I like receiving mail, the kind with a stamp and a handwritten note.
Whatever happened to that?
I tried to collect stamps for my little one and realised most  envelopes don’t have stamps on them anymore, it’s kinda sad.
I am writing a few cards today to send off to some friends and I hope it makes them smile.
Happy Sunday to you and hope that someone has made you smile or even better, you have made someone smile. 

  • they're gorgeous !!
    can't wait !
    and thank again 🙂
    i can't believe it's Sunday in your part of the world !! happy day x

  • Gorgeous cards, Cathie. I know what you mean about stamps too – it is sad. Nic

  • Oh how thoughtful! Getting happy mail sure does make you smile : ) I love the beautiful cards. : )

  • hi cathie..i totally agree with you on this sunday morning. opening a letter from my box is such a thrill, it lightens my days. i remember once i was excited to send a letter home with various different aussie stamps to america and the postal worker was totally annoyed by it: you see the 'stamp' thing is so much quicker.

  • Cathie your cards are gorgeous! You're so right about the mail! I'm just thinking maybe it's why I subscribe to so many magazines so as to find more than junk mail and bills in the letterbox! Hope you have a lovely sunday, I'm off to the markets 😉

  • They do look lovely! I hadn't thought about the limited supply of stamps, it's a little sad, I love receiving mail the old fashioned way…

  • What a beautiful way to let your friends know you are thinking of them. Sometimes the simplest of gestures are the best – I'm with you, love the idea of a hand written note. You've inspired me to do the same. I particularly love the fact that they are your own shots. So clever. Have always loved the quality of your photos. Just beautiful.

  • Beautiful idea…Those would brighten any day for any one 🙂

  • They look like your photos – they are gorgeous!

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    We love receiving postcards from all over the world.

  • Happy Sunday thanks to you Cathie !

    The fresh venison sausages have evolved into a slow cooked cassolete.

    It's funny you mention stamps missing – it's something I have been a bit missish with the local PO about when sending parcels and letters – I like stamps – maybe a stamp revival revolution should begin – after all stamps are just so beautiful and works of art on their own. . .

  • I love getting stuff in the mail too, and I love sending things too, especially if I get to decorate them in stuff.
    Lucky peeps to get something from your lovely self. xo

  • You are so right . I also LOVE the original POST ….. the sound of my mailbox when the postman drops it …. Looking at my door mat
    Recognize the handwriting . Enjoying the stamps ..
    I'd like to send you a real post …. from Holland . How can I get your adress on a safe way ? Let me know ! Have a happy sunday

  • Me too. I feel exactly the same way about buying stuff from ebay. I just love getting mail that doesn't involve bills! LOL
    My Flea Market Find

  • They all look so beautiful, what a kind thing to do for a friend Cathie. Getting such happy mail will put a smile on their face. I hope you've had a great weekend. xo

  • Oh, lucky, lucky friends. I love mail, too. It's happy and encouraging and frequently beautiful. And, yes, I've noticed that most mail is missing stamps now. It's like little pieces of beauty have gone out of the world.

  • I'm totally with you on this, Cathie. Nothing beats a handwritten note! Now for sure all your friends will like your card.
    Lots of hugs for the new week! Happy Monday. xx

  • Yesterday I sat down & hand wrote an acceptance to a special birthday party in Melb. next month Cathie & it felt so good. I could have RSVP'd via the email/phone/Facebook addresses given, but this felt better. I hope I'm not considered Millie the Dinosaur now!!
    M ^_^

  • Those cards are just so wonderful Cathie!! They look great 🙂 XO

  • Cannot pop in your sweet Tuesday post, but want to let you know I'm off right now to sending some Dutch J*O*Y wishes to your lovely friend.
    Enjoy your evening meal sweet Cathie, I'm about to have breakfast, today we will do lots and lots of toboggan!!