Ta daaaaaa ♥

After your amazing words of encouragement and a little bit of guidance, I sat on the couch after the little ones went to bed tissue box on one side (bad cold) the heater on and finished it off.

And you know what…it was so much fun to do and I enjoyed the whole process.

Hope my mum likes it, Amelie saw it this morning and loves it(isn’t the hair hilarious!)


Have a happy Friday friends, hope it’s an exciting one, I’m baking cakes today

  • You are so clever – it is just fabulous. Your Mum is sure to love it.

  • It is gorgeous Cathie!!
    I really want to make one now!xx

  • Cathie, it's just gorgeous! Her yia yia will just love it!!

  • It's absolutely gorgeous! Wowee you embroider quickly. She is going to adore it.

  • look at that stitching! Magnifique!

  • Cathie- sorry you are miserable with a cold. That is such a great present- nice work!

  • It's just beautiful! She will love it, you've done a wonderful job. I hope you feel better soon.xo

  • You are so talented!!! It just made me smile seeing what you created. feel better soon and keep your toes toasty!!!!

  • Fantabuloso!Love that double smile!

  • Oh, that's gorgeous! Well done, a productive evening.

  • That is so cute!!!

  • It looks fabulous! What a great gift.

  • Love it. What an absolutely gorgeous pressie and a brilliant idea! Have a lovely, lovely weekend and hope you're super-spoiled on Sunday x

  • brilliant idea…and it looks just lovely – clever clogs!! x

  • It's great Cathie!! Jiajia will love it!! happy mothers day to you too!

    ~ Samone x

  • It's perfect! I know she'll love it, and, yes, the hair is fabulous!!! xo

  • OK Cathie…if a new career is needed, this my dear, could definitely go onto the resummé…I LOVE THIS!!!…just crazy cute…still smiling …Rosie

  • That is fantastic!

  • Its just Magical. I love it!!! It would be a perfect patch for a quilt. You should think about doing more of these. By the time she turns 21 you could have a whole story blanket. xx

  • oh cathie – well done!!!

  • Oh my…I love this idea. It is so cute – and it looks great as embroidery.

  • Should I of wanred you that it is such a fun one that it is easy to get addicted REAL quick. Looks gorg – bet Mum will love it.

  • So lovely…you are speedy..sick and all …you amaze me. Hugs.

  • way cool!

  • That's gorgeous. What are you going to do with it now? Does your mum sew too? HAve a lovely mother's day yourself now… and get well soon.

  • Kat

    that looks great! I will definately be stealing this idea one day when I have kids.

  • That is outstanding Cathie! I bet your Mum will absolutely love it. I know I would love it if I got one. I think I will have to pinch the idea and do them for Nanna and Gran for their birthdays.

  • It's lovely Cathie. Beautifully stitched, your mum is going to be delighted. x

  • Cathie – that is BEAUTIFUL. Ummmm think I will do this – my mum is away overseas so I have time to complete. I am thinking on a shopping bag – all the grandchildren (x4) but youngest just be his foot print… Now I need to get a bag!

  • you are a very clever mummy! There is no doubt your mum is going to be so happy. I hope you have a beautiful mother's day yourself xx

  • wonderful idea and perfectly executed! I love it…and sure your mum will too, I guess now you have to make one for yourself!

  • that is gorgeous..your mum is sure to love it!

  • totally and utterly adorable and special Cathie. Your mum is gong to love it! I can't believe you never embroidered before. xo

  • How cute! I've got some drawings sitting aside so I can embroider them as well. Your stitches look very neat, I don't think mine will look quite so nice.

  • Great job – I knew you would finish in time! she's gonna love it! I will post my home made mothers day present too – so go tjek it out tomorrow – Have a great Friday

  • Cat

    Wow, it is beautiful. I am sure your mum will love it, she will be so touched.
    Hope you are feeling better soon 🙂

  • Looks like fun to me! I'm so bad at needlework, but maybe i'll try sth. like this. Happy momsday!

  • That is sooooo cute! I have my first needlework sitting on my counter unfinished 🙂 Yours is so cute! I think I like your better 🙂 I DO love that hair!!!

  • I love it! It's so so special, a little piece of your childs youth captured forever. Are you going to frame it?

  • It really came to life…Beautiful!! Not a doubt in the world that your mum will love it 🙂

  • Exquisite! You're a clever cookie indeed! Your Mum will adore it – Happy Mother's Day.

  • Cathie it is brilliant! She will love it. You are amazing. I hope you are feeling better and have a fab day tomorrow. X

  • Beautiful work Cathie, Amelie must be so proud too, it is such a great drawing! If your mum does not get all teary and love it to pieces, I am Pope John the 219th! Get well soon 🙂

  • That is a brilliant mother's day gift. You clever thing, you.

  • Cat

    Jumping on board late but this is absolutely divine! I LOVE it SO SO SO much. xo

  • Fabulously great and clever Cathie, I like Leonie comment great idea!They grow up so quick and their drawings are treasures aren't they!X