Sunday draw


Thank you for playing along with me here, I really appreciated your sweet words and that you shared your stories.
Little ones and I stuck all the names on their drawings and they each chose two names each out of the lunchbox*
Congratulations to :
Please send me an email with your details ladies.
Thanks again to you all and stick around because we’ll definitely do it again.
Happy Sunday to you
*Lunchbox tin was a wonderful oppie find, that’s another thing I love to collect. More finds over here

  • Love your new header, Cathie…little bit of springtime?

  • Oh yay – thanks Cathie – off to find your email and send you a message:)

  • Oh I love that panda tin, that's a great find!

  • Pam

    Lovely win girls. Congrats to you all! :))

  • Pretty looking banner and new look! Have a great week! x

  • Lovely new banner!
    Have a wonderful Sunday 😉

  • Very cute lunch box, love the colour! Congratulations ladies on a beautiful win:)

  • Cat

    What lucky ducks to win!
    Love the pandas, adorable – great oppy find 🙂

  • LOVE LOVE your lunch box. Such a cute thing to collect too xo

  • Yahoo to the winners…I am so happy saski was one of the winners…she is such a sweetie. Happy Sunday!

  • Hi Cathie,

    I'm still smiling ear-to-ear, so so excited. I really do love your pieces and now one of your fine artworks will travel all the way…
    Congratulations to the other lovely ladies!
    Hope your week is off to a great start, I know mine is ^_^
    Do enjoy your morning coffee while I'm off to bed! xx

  • Congratulations ladies…..what pretty give aways you won xx

  • Thanks a lot Cathie, the brooch was a surpise, I hadn't noticed that it was a giveaway… you made my day!

  • Oh, lucky them. And, I do love that tin.