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Want some cake!

It’s my birthday today and we are off to the park for some cake and cupcakes with some lovely friends and children.

You would have probably guessed by now that my sewing skills are not what you would call…well, not any at all really, but I have been inspired by all you lovely crafty ladies to get started and what would you think my most perfect pincushion would be…yep, a teacup!

So a lovey, lovely lady knew that this would be my dream pincushion without even being told.

Thank you Kate for your very lovely present that has me smiling and excited about….PINS!!!

hope you have a fabulous day aswell

My Place and Yours…..My Collection

Don’t you just love it when someone wants to see your collection of special treasures, things that you have accumulated over time, things that you love to look at, to hold, to use, to love, to admire, to be inspired by and of course things that make you smile.

The wonderful theme queen this week Kate wanted a peek at our collections and as Kate mentioned, it’s hard to just pick one, so I picked four of my favourite collections for you to have a peek at.
Hope you enjoyed my special treasures, pop by the ever so lovely Pip’s for more collections.
Thank you Kate for wanting a peek at my special collection..s!

Have a fabulous Sunday and if you are in Melbourne…a very wet one indeed.