• WOW! Loving loving loving that mug cosy! Wonderful. How clever are you? Awesome.

  • The cosy looks great – I wouldn't have thought of jeans but obviously the idea lends itself to a multitude of fabrics! Love the embroidery on it too.

  • Pam

    Oh Cathie, that mug cosy is fabulous!! You're much more clever and imaginative than you give yourself credit for when it comes to craft!
    I'm going to have to have a practice now too before the swap, cos I don't crochet or knit much myself. I'm a sewer really. Are going to join the swap too though? x

  • Love your mug cosy! Your coffee looks so snugly 🙂 Yummy bikkies too no doubt. Hope all is well 🙂

  • Oh the mug cosy is adorable!The recipe oh yum, it does look quick and easy.I have one question.. what is dessicated coconut?I know we have bags of coconut here but I never heard of that.I will jot it down, Im hungry now and Its 12:00 Midnight here in the states,LOL

    Happy Sunday!

  • I so wanted to make Anzac biscuits with the boys today, just didn't have the right ingredients. Banana bread instead! Still remembering the Anzacs though.

  • And I thought you said you couldn't sew?

  • FABULOUS idea with the elastic & buttons clasp, makes it possible to fit ALL size mugs, brilliant. Happy ANZAC day cookie sharing, love Posie

  • 'snap' – we made ANZAC bickies too! Quite the creative mug cozy! Your daughters jeans?

  • Love that you used old jeans!! And I think I need to bake some cookies tonight even though it's already 10pm yours just look too good.

  • Love the cup cozy – and the ANZAC biscuits – perfect!

  • What a great cosie!
    and your anzacs look great…(I have just posted a recipe on anzacs!)….I do love too, how they are very 'forgiving' for little ones to 'help' make!

  • Very sweet ANZAC biscuits & cosie as well.

  • You are amazing! so clever 🙂 Lest we forget XO

  • lest we forget x

    ps… loving the cozy!

  • lovely blog you have here! i love your pictures. we're remembering the anzacs here today too.

  • What a fantastic combination! Hope your having a wonderful long weekend 🙂

  • Grazie Cathie per essere passata dal mio blog e per i complimenti!Farò un giro nel tuo blog! Ciaoooo

  • I just pulled a batch of ANZAC cookies out of the oven. Delicious! The coconut gives them the best texture. xo m.

  • They look delish Cathie, perfect with a cup of tea. Very sweet mug cosy:) xo

  • Your THIS is so so lovely and your THESE look so so delicious, Cathie! I'll definitely keep your jeans mug holder in mind …
    Wishing you a great long weekend and a wonderful new week. Enjoy Autumn time! xoxo

  • I can't believe you made that!!! I mean I believe you but I think it is the cutest thing ever!!! LOVE the buttons!

  • Cathie,
    I did a tribute to veterans on my Blog
    I wish you saw
    I also made ANZAC biscuits
    Your blog is lovely
    I hope your visit
    Happy week

  • Oh! Cathie darling you are so talented and sweet to make this and to bake that for remembering all those brave souls. Wishing you a lovely week my friend.

    Sending you a huge parcel of love & hugs

  • What a unique cosie and cute to boot!

  • Hi Cathie – really looking forward to being your swap partner!

    Your blog is lovely – and even though it is a bit late, may make some ANZAC biscuits for my Mum and Dad who emigrated and met each other in NZ in the 1960's


  • Yummmy cookie and a delightful mug cosie…What could be better…Have a marvelous Monday…smile on Rosie

  • cathie.
    what could be better…a homemade kozie, cookies and a special weekend…hope it was a really fabulous one!

  • Excellent way to mark the day.

    Lest we forget


  • Oh Cathie you are getting sewy!!Great idea!!
    Wishing you a great week :)XX