Sweet moments

Unexpected messages that make me smile

Sweet blanket pillow embroidery

Lovely rides


Savouring each moment with my boy

Refreshing craft and coffee with lovely friends

Drawings of us holding hands


Sweet word creations with the help of my sweet girl

Searching for hearts in the clouds


Surprising my girl in the morning


Love that she knows what I love

Emotional first letters that spell “mum”



Beautiful autumn leaves everywhere
 Baking days with my mamma

Sweetest kids in my world


Hope you are enjoying all your sweet moments.
Please tell me one of yours to make me smile.
Sweet hugs to you from me ♥

  • Your kids are gorgeous Cathie. This post made me smile!!!
    Happy Mothers day!

  • Sam

    Hi Cathie,
    So many sweet moments there to cherish Cathie, sounds like you had a beautiful day..it was so sweet to wake up this morning not only to the quiet, but I giggled when I heard a few whispers from 6yo trying to keep my 2yo quiet so mummy could have a sleep in, of course, I just couldn't wait for those first Mother's Day hugs, so I was glad when they came in and we all shared breaky in bed together.

  • Happy Mothers Day to you Cathie!XX

    I was working on the Mothers Day stall at school this week, but the little one still managed to secretly buy something for me, which she was so excited about! (a stone and a Toblerone)
    And instead of making me a card this year, the big girl made a power point telling me how she felt about me. Twas brilliant!
    Loving this post of lots of special moments.XXX

  • Beautiful moments. I packed up a huge bag of excess baby gear to donate, thinking about the one we don't have, then went out to play football with the ones I do have.

    Best wishes to all mums today xx

  • wow all those pictures are just wonderful! what lovely embroidery and i love how you stitch over their drawings….such a clever idea, i might just have to do that with my little misses first drawing of all of us! Happy Mother's Day to you sweet lady xx

  • Gorgeous pics as always Cathie. Such beautiful memories to cherish too. Sounds you had a very special day. Goose surprised me this morning by making me breakfast in bed without any prompting from Dad (who was at work!) Daisies on the plate and all. Special.

  • Loving all your beautiful photos. Your kids are gorgeous, inside and out! Happy Mothers day to you, lovely.

  • A post full of sweetness ,love and warmth. Inspiring!

  • my how they've grown! what beautiful children and moments you have. i'm diggin' the embroidery going on in your house and love your style. i hope you're well cathie! long time…

  • Beautiful post Cathie. My little girl wrapped 45 'random' items from around the house each labelled painstakingly and sat with me in PJs opening them all, explaining their significance despite the randomness. Then we made a high tea for the afternoon with friends – a day to cherish – especially when it's back to rushing out the door and in and out of things this evening.
    Hope you are well, I've not been around for a while, taking time out with migraine interference.
    Wish you well

  • Oh you have some truly sweet moments in your day Cathie.
    I know I have said this before but I really must embroider one of my kiddies pictures 🙂

  • Oh Cathie, i always love your posts they always bring a lump to my throat you heart is full with so much kindness, sweetness and love your children are so lucky to have a beautiful mum like you. dee x

  • I love your world, Cathie. x

  • Oh Darling sweetness abounds in your world and mine too … my day was mega gorgeous too, still waiting for my mojo to return after the love & laughter that was Saturday. Yikes we're blessed aren't we? xo

  • Sweetest moments, words & images! Love them all! Thanks for sharing the sweetness around xx

  • As usual so many sweet sweet moments in your days. xx

  • Hello there lovely lady I'm sorry it has taken me so long to stop by. Your two sweeties are getting so so big, Amelia looks so grown up in her uniform. Those little people creations are so precious to have. It's so nice to see how happy you are.♥

  • The drawing hands picture just thrills me to death.

  • Sweet! Ah children you never fails to lighten a mom's heart.

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  • Beautiful moments Cathie. Love your blanket pillows!

  • You, your family & outlook are delicious, no better word to describe you all, love Posie

  • There is no sweeter moment than when The Wild One (my 3 year old) wraps his arms around my neck and tells me he loves me.

    Thanks for a much needed reminder that it's the small things that matter.

    Have a happy week