• Oh how sweet, just checking blogs before an afternoon of sewing, adorable as always over here at m.e!! I have girls making potions from Mother's Day flowers, shall post soon. Love Posie

  • What fabulous bags – and finds!

  • … but the heart leaf on the tree sure is the best bargain, no? nice!

  • Lovely photos, love those bags!

  • Love your finds!!

  • love those shoes, the colours are gorgeous and i'm a huge sucker for golden books!! fabulous finds : )

  • Wow, how funny that you found a heart shaped leaf. I was going to post a picture of the heart shaped rock Ayden found today in the yard tomorrow for my 365 project. Cool…

    Lovely day indeed hope my Sunday proves to be half as enjoyable!

  • Gorgeous. Love how you present your photos. And can I just say that the little star drops as I type make me feel like tinkerbell. Love it!

  • sue

    Lovely bags – filled with lovely goodies too! I think the shoes look great – make me think of rail journeys in the 40's for some reason! ( just like to point out I was NOT around in the 40's – but I've seen the movies …!)

  • very cute post!

  • love the shoes! and love the bag for the bday party!

  • nice shoes! I like the idea of your gift bag – what would I do without all your fabulous ideas and recipes?

  • such good finds and the bag is fab …. she does so many good tutorials!!


  • Oh I love these little sparkles that keep appearing on your blog! Just like fairies sprinkling their dust!

    Oh, and your drawstring bags are lovely! Great fabrics!


  • Plenty of pretty things for your Sunday. Especially those shoes – they are fabulous!

  • Hi Cathie, how I wish my Sunday could be as fabulous as yours. Both bags are adorable, the fabrics are lovely! I have missed your daily dose of sweetness, so glad to be back.. Do have a most wonderful new week. xxooxx

  • Oh my love your images today….I keep forgetting..it's your Autumn…oh I do love when the leaves turn colour..my favourite time of year. xoxoxoxoxo

  • Those shoes are fabulous and I love a tip shop.
    Now, if you blow up one of the pics from my blog, the rock cake recipe is there. I recommend a little more time in the oven and a sprinkle of sugar on top before they go in.
    Kinder cooking – chocolate crackles? Patty cakes. What about icing to decorate Arnotts arrowroots?

  • What totally wonderful shoes!!! Hope you had the best weekend ever xo

  • Vic

    I. Love. Those. Shoes.

    I do.

  • I love your idea for the birthday gift, perfect really, my littles would love to get this. Clever gal.

  • Lovely pictures! Make me want to go to the fleemarket NOW. I adore these shoes,

  • i just love seeing all of the treasures my blogging friends find… and i am happy to have found you…xx pam

  • Hi Cathie, I have tagged you. Play along if you feel like it:)

  • OOOOH those shoes are divine Cathie!and so the rest !!:)Our mind must connect sometimes?I am preparing a 8 year birthday party and thought about making baking bags instead of the lolly version!:)I will get inspired by yours now!XX

  • Those bags are so cool! I really need to get better with my machine!!!

    I was talking to my sister this weekend…about you…you are amazing 🙂

    Take care & good night!

  • I concur- beautiful shoes! love your photo- little treasures discovered!

  • Gorgeous shoes and gorgeous bags!!! What an absolutely fabulous post…

    Hugs – Jodie 🙂