Sometimes I feel down, I think about lots of things, I question things, I question why some people do certain things, I wonder why some things are the way they are and then I stop.


Sometimes I need to be reminded of what makes me smile, what makes my heart skip a beat, what makes me shed a tear of joy, what makes every day worthwhile.
Sometimes I need to remember a few of the moments that make me love life

this guy is my everything, my partner in life, father of my little beings, my support, my heart, my family, the love of my life, the calm in my life and many a time my personal navigation system

drinking yummy tea makes me feel warm and nurtured from the inside

baking yummy bread for my family, here’s the recipe



 watching my little girl try and style her own hair


receiving beautiful flowers on sad days


What do you do when you feel down?

How do you, as Amelie says, “turn that frown upside down”?Have you had one of those moments today?

Hugs for a wonderful September ♥

* t shirt design by me and screen printed at the Olive Grove Studio screen printing class, just in time for father’s day

  • Oh sweet, I'm like you a thinker, sometimes a bit of an over thinker. I'm glad you were able to see those things that make you smile, those special little moments like your big girl doing her hair, gorgeous:))
    I have had a moment of sadness, not over whelming over thinking a little, wishing my Dad didn't look so old, older than he is, hoping that things for him will be ok. But I tried to 'bounce back' enjoy the smiles and laughter of the children surrounding me and when everyone was gone hubby and I had enjoyed some quiet outside in the sunshine, it felt really good. A walk around the garden, some sunshine, a good chat with a friend and taking photos all help me along when I have a sad day. I hope that your day is full of lots of sunshine lovely. Keep smiling. Hugs to you. xx

  • I did today, the Fathers Day thing… but oh so thankful for the goodness in my life too. xxx Rach

  • Hello Cathie, thank you for your comment on my blog that is how I found you. My first time here, you have such a beautiful blog I have actually shed a few tears looking at your beautiful photos and reading your heartfelt stories!! Particularly about missing your dad. I am a writer and am right now in the middle of writing a feature about grief, your story struck a chord with me personally as I lost my mum to a sudden heart attack sixteen years ago and my only brother in a road accident. It is wonderful you have written about your dad here. Sending you gentle times in your grief and I look forward very much to reading more here. Nikki xx

  • Gorgeous photos!!! Had a sad moment today remembering my own dad too, just over 2 years now. Choosing to remember all the wonderful things I have to be grateful for….

  • Oh Cathie, you're a gorgeous soul & these beautiful things are a lovely way to brighten your spirits. Then sometimes you've just got to let yourself feel down. Hugs to you sweetie xo

  • Love your words and especially love that very special shirt for your guy. xx

  • Love your words and your photos. Glad all these things brighten your day, which must be hard in sad times. I love your daughter's hair styling! x

  • Kat

    Oh I hear ya! Corey is always telling me that I think about things too much. It's hard to make yourself stop and think about the good instead of the bad. What makes me feel better is stopping and spending quality time with Corey and savouring these moments before we become a family of 3.

  • What a fabulous post! I loved that you have reminded me of what I love about my life, even during these tough times. We wake every day and see the sunshine and have little people who love us xox

  • I feel your pain. I am such a thinker. I am constantly getting myself down. It's so tough. So thankful that we have God, the men in our lives and tea to get us through. 😉

  • Such a lovely post Cathie – I feel just the same about my man! Helps me stay sane. Not sure what I'd do without him.

  • like you i am a thinker, an over thinker. at times it drives me crazy. querying, questioning why things had to be this way… for this moment i will stop and be grateful… grateful that my son will be home in 10 days for the school holidays. love the small things xx

  • Oh I over think too…drives me and my husband crazy!!
    Love, love the t shirt and your lovely photos

  • when a sweet blog post like this one pops open in my browser, that makes me smile 😀
    i love your blog with it's little sparkles and sweet photos and words cathie.

  • Thank goodness for the little things ay. It's lovely to read a post that is so honest hon. I love the t-shirt print you design – it's gorgeous! I hope you have a fabulous week. Yesterday was rotten so I'm hoping today will be much better. The weather had turned to custard and it really makes everyone grumpy. Today I am going to go out with a girlfriend and eat a scone that is as big as my head (well almost anyway!!). That should make things better!


  • Cathie I love the joy you find in all the sweetness around you! I seem to change & enjoy different thngs at differnt times of life or even different times of the year. Right now just the snuggling & gazing at my kids fills me up…and I am sooo excited for my new Bible study to start in September…

    oh & just recently I ddiscovered about my self that I am much crabbier when the house is a mess 🙂 So even though cleaning does not cheer me up….a clean house does 🙂

  • my little people are it for me… they turn that frown upside down with no effort. A simple smile from them, and a simple little conversation is enough to take that feeling away. The permanent feeling, and moment I believe is something we work on ourselves. (It has taken me 6 years. I still hurt a lot, and there will always be those moments of loss. Although I am now at peace that I need to go with the moments. Cry. Scream. Be angry. Feel nothing. Feel pain. And most of all feel her love within me).

    Cathie, you are beautiful inside and out. I see that in your little people. A reflection of their ace mumma! x

  • I adore your happiness list. I love that shirt, too – actually. I hope your sad days are few and far between, friend. Take care.

  • i have had a frown all day. thanks for the positive energy. hopefully i can turn my frown around!