Spreading the love

I have been thinking about this over and over and  putting the right words down is sometimes hard, that’s why you’ll never find a post from me without an image. 
I express things better that way. 
I have been reading a few wonderful things around the blogosphere of late and it makes me tearful, with joy that people feel this way.
If you have been following my journey over the last year you’d know about what happened that tore my world apart and left a hole in my heart that is still struggling to heal.
So even though I have kinda been this way I have found that I have become more empathetic and understanding towards people’s struggles.
So if  I have made you smile even for a teeny bit with a little photo and card, I am glad but I have done it because I felt that some love needed to be spread even with the simplest of gestures.


If you feel like there is someone that needs a little bit of loving I hope you will take a minute out of your busy schedule and send them an email, or a note, or pop round and say hello, you never know how much that person needs it.
Thank you for making me smile with your sweet words, beautiful gifts and gestures.
I feel the love!(I am off to wipe away a few more tears)


  • How lovely… it's the random acts of kindness that always overwhelm and humble you isn't it?

    That button butterfly is gorgeous too!
    (PS Olivia, has just informed me your blog has 'Xanadu magic' (i.e. the cursor – how cute!))

  • Your beautiful photographs say so much. Hope you're going to have a brilliant day today:) xo

  • What a lovely post and a lovely sentiment. It doesn't take much to be kind – thanks for leading the way with your beautiful blog. have a great day! Nic

  • You are so sweet Cathie.


  • xxx ditto Cathie xxx ( you know what I mean)

  • Such a lovely post 🙂 It's nice to have some good feeling spread through blogland! I love your photos! 🙂

  • Kat

    that was a really lovely post! A great way to start the morning by reading this. xo

  • Your beautiful photos always make me smile – thanks for your email 🙂

  • Sometimes a kind word and gesture come from the most unexpected people. It's nice that as a society we care for each other when we are licking our wounds. Lovely post Cathie

  • Oh, I just read about your loss. I hope the pain had eased a tiny bit. You're special. Thanks for all the love you're spreading through your blog.

  • I so agree with you Cathie.Just taking time for others always makes a life much better.God Bless!

  • Hugs- glad that you have found a place of peace in your blog. I love that you are not affraid to share how you feel. Thinking of you:)

  • I think in blogland, as in real life, you get back what you give and you sure are an amazingly generous and thoughtful giver my friend.
    I hope all these small gestures can together take some of the pain away and make this difficult time a bit more bearable.
    We are thinking of you and your family.
    Lots of love XX

  • Thank you for thinking of everyone else, when things are hard for you too. You know your card arrived just at the right time for me. (I also have tears in my eyes).XX

  • Dearest Cathie,

    There never seems to be the perfect words to say that can comfort anyone ~ but believing someone we have loved and lost is with us always ~ well ~ that is the magic healing power isn't it.

    Your words and photos always bring me joy.

    Warm thoughts and love being sent to you today friend,
    xo Catherine

  • Ash

    beautiful yet simple. i got drawn to your blog coz of the pics you post and i keep coming back for more.

    ash's mum

  • Lyn

    You're so sweet, Cathie!

  • Dear Cathie, you are a treasure in the blogosphere.
    I lost my dad over 10 years ago, and it's not an easy journey.
    hugs to you

  • Lovely Cathie, and a great prompt to do those things we think about- like 'must call x' and, well, if you are me, the thought often gets lost. I visited a sick girlfriend on the way home from work last night- slight bit of self sacrifice because it threw my schedule out, but, it was absolutely worth it. Nice does matter!

  • Thankyou so much for all of your lovely sweet words and your visits and your cupcake deliveries – and a huge thanks to you for taking the time to think of me when it's such a difficult time for you and your whole family. I really truly appreciate it.
    Cam xx

  • Big hugs Cathie. You never cease to amaze me with how much time and love you give to other bloggers. You are an inspiration to us all. Your family must be so proud of you. xxx

  • You're a treasure, Cathie.

  • i love nikki's comment. it is perfect. you are a treasure.

  • A wonderful post – you are so right about the reaching out.

  • You always make me smile Cathie, you are what is wonderful about this blog world. Thankyou for always popping in to offer sweet words & encouragement x

  • Cathie you are beautiful and so is this post, you are amazingly sweet kind and thoughtful person.
    You continue to give and give to those around you while you suffer yourself.
    I hope that over time this suffering and pain will lessen. Sending you much love and hugs, dear one. xo

  • thank-you cathie xo
    it's a wonderful blogging world you are in 🙂
    going in to kiss my sleeping children and wipe my happy/sad sniffle away

  • cathie, I think you are one of the most generous and warm souls in this blogosphere… thank you for being who you are, and hoping you and your family receive the love and comfort you need on those hard days xx

  • Hey beautiful Cathie, it's what goes around, spreading love with a smile, gift, friendship, it's just in some people's make up & others need people like you to draw it out of them. I've shed plenty of tears lately too, for many reasons, bloggers have been the kindest!! Um, like 26 comments when i did a photoless post about being burgled, yet not one single in-law rang to see if i was alright – home alone with 4 children, smashed front windows??!! Yeah for bloggers!! Love you, love Posie

  • A beautiful post Cathie. From reading your blog I think you are one of life's generous people and it is no suprise that it comes back to you. Thinking of you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

  • It is so true Cathie what a beautiful post!
    You pass the love really well and I am glad you receive it too. xx

  • You thoughtful, caring, sweet sweet Cathie, you!
    I'm sending lots and lots and lots of love down under to you my dear. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • I am happy that I found your blog…always a beautiful read and your words, food and pictures bring a smile to my face. Take care

  • I so believe in letting people know you love them..you are loved by many my sweet friend..you have a beautiful heart. xoxoxo

  • oh Cathie you make me smile every time i visit your blog! It's a blessing, thank you for sharing yourself with us….. the world is smiling brighter because of you!!!
    here's to spreading more sunshine,

  • I still display the beautiful "one love" card you made me. you are all love.

    thinking of you.

  • Sweet, sweet Cathie, I am so glad to have been able to bring a little smile to you beautiful face. Your stunning photos and heartfelt words have touched my life and I am so grateful to have “met” you.

  • oh my dear, I am so grateful for the sprinkling of love that you so generously apply each and every time you visit my little world…thank you my dear friend…xoxo Rosie

  • You are the BEST with the camera, sweet friend. And you little pencils are so so adorable .^_^.
    Will try to comment on your pretty Wordless Wednesday post later on. I have discovered I cannot comment the first few hours after you have posted. If I wait I little I can!
    Enjoy your evening meal, while I'm off to enjoy my breakfast.
    Have a lovely evening Cathie! xxxxxxx

  • Cat

    You will ALWAYS be one of my most fave people in this blogosphere because of your kindness, your readiness to spread love and the beautiful way you express yourself here. I am ridiculously pleased you feel the love back. You deserve it 100 fold. xxxx

  • Such a wonderful heartfelt post. Thank you for all the joy you bring to your readers, we so appreciate all you do.

  • Cathie, your blog and its words and images make me happy and then you're so sweet to visit mine as well! i hope your family is healing together and the coming months are good to you.

  • Your beautiful gentle soul shines through in all your posts Cathie. What lovely, expressive words.
    Millie ^_^

  • Oh Darling you're such a sweetheart that shines through in your words and images. Keep reaching and receiving much love and warmth that only some of us bloggers are fortunate enough to understand. Hang in there gorgeous girl. XO.