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On the first day of Christmas

Happy December to you all, the countdown has officially started and our advent calendar is up.

The kids both loved decorating each box but they don’t know what’s inside yet, first noodle box will be revealed after school.


I love getting the kids involved in things and because this is really all for them, I thought it would be the perfect way to countdown to Christmas.

Pegs decorated with washi tape and hung on twine.


There are craft treats or sweet treats in every box and to avoid disappointment, there are two treats in every box.
They both agreed that they will take it in turns each day to open a box and they get to choose which treat in the box is theirs.
I even included some special notes as I know Amelie is loving her new reading skills.


So what are you up to for the first day of Christmas?

Do you have an advent calendar? 
I’d love to see it if you have posted it.

Happy creating to you ♥


A few tears rolled down my cheek as we farewelled kinder and are off to get ready for new adventures



Said thank you  to the wonderful kinder teachers who provided a wonderful, creative, learning and supportive environment for our little people



and left a gingerbread surprise to the little friends made



Hope you held it together for your little people’s last days at kinder or school.


Are these last weeks just a tad chaotic for everyone else as well?
I am off to do some baking and will post the recipe for the shortbread above if you would like later on.

Happy day to you ♥



p.s  I am again without a camera so excuse the quality as I take a deep breath and learn to 

j u s t   c a l m   d o w n !