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Phewww…Hottie Challenge done

Are you one of those people that leave everything until the very last minute then get that adrenalin rush of having to finish it off before heading off to school for pick up.


Luckily I am not one of those people, all my projects are thought  out weeks and weeks before they are due


unfortunately though getting them from inside my head to the actual production stage is a totally different matter…
Hottie Challenge all done and personally delivered to the loveliest hottie of them all.

Some amazing creations round here, more hottie goodness over here, super hottie always round here

Really wonky sewing by me, artwork by Miss Amelie (5)

It’s been a little quiet round here…

I feel like I have been hiding this last week, peeking a little into your lives yet not sharing any of my life with you.
Mothers day went by and I felt a little sad.  A little part of me wanted my dad to see what a great mum I am or one that I hoped to be.
It’s strange but I just missed him so much, I thought I was dealing with the grief and all of a sudden it just came flooding back.
Sorry, I don’t have many words this week but I invite you for a cup of tea and a glimpse at a few things we’ve been up to
mother’s day heart pillow for my mum


mother’s day heart pillow for my little sis


toy picnic using vintage picnic set in a suitcase found on the nature strip



op shopping with my little guy



  hanging out with my little assistant


 making birthday cakes


 enjoying autumn


Enjoy a cupcake and see you soon friends and if you feel like voting, please pop round here

Last week…

was the first week of school holidays and it was good to be able to wake up without the alarm and the stress of routine

last week I finished off Amelie’s library bag using some beautiful fabric I won from this lovely lady and am SO happy that she loves it



last week we had a sweet little friend come for the day and we made and decorated cupcakes


and baked some gingerbread cookies, especially cats with m&m eyes


and last week we made some pirate cupcakes for a lovely friends sweet boys 5th birthday


belt made by Curlypops


so this week I promised Aidan I will start a library bag for him as well and also sign up here for a cushion cover swap.

If you are interested, pop round to Vic’s and sign up, everyone is welcome.


What are you up to this week?

Hope it’s filled with fabulousness ♥


Nothing much happening here today, kids are painting, I am stitching, I am cleaning the fridge, I am thinking about making dessert with the apples at the bottom of the fridge

I am thinking about putting the kettle on, I am loving this cooler weather, I am loving the kids paintings drying outside, I am admiring my rainbow hair and heart


What about you, are you up to anything exciting, wanna stay for a cuppa, I’ll put the kettle on

see you soon ♥