Sunday morning dressups


We are up bright an early (read, they) playing dress ups and ready to go to a 3 yr old party.



It’s great how they can entertain each other for a little while, before the “I had it first” starts.



Hope you and your family have a lovely Sunday….and yes, I do have a girl and a BOY!

  • Yes, I have a few photos and video of my boys in fairy dress-ups. It has alot to do with big sister! enjoy the rest of your day too.

  • Your blog is lovely, I love your photos. Your goodies look amazing! Thanks for dropping by my little blog (and I did visit Brunswick St – thanks!) 😀

  • We all went to a 2 year olds party today and there was a green tutu involved. Now I have a very tired and emotional fairy asleep at 630pm- gonna be an early start tomorrow

  • I love these images, they look so wonderful. Did you take them? If so well done.

  • Shhh, don't tell The Coach, but I have some pics of Le Artiste looking cute as a button in a harem costume from a few years back. Love that innocence.

  • So cute! Looking forward to Zoe playing dress ups 🙂

  • Oh very nice. My boys love the pink frilly things at other people's houses!

  • I have just stumbled across your blog and want to say (although you must already know) how beautiful it is. The photos are just gorgeous (the lovely children are a bonus there though!) – like the magic wand cursor thingy too. Well enough gushing!

    I also have a pink loving boy (although it is only in private since starting school a couple of months ago!). Will make sure I find my way back again xo

  • What great photos – looks like a fun weekend! My two little ones have once again started to play together for quite a while before the bickering – long may it continue! x