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Last week…

was so jam packed that this week I just want it to be as boring as possible.  
I know it’s not going to happen, but I can wish can’t I
last week was the last week of term and Easter happenings were all around



I baked some Easter gingerbread for the kids at school

I made an Easter bonnet for Amelie using a flower tutorial from here (I originally saw it on someone else’s blog but I cannot remember where, if it was yours please let me know)

I had an order for a 60th birthday cake which I absolutely loved making

gingerbread numbers and a chocolate layer cake


so this week, I intend on using the yummy homemade soap I received in the mail, thank you for the surprise sweet lady
this week I am going to bake some naan bread from my new cookbook from the loveliest of friends (you are awesome) which I am absolutely loving
and this week we are going to enjoy the first week of school holidays and I will be smiling as I am SO proud that my girl got through her first term of prep, exhausted but filled with inspiration and willingness to keep on learning (love you baby girl ♥)
What are you up to this week friends?
Whatever it is, I hope it’s filled with lots of giggles, hugs and love ♥

and if you want to laugh, pop by here as well

Flowers and Easter Bonnets


There has been a lot of construction over here lately and there will be a lot of baking happening soon too.

Constructing a fondant flower to be used as a cake topper for a cake order


and manically constructing an Easter bonnet for Amelie for tomorrow’s Easter parade.  
Thanks for the encouraging words, I hope it looks good after all the cutting, pasting, stapling and sticking happening.

I was inspired by a lovely friends birdie I have hanging and recycled some lovely wrapping paper too.

Happy creating you lovely bunch of girls, two more days of school left..yay!!

This week…

is the last week before school holidays so I am making some chicken egg cozies for a few of Amelie’s school friends



this week there’s an Easter bonnet parade at Amelie’s school and we have to decorate her hat, she wants to win…(I’m nervous)



and this week the girls need some more food as the bag “accidentally” spilt in the garage  (hmmm…thank you Aidan)

What are you up to this week, want to play along?

Happy day to YOU

It’s our first Easter without a special loved one so it may be a little sad, but it definitely makes us appreciate those that are still around even more.

I hope you give your family an extra big squishy hug and enjoy them for who they are.

Hugs to you all, especially those that are missing a few special people in their lives.