Sometimes it’s hard

Thank you for the votes and the sweetness, I really have felt speechless and emotional with all your beautiful words, emails and love.
Right now I am supposed to be writing a post for Kidspot and Ford and telling you about “what drives me…”
Well, it’s just so hard, it’s one of those things where it is a conflict of heart and I have absolutely nothing against people that do advertising on their blogs, but it simply isn’t me.

This week something definitely has been driving me and it has been missing my dad and wanting to help raise funds for the Cancer Council to support the fight against Cancer.

This last week all the hurt and grieving came flooding back and when that happens, the fuzziness starts again.
This week, this has been what has been driving me and as I write this with tears I hope that one day there will be a cure.
If you are interested in attending an afternoon tea I am organising as part of Australia’s Biggest morning tea, it will be on Sunday the 19th of June 
and the ever so lovely Nikki has offered her studio as the  location
There will be a delicious afternoon high tea baked by me with unlimited supply of tea, coffee, sandwiches, cupcakes, sweets etc at $20 per person
If you are one of those wonderful crafty souls out there who cannot attend but would like to, you can donate here or if you’d like to make something to be included in a raffle please send me an email.


I would love your support, the Cancer Council would LOVE your support and I would also love any ideas you may have for this afternoon tea.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Friday lovely girls ♥


  • I am emailing you RIGHT now to send something for the raffle. Your morning tea would have to be the most scrumptious.

    I am the same with the advertising thing… I still regret my cadburies review and giveaway from aaaaages ago.

  • oohhh, exciting – not sure if I could come or what to donate? What type of things for the raffle? Would a woven willow heart be an idea? Rach xo

  • Wish I could come but, doing my part here in America. A dear friend just got out of surgery for a double mastectomy, she is younger than me and a beautiful soul as well as incredible musician. I have "lost" some friends to the dreaded stuff, and excuse my language but, Fuck Cancer! I get a bit emotional too. Still, I have to remember that I have been overwhelmingly blessed to have known these courageous and wonderful people, no matter how short the time, and so…right now good friends and I are planning a musicians benefit for cancer. I am thinking of you and sending you love!

  • good on you for adding some action to your fuzziness..that's amazing. Take care of you xx

  • Oh i wish i could come too!
    But will donate for the raffle for sure.

  • I was getting all excited until I realised that of course you are in Melbourne. I'm sorry you feel fuzzy but good on you for doing something.

    I found your blog while looking for marmalade recipes – what I find, I love it!!

  • Great idea Cathie, have emailed you 🙂

  • A lovely idea i hope it all goes well for you. I donate here is britain as my best friend had a double masttectomy a few years ago. And my dear father has prostrate cancer. The dreadful disease seems to touch many lifes. Keep smiling dear Cathie, have a wonderful weekend, hugs dee x

  • Cathie, I cannot wait to have tea with you. As soon as I am dancing like I have never danced before I will come and see you. You are a beautiful lady….. xx {I don't know what else to say. You know I should know, but I don't. Right now I don't have the words for you. I hope that you can feel some comfort in knowing that there are so many people that care for you}. x

  • What a wonderful idea and I will try very hard to come along {or donate if not}. It's such an awful disease which seems to touch so many of those we love. This July will be two years since I lost my beautiful Nanna and I still miss her very much. Big hugs to you and yours. xx

  • Big huge squigy hugs and hearts to you gorgeous girl.
    I've been thinking of your family's broken heart so much lately.
    I'd love to send something I'm just not sure what. A dress?
    And I totally get the advertising thing. I couldn't bring myself to enter the Ford thing for that very reason.
    Have a wonderful and sweet weekend lovely girl.

  • Hi Cathie
    Thanks so much for including me in the invite. I am pretty sure I can attend but will confirm for sure during the week.

  • I wish I could make it, but can't. I'll be thinking of you.
    I wish there was a cure too, and hope there will be some day soon.
    Cuggles xox Cat

  • I donate here in Britain as well as in Morocco as my dad died of lung cancer in 2005. It's very hard.
    Big hugs and hearts to you!

  • I can't make it (boo hoo) but very happy to donate with bells on!

  • i love that your blog is genuine without any ads etc.

    i have emailed you just now about donating to the high tea!

    you are doing an awesome thing.


  • biggest love and hugs to my special friend.
    Have been thinking about you lots this week.
    Hope you're hanging in the their.
    love you lots xo

  • Oh, Cathie darling. I totally *get* you about the commercial thing. I'm not doing it either. Thinking of you, Sweetie, and sending you a huge Hobart hug tonight. J x

  • What a wonderfully special soul you are! I would absolutely adore to come and share a cup of tea with you but alas am too far away. I would love to donate something though for the raffle. Wishing you a bright and peaceful weekend. May the sun shine your way 🙂 x x

  • A great cause Cathie! Just imagine the day a cure is discovered….WOW….i tear up just imagining it! Sending you lots of love & positive vibes my Dear! Grieve & think & cry & let it all out…..thats' ok! It's all part of the process & all part of dealing with the craziness that life can throw at us at times!
    And THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the GORGEOUS cards you sent me!!! They truly made my day!!!!!!! So so sweet!

  • Wish I was closer..Sure to be an amazing day, no doubt. When you get around to sending me your address for Aidan's beanie I can send something along with it if you like…Just let me know 🙂

  • Hi Cathie,

    I would love to come. I would also love to donate a dress. I`ll email today sometime.

  • i miss my dad too, cancer is horrible… Your raffle sounds wonderful! Will you only be selling tickets at the morning tea?? Would love to support you, but i am not all that crafty! xx

  • Cathie, you know I understand how you feel about that comp. I wanted to join in and I really like my Terror so it's not like I wasn't happy to be a positive about the car, but…

    I can't join your tea, but you bet I will be attending one or two in my own area.

    Be strong. Missing is what it's all about, I'm afraid. x

  • This must be very difficult for you Cathie I'm sorry you're feeling so sad, you are doing a wonderful thing organising a morning tea to help raise money to help find a cure for this terrible disease. I wish I could be there to join you but I'm too far away:( I hope the day is an amazing success. Happy Sunday lovely. xo

  • Big warm hugs to you. You express yourself so beautifully. Best of luck with the morning tea and whatever you decide will be grand. Lisa x

  • You are doing a great thing organising one big morning tea Cathie.I hope you get lots of funds and that it helps with the grieving…I will be attending one around here too.Take care lovely Lady xx

  • what a wonderful event. I am going to see if I can possibly make it to share a cuppa with you on this day…..would be a wonderful chance to meet you in person. I'll let you know. Hugs XO

  • Oh what a beautiful idea. I love this space you have created x

  • Oh I hope you get lots of lovely donations and the high tea is a huge success Cathie. Cancer is horrid… Sending you a huge hug.

  • Hi Cathie, I'm thinking of you (and wishing you didn't have to go through this pain…). I most definitely will be there on the 19th – you are doing an amazing job organising this xxx

  • our school is hosting one of these teas too. hugs to you sweet lady.

    ps. totally with you on the advertising thing.

  • That is such a beautiful idea. I wish I could be there. I'm sure it will be delicious and hugely successful!

  • My husband got cancer last year and i support the cancer council. Good luck with your morning tea and i hope you have a fab time.

  • Ok – so i'm a bit slow, but now your comments the other day are making sense!!! wow! i would LOVE to come! I'm going to tentatively say yes, once i check about and confirm that I'm free! But meanwhile, i'll get in touch about conributing something for the raffle! ohh i'm positively excited and I am in awe of you and your strength at this time! I would love to help you support such a worthy cause! much love to you xx

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