Spoon plant labels

Have you got some old spoons lying around?
Well I didn’t so I had to go for an op shop/thrift store visit, which you know I absolutely LOVE to do, and ended up making these spoon plant labels.

All you need are some letter stamps, a rubber mallet, steel wool, black marker and off you go.
Just pound away at the spoon until it’s completely flat, preferably outside, mark out your letters, stamp them and colour in the letters with more black marker and use your steel wool to rub gently and get rid of excess marker and shine up your spoons.
Have fun and a fabulous weekend

edited to play along with Sophie’s meme tomorrow, pop by and have a peek.

  • Good GOD that is clever!! NO we don't have any nice old spoons either, that is simply divine. Love Posie

  • Wow that is so cool, hey Posie we might have to go op shopping this week!

  • I LOVE these. You must make some more to sell at the markets! I would buy them in a flash.
    Then I would be inspired to revive my herb garden!

  • Adorable and clever. Think I need to make some of these as gifts! Thanks for the inspiration, Cathie! xo

  • Adorable…I have seen these before and would so love to make some…where would you get the letter stamp?

  • Ingenious! Now I actually wish that I had a garden.

  • That is such a brilliant idea! Everything we have tried always fades in the sun. Where did you get the letters from? I hope you have a fabulous and fun weekend too. XX

  • They look gorgeous!

  • What a sweet idea!

    Where are the letters from?

  • Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, since alot of people have asked, the letters were from ebay.

  • I love the ideal too. Sweet!

  • I'm with Kate….I NEED some of those letters!!!!

  • wow these are fabulous so gorgeous too

  • Wow, great stuff. I guess we can see you selling them at the next market? 😉

  • Wow , all i need now is a garden. I just love them.

  • Pam

    What a brilliant idea Cathie!! I'm always thinking to myself "Now why didn't I think of that!!??" when I see things like this. lol. 🙂

  • These are lovely! I've seen them also but with vintage paper and modpodge style. I far prefer the way you have done them. Thanks for sharing I'll definitely add them to my spring list of things to do!

  • Those are beautiful, I love them growing among the green! What a lovely idea!

  • Such an awesome idea. I've been thinking to pick up some of those letterings myself.. I'd go a little silly trying to put words on everything around the house!

  • They are gorgeous! what do the kids think about them? I can see my kids knicking off with them and playing somewhere that I won't catch them!

  • Super designer-garden gear…. I love them!

  • That is brilliant!

  • Gorgeous idea Cathie. They look fabulous. You are very clever (but I knew that anyway!).

  • that is just toooooooo cool!!!

  • Very clever! I know someone who would love these. Where did you get your letter stamps?

  • Hi! Stopping by from Bluebird Notes ~ your blog is beautiful!

    I'll be back! 🙂

  • Wow I am so starting a garden when I get to California :)….I love this idea, and you captured them beautifully 🙂

  • Oh, goodness, these are fabulous! Need to get to the op shop before they sell out of spoons…. 😉

  • i adore the thought of these spoons.

  • Thanks for the lovely comment you left! I love those spoons! I won't even dare to use them,it will make a great,unique decoration! 🙂

  • Good grief, these are amazing. You should make them to sell alongside your glorious foodstuffs!

  • Well, I just came in to say hello, nice blog!
    Humberto from Argentina.


  • I just love these! They are so fab, now I really want to make some for my little work in progress herb garden. Thanks so much for playing along this week!
    Sophie x

  • These are just lovely Cathie. What a lovely gift idea for a gardener. You've done a wonderful job.

  • Cathie! You are incredibly creative!!!! I have no ability to get things to grow… but if I had a garden I would insist on having these!!!!

  • I would buy them in a flash too, they are so sweet!

  • Yah, they're great. Now, spoons. Check. Mallet. Check. But where does one get the metal stamps?

  • Fantastic idea! I love it! I tried using popsicle sticks, but my dogs kept eating them… these would work!

  • Love this idea so much! I think we'll be taking a trip to the tip shop tomorrow for some spoon shopping…

  • You might have to run a mini-workshop at the Nothern Craft Bonanza. How sensational are they? Love em.

    Hope we do see you tomorrow night.

  • They are so cool! Clever you!

  • You are the coolest. Following you now!

  • This is a FANTASTIC idea. You should be on Martha's staff.

  • They look positively wonderful, thank-you so much for the quick tutorial.

  • What a fab idea, your pictures are great too. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  • Hey Cathie ~ your blog needs to come with a warning notice: because I'm feeling breathless now…the beauty and inspiration has no end!

  • Beautiful re-use; I <3 re-used treasures. 🙂