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my kinder day

Today we had a fabulous baking experience at Amelie’s kinder where the kids helped bake vanilla cupcakes (can’t go wrong) and decorated them all by themselves.



Amelie wrote her name by herself for the first time on a painting she did which was a wonderful thing to witness.


Spending the day at kinder I have a new appreciation for kinder teachers because they really are fabulous and I love that my little girl is in such a wonderful environment before she begins her long school life.

Hope you are having a great week so far, my head is still a little fuzzy but I am guessing it’s this sudden burst of heat we have had the last few days.
Ahhhh, Melbourne weather, it really does give us a variety.

Happy birthday baby girl ♥

My sweet Amelie,
I love your smile,
I love your cheeky wit,
I love your Eskimo kisses,
I love your cuddles,
I love that when you get nervous you squeeze my hand,
I love that you ask alot of questions,
I love that you love playschool,
I love your beautiful long hair,
I love that you try to help me hang the clothes even though you can’t reach,
I love that you try to smile when I take your photo,
I love that you give your brother squishy cuddles,
I love that you love me to the moon and back sixtyseventy times,
I love your sweetness,
I love your temperament,
I just love YOU!

Happy 4th Birthday beautiful girl ✗

love mum ✗