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Grateful…for sharing our problems

I love that we are just a group of girls chatting away, talking about our problems, sipping tea, reading about each other and feeling like we all belong to this group that no one outside it can understand.
I love that I was able to share my sadness and that you knew exactly what to say to make me feel better, that I wasn’t alone, I am not going crazy, you knew because you felt it at some time or another.



I love that you sent me personal emails as well with your stories and that you didn’t mind telling me what you are going through or have been through.
I love that you are there for me if I needed a chat.
I love that your arms opened up sooo wide to let me in.

So today I am especially grateful for your big open arms that made things a little better even if for a moment…thank you ♥

My Creative Space…

It was international Women’s day the other day and I was lucky enough to enjoy a few morning gatherings and a wonderfully organised movie screening with lots of other women.
I enjoyed a few hours of being a woman, not just a mum, not just a partner, but a woman.
Today I am celebrating creativity around me.

The henna tattoo on my hand was a creation by a talented woman from India


the fabric covered canvas I made so I can store my beautiful brooches created by lots of other wonderfully creative and talented women


the lovely family portrait by the little guy framed and admired


the magic of liquid chalk for drawing on the window and practising our school words



and of course, the gorgeous girls in the background creating what they do best… a bit of a mess.

Hope you have had a day full of creativity and enjoyed being a woman ♥


I am not a complainer, I do get annoyed at certain things but mostly I am happy to be around to enjoy the little things, things that make me smile, things that I am grateful to have, people I am grateful to be around.
I haven’t always been like this, maybe it’s being around young, innocent, playful minds that inspires me to look at life with a smile.
Here’s a few of my grateful moments, 
I must, MUST start with tea


 happy drawings of me



 a specially made pic for his sister



  additions to the bed family






op shop magazines






 wonderful smiles
Hope you have a happy, smiley, sunshiney day full of grateful moments of your own.

Hugs ♥