Swaps & Pressies


I have been anxiously awaiting the postman recently in anticipation of gorgeous treasures.

I received my beautiful pincushion from the big Foxslane Pincushion swap from Angie and absolutely love it as well as the gorgeous hand stamped strawberry tags.

Thanks Kate for a fabulous swap, I definitely enjoyed being a part of it.

The other treasure that was delivered personally at last weeks NCB has already gone for walks to the park with the little Miss of the house.
At least the tea towels are mine to keep, but as I told Ms Clutterpunk, I could not possibly use them to dry dishes.

Any ideas are more than welcome. What would you make them into?



Speaking of swaps, have you heard about this one, I am hooked now thanks to Ms Kate.

Wish me luck.

Picked you some flowers on the way home from kinder, “they not smell mummy”, but they sure are pretty.

Have a wonderful week friends

  • I just love that gorgeous bag and what a neat pin cushion 🙂

  • Cathie we should do a kitchen-y one!! Teatowels, cupcake papers, cookie cutters, candy moulds, chocolate, cachous, ooh my. :

  • Ooh all your prezzies are just gorgeous. I love that little bag. The detail on the corners is amazing. The teatowels are amazing. Cushion? Bag? Pockets? Stretched over small canvases as pictures? Or just pop them in your kitchen with strict instructions to everyone that they are display only!!

  • I agree with Liss..what a fabulous idea!! Your goodies are beautiful..you were a lucky duck today. Hope you have a happy and bright week 🙂

  • Lovely things to be sure! I still have that air of anticipation at post delivery time..(actually right about now!)…Hhhmmm…Will I get something today???! x

  • SCREAMING some cushion action those excellent tea towels are! Don'tchareckon?

  • So much eyecandy, Cathie. Love love your style of writing!
    Have a lovely evening, my friend. xx

  • There should be a 'postman appreciation society', I'd become a member immediately!
    I agree, I couldn't use those tea towels and would be very tempted to frame them and put them on the wall…

  • Every single thing looks amazing over at your home tody…what treasures you received! Enjoy!

  • Love all your swap presents! And the story with those flowers is too precious!

    Enjoy your day!

  • Enjoy your swap gifts, lovely bag!

  • such a pretty, pretty collection of goodies today…I must come clean, and confess…I am having covetous feelings toward that sweet little bag…OK…I feel better…starting to smile …rosie

  • i agree with everyone. what lovely items you have coming your way. i too love the corner detailing on that bag.

  • It's the flowers I love the most. They not smell – but they do, don't they. They smell sweet as children. Mine have started making me daisy chains and bringing in little fistfulls to put in old jam jars… I melt

  • Cat

    All lovely treasures, I hope you feel special and warm and fuzzy too.

  • Treasures indeed!

  • The pincushion is so sweet. I love old linen.

    The tea towels are beautiful. I can understand not wanting to use them for their intended purpose.

  • The postman is pretty popular here as well! I think he is next in terms of popularity right after Santa! Lovely presents. You are very lucky.

  • I have been known to turn a tea towel or to into a cushion or grab a staple gun and a canvas and turn them into some wall candy?…cute blue pins too 🙂

  • that is some pretty fine mail! beautiful pieces by 2 talented {and lovely} people 🙂

  • So… I've been trying to comment on this post, and FINALLY my computer data has ticked over and it doesn't take half and hour to load your page and I can finally see the pictures, and they're just gorgeous!! Thanks. I can now show Jo and Chubby*Hobby the bag I made from her tutorial and point people to it.

    I like the idea of cushions… yeah Tania.