowers Cathie. Life will always consist of ups and downs … and I will always be reading along with you no matter what. Take care & absorb the beauty of those stunning blooms.

  • That's what bloggy friends are for 🙂 We're not just here in happy times, just as life itself is not always full of happiness even though we'd like it to be.


  • It's not all sunshine and lollipops this crazy life we live. So I'm glad you keep it real and share the times when those dark clouds come to visit too. Makes it feel like, we share the cuppa and cake when times are good and the hugs when times are bad. Here's hoping we both get through Sunday without too many tears.
    Luv Jay xx

  • and thank you for being so open, honest, and beautifully you!

    Now, go do something silly and messy, ridiculous and physical, go for it like no one is watching! Then wrap your arms around yourself as tight as you can…that's my hug to you.

  • I don't think that blogging should be able making everything rosy and neat. It's about being honest and raw.

    I hope that with spring comes brightness.

    Have a happy weekend

  • What a gorgeous post! Have a fab weekend hon. x

  • Beautiful flowers. She's a lovely one, Lou. As are you Cathie! I can't count how many times I've shown up at Lou's and eaten one of your cupcakes that you've dropped off 'just because'. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing the good times as well as the tough times.

  • You are beautiful Cathie. We are always here for you just like you are for us. Thank you for being you. Lots of hugs to you sweetie.♥

  • ahhhh Cathie, i've been away, but now i'm back….i'm giving you a huge virtual hug and my love and thoughts are with you always….you are so true to yourself, that i love that you let us know what is going on, even if it means letting it all hang out….i hope to catch up with you soon….much love my dear friend xx

  • Oh Sweetheart. You have the hugest heart. Sending you a Hobart ♥ tonight. J x

  • YOu may not always be happy – but who is? This is such a lovely place to share a bit of sadness at times, since your pictures are always soothing and beautiful! These are too – love them!

  • Tas

    Hang in there Cathie.

    Thanks for the flowers. x

  • What gorgeous flowers. And such beautiful photography. Really lovely.
    I hope things are improving for you and you get a little more sunlight into your life. Take care of yourself. xx

  • Beautiful, blogging support is amazing. Even if you had nothing to say, need, take or give, the photos of your precious Amelie & those stunning flowers is a gift of visiting this place, you're in our heart, especially tomorrow, love Posie

  • Ahhhh, life, and I'd like my house to be all clean and sparkly and warm and smell nice, when I get visitors. But I love it when people come, and it's not like that, and I don't feel that they are more focussed on the half off apple squashed in the school lunchbox from two days ago on the kitchen table than the conversation. I love that feeling of acceptance and non judgement. I am really happy to just visit and sit and be, with you Cathie dear. x

  • Most gratefully received dear Cathie. What a sweet & giving heart you have. My dearest wish for you is many days of warmth & sunshine ahead to motivate your amazing creativity.
    Millie xx

  • Dearest cathie

    thinking of you at this special time.

    Much love

  • Your blog is always beautiful. Hope you are feeling better. Big hugs. xx

  • awwww Cathie i missed a few of your posts again and i am really sorry to hear you have been blue again. But i have to say you have wrtten another beautiful post today and you always make me smile with your sweetness. Enjoy your wonderful flowers and i hope the week ahead is a happy one. hugs, dee xx

  • although you are super sweet, i love that you don't sugar coat your life. you're raw and real, but in such a tender beautiful way. . . thanks. xo

  • Thank you sweet Cathie the flowers are beautiful just like you. From my heart to your's I'm looking forward to all those lovely days together with just you my friend!

    Always Wendy xoxo

  • Just saw your post on my reader and felt an urge to stop by. So sorry you're feeling blue but as you said the sadness comes and the sadness goes. Tomorrow can be a better day. Wishing you lots of strength but remember that we're allowed to feel weak, too.

  • You have such a beautiful way with words and such lovely photographs. I love how supportive and uplifting the blogging community is, and it is a wonderful way to release things with words and find people with similar stories to share. I came back to your last post five separate times to comment, but couldn't find easy words to show I was thinking of you. But I always love reading what you write xxx

  • Lovely post, lovely flowers, lovely pictures… I hope your heart is not too heavy xx